Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of Being Thankful for Not Giving Up

Adi dah discharged, and Alhamdulillah he seems way so much better -- when he heard my voice, from his treatment cage, dia terus keluarkan his paw to reach me so that I would belai-belai him (which he NEVER does, the paw-reaching gesture), and he behaved to his treatment far better than before. Alhamdulillah.

I also met Dr. Jonathan, now managing the vet's Ampang branch, who was there visiting. DocJon was the 1st vet who treated Adi's colon problem two years ago, and when he saw Adi he recalled treating Adi before. DocJon highly recommended surgery on Adi 'coz he said he's done loads of colonic surgery on cats, including on a 12-year old cat who had colon problems the past 5 years and the surgery was successful in putting away the problem for good.

Unlike Adi who has to keep coming back to the vet every 2,3 months for troubleshooting, with his owner teary-eyed, torn between decisions.

We'll see lah kan?

In the meantime, malam ni Adi akan tidur dengan Kak Lin, Abg Zul, Labu & Labi... full-house again, yeay!!

Syukur Alhamdulillah that I didn't play God on him.

Note to self:
Told to get PROPULSID for Adi from pharmacy. It should contain 10mg of 'cisapride', in tablet form, to be given 1/4 tablet twice a day after food. It helps to give Adi's colon some motility. BUT, if Adi tak beyak for two days, then must stop give the medicine or else will rupture colon 'coz colon tersumbat with faeces tapi colon still nak do the teran action. Enema to still be administered 3xs a week.


Amy said...

Sian Adi..sib baik u make the right decision. Isk Amy tak leh la kucing2 ni, siann. *hugs Kak Lin lelama-rindu*
Note : Dah banyak malam nampak bulan cantik, besar, bulat..I guess duduk dekat bukit ni rasa makin dekat je bulan tu :) but bila malam susah la ambik gambar dgn handphone, gelap. camera amy tu kena beli battery baru, dah faulty, charge pun dok camtu gak. Everytime I looked at the moon, I always teringat kat you :)

princess Aerial said...

Hi Cik Lin just thought I'd say hi thats all.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hugs balik!!!

kaklin pung selalu ingat ke Amy bila nampak bulan!!! dok terfikir -- mesti amy tengah berenti tepi jalan to have a good view of the moon! hehe

hey youuuu!!!

elisataufik said...

(translation: Stay Strong, Adi!)

boleh tak sembahyang istikharah untuk kucing?

Sanity said...

alright this is my fifth try at trying to post this comment...its just a two line comment...but the effort I put in trying to post it up should make it *very* special hahaha

glad Adi's all good again...so thinking about the surgery then?

oh and by the way..."The Dragon Keeper" by Robin Hobb = early birthday present? >< -looks at you with doe-eyes- hahaha


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