Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Of Being Ill

Bulan chantik malam tadi.

(dust dust the sawang in the blog)

Dah lama sangat tak update blog. Have been updating the FB status instead, coz it's easier (and cheaper) to check and reply comments through the handphone.

Office these days? Ya Rabbi. Kadang tak sempat to even have lunch. Kena pula ramai yang bersilih-ganti sakit. Now, my immediate boss i.e TP, tengah on his 2nd-week m.c, still hospitalised in Serdang Hospital. No, not due to H1N1, alhamdulillah he's been cleared of that. But due to his fluctuating blood pressure and sugar level sejak demam last week. Kan bahaya tu.

Last week pun, aku demam dari Isnin petang til Khamis. Jangkit dari TP la. Hari Selasa malam Rabu was the worst -- I still had to go to work on Tuesday coz macam-macam meeting plus nak kena siapkan organize a Green Building Forum on Wednesday which I was also the emcee.

Balik keja petang tu, aku dah tak larat. By Maghrib, all possible cavities on me felt like they were spitting fire. Abang tolong basahkan tuala to lower down my temp, tapi aku rasa tak cukup. My sendi-sendi rasa terbakar panas nak tercabut, I was coughing like mad. Abang quickly took me to the nearby clinic to have me checked. Alhamdulillah, doc kata I was clear, but my temp was on a high side -- 39.2 deg. Since I could not find a replacement for the emcee part, I requested to be given a really strong antibiotic that could help me kebah cepat.

The doc gave me what I asked for, plus an m.c just in case I wasn't getting any better. Balik bila tidur, by midnite aku terjaga sangat dahaga and in need to pee. Aku terkejut bila bangun macam ada orang bilas air atas aku. Rupanya aku kebah sampai lencun baju tidur and cadar katil. Alhamdulillah, by then temp aku banyak kurang.

At 4am, I woke up to prepare my script. In English la, since all five papers for the day will be presented in English, including one by a Dane. So, standard arr kan, emcee in English. Nevertheless, I reminded myself to ask the head organiser about the language of emceeing later on.

Which, of course, as God would've planned it, it was supposed to be in BM... which I only knew 15mins before the event started.

Orang semua gabra terbeliak bijik mata ternganga mulut untuk aku. Aku, dengan on m.c nya tapi still kena emcee, kata rilekkkkkk. I'll just translate bit by bit whenever there's a break... Like when there's a speech, or presentation, or tea break. Rilekkkkk. Kalau tak rilek, nanti aku pengsan kat situ karang.

And that was what I did -- rilek, translate bila dapat ruang masa, and it went on smooth-sailing Alhamdulillah.

Balik tu aku terus koma and ambil m.c lagi untuk total rest esoknya tu.

Petang aku habis emcee tu, my dear granduncle, Aki, who was once the longest reigning Imam Besar Masjid Negara, passed away mengejut in KB. Anak-anak pun tak sempat jumpa. Umi took the 1st flight back to KB that Thursday morning to send Aki at 11am.

Kat sana, Umi pula demam teruk, and when she came back midnite Friday (malam Sabtu), she was burning like fire sampai Ayah tak tidur malam jaga dia.

After breakfast on Saturday, I went back to Bangi and took Umi to the clinic, where the doc referred Umi to Serdang Hospital for lung screening just to be safe. Panjaaaang lagi cerita kat hospital tu, we were there from 12.00pm til 8.30pm. X-ray, ecg, blood tests all managed to be carried out, and Alhamdulillah Umi was cleared of H1N1 or any symptoms related to it.

By the way, the male nurse told my mom just after the doc cleared us at half 8, that there were 900 patients at the emergency from 7am till 8.30pm that day. No wonder lah the emergency staffs had been so apologetic and kind to everybody. They were under-handed rupanya.

Ok gotta go. I'm still coughing phlegm. Tired of it really.

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Sanity said...

Im tired of it aswell!! Coughing phlegm that is. God I hate being sick...runny nose and...and...EVERYTHING -radiates hate- wanna get better soon ><


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