Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of Redang: Arrival @ KT

Alhamdulillah, safely arrived at KT an hour ago, around 5.20am. Baru lepas Subuh di surau stesen bas. Our resort minibus to jetty is at 7.30.

Man it just feels great to just be out of West Coast. I'm so tired of the fast-pace in West Coast.

In fact, masa dalam bas while dozing off, I took pains trying to decipher the conversations between the driver and his co below, so thick with 'Ganuan accent (and i SO failed in it). To me just the sound of them was lullaby to my ear, lulling me to La La land. We were still not out of KL back then, but they already made me feel like I was about to arrive 'Ganu. Rather blissful feeling I'd say.

(You know, macam budak yang kadang hanya boleh tidur bila dengar suara orang. I dig those babies. The distant voices definitely made you feel secure somewhat.)

Some of you may wonder what happen to the 3 orange-furred boys while we're away? Well, this is our 1st time leaving them all alone at home rather than sending them for boarding. I've cleaned their trays and put the sand quite full, and we managed to get food and water dispenser for them. So we'll see how they fare nanti. If they succeed, then masa away for Raya pun we'll just resort to methods as such. Saves us boarding fees of rm20/cat/day.

Ok, nak cari breakfast. Will periodically update both FB status (which is a lohhh-hot easier) and blog.

Rindukan the furkids di pagi hari. Hope they're well. Kalau boleh call diorang, kan best.


Naz said...

Hey! Have a good time in Redang! The cats will be fine :)

DocYana said...

I know what you mean....when I go back to KL, I'm always thinking of my 'anak2' - akin to my elderly patients who request to go home sebab teringatkan lembu dan kambing diorg....

rasa macam tak ke best kalau bleh call diorg tanya ok ke tak....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i will (have good time), and i hope (the cats will be fine) !!! thanks kakak!

itu arr. ada tak jenis phone yang ada suis yang dering a few times, pastu auto answer with loudspeaker ke apa? nak dengar sora diorang aje ni.... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

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