Monday, October 12, 2009

Of the Blame Game

I can't remember my style of writing in my blog anymore. I haven't peeked through it for occasional house-cleaning, let alone updating it.

I blame the new office. Things can get so unpredictably hectic that spending time even to draft an entry seemed like a guilt-trip, nor attempting work can make the load a lot less. It’s a neither here nor there situation. At times, going to work makes me feel useless – nothing’s achieved total completion. More bureaucracies, more red tapes. Even a slight decision (but a very important and urgent one, nevertheless) needs to go through processes that reading JR Tolkien’s trilogy would seem a breeze. Oh ya, logging-in the blogger page would also make me surf my blogrolls till no end. Hence to abstain myself from such sinful indulgence one must not indulge oneself in things one know one can lose out. Kira macam blog-celibacy jugak lah ni kan.

I blame the new house. I love it so much, that updating blog seems like a blegh activity to do once I’m home.

I blame my in-anonymity (‘sthere a word?). I’ve so many things to let off my chest, and when I do, I get asked, questioned, probed, interrogated and pressed for things I prefer not to dwell into or answer. This is my space, I am what and who I am, yet I’m made to feel guilty of the things I decide to fill this space with. That, made me just bored & tired & frustrated to death. I’m just not free to be me, The Roti Kacang Merah, the alter-ego I’m known for. I used to enjoy readership, but over a period of time I start to feel so rimas. Maaaaaaaaaaaacam la celebrity sangat, karn. But yeah, that gave me a wee bit of insight to the kerimasan of being a celebrity *muntahijo*

I blame the blardy BukuMuka. The trend of what it is today. And how, using my brick-fone (instead of the ‘Berries, iPhones or the likes), accessing FB from just about any corners I am at at that particular mo be it the mamak stall, the car on the way to work or the throne for some gut-cleansing rituals, posting comments and updating status is a hell lot easier, faster and cheaper on FB. My FB status-es warrants a blog of its own and kind -- they are long and ‘historical’ to me, equally recording events like my blog does. So, anybody knows how to automatically update my blog entry everytime I update my FB status, by the way? Tak yah ajar aku tang kalau aku update blog automatic masuk ke FB… tu aku tahu. Aku nak tang kalau aku update FB status, automatic it’ll update my blog entry.

Apa lagi nak blame. Lemme see….

That’s it, I suppose… for the time being that is.

Yes, EVERYTHING else I should be blaming for, but my own kemalasan. And, God I pray that dear husband would not seek my assistance should he decide to register a blog one day since these days dia sangat rajin put up entries on his FB. Aaaaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiin. haha

Oh ya I am SO GLAD that I'm yet to be addicted to the FB's quizzes, farmstuff, petstuff, barnstuff, restaurant stuff, mafiastuff and all the jadahstuff in there... EXCEPT updating my status and checking out other people. Alhamdulillah, hope it stays that way, la kan.

Good gawd, I actually planned to write the time I accidentally locked Labu in the bedroom for 3 days and 3 nights, but now it’s getting late. Hence tah bila lagi aku akan update. Haha



nik awin said...

eh, kak lin kena ajau teman ni macamana nak update blog, pastu terus dia masuk dlm FB..adoi..tak lulus lagi ni...

D said...

dah cukup??? phew, nasib baik tak blame me!!

:) welcome back dear. I know the feeling of being speculated and questioned about what we write. Nak tulih metaphorically or hypothetically pun sushah yek?

Amy said...

Takpe sket pun takpe..asal ada. I guess in FB kita lebih comfortable sbb we can 'choose' our friends. And yes FB is a whole lot easier to update using my brickphone (hahah suka term Kak Lin ni). Picture wise, Amy lebih cepat upload kat FB dari sini. But kalau bleh nak update sesama la senang. Kalau Kak Lin dah jumpa application yg bila update FB, terus terupdate kat blog sekali, bagitau eh? Yg Amy tahu, once we updated our FB status, it can appear here in the blog..that much I know sbb dah add dah that feature. *hugs Kak Lin*

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kaklin pun pernah nampak application dia aje, tapi tak pernah cuba. coz kalau buleh kak lin tak moh expose my blog address in my FB just yet...

nak tulis metahippohapa??? hahaha. YOU je buleh tulis metahippohypo bagai. i ni luruih bendui... *bats eyelash*

ok kalau dapat caranya, kak lin kungsi dgn awak nanti, otey?

gedek! said...


fara said...

kak.. nak add fb.. bosan aa taleh bace akak nye cerite..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

fara, email me, and i will forward you my FB address! :)

bro G, yeay too! (yeay apa?? haha)


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