Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Labu is gone, Tuesday 25th Sept 2018, 6.11pm

After battling chronic renal failure since May this year, and having daily sub-cutaneous fluid therapy with other medications, Labu finally succumbed to the illness on 25th Sept 2018 at 6.11pm. He was holding on to his dear life for so long, waiting for his Abang Zul to get back from overseas. Unfortunately, he could not wait, just 7 hours before Abg Zul arrived home in Pt.Dalam. 😪😪😪

With that, I conclude the era of 'Biarkan Rotikacangmerah Dengan Labu Labinya', the first two cats that became iconic to this blog.

 Video I made for Labu on Sunday 23rd August 2018 😪
Audio: I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz, used without cancelling out the original audio of the clips

 The brief story of Labu in our lives...

 Kak Ayong, his 2nd Catsitter, visited him

 Kak Nana, his first Catsitter, visited him. Ever happy to be called out 'Si Emcem Hidung Mancung'. 3.5 hours later, at 6.11pm, Labu was gone...

 I could never get enough of kissing his body and tummy, even when he is gone... 😭

 I could not bear of lowering Labu into his final resting place beside Labi. He looked like he is just asleep like how he would've been with us, waiting to wag his tail whenever we call out his name...

 Bye Labu... we love you so much. I'm sorry that you could not wait for Abang Zul, 'Yang...

Labu's final resting place beside Labi... Thank you both, my Loves, for the unconditional love that we have had from the both of you...


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