Friday, August 21, 2009

Of Redang: The Journey Home

We're now on the hi-way dah masuk sempadan Temerloh.

Strange how it feels like it's still 4.30pm, when it's already 6p (I tell you this Sani Ekspress Executive Coach driver is SO berhemah on the road, we highly recommend you the co.)... where as back on the island, it felt like it was already 5.30pm when it was only 4.30pm.

Welcome home to reality, ey.

Driver said we'd reach KL by 9pm. With 'kesopanan atas jalanraya' like this, I'm not surprised if it'll be at 10+pm instead!

Sian Adi, Labu and Labi.

Of Redang: Goodbye



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of Redang: The Deep Blue Life

Isn't this the life.

It's only 4.30pm, felt like it should've been 5.30pm.

Depa tak dak PBT ka on the island. Kot aku buleh apply ke. Macam tak nak balik, arr.

Will write more. I hope!

Of Redang: Arrival @ KT

Alhamdulillah, safely arrived at KT an hour ago, around 5.20am. Baru lepas Subuh di surau stesen bas. Our resort minibus to jetty is at 7.30.

Man it just feels great to just be out of West Coast. I'm so tired of the fast-pace in West Coast.

In fact, masa dalam bas while dozing off, I took pains trying to decipher the conversations between the driver and his co below, so thick with 'Ganuan accent (and i SO failed in it). To me just the sound of them was lullaby to my ear, lulling me to La La land. We were still not out of KL back then, but they already made me feel like I was about to arrive 'Ganu. Rather blissful feeling I'd say.

(You know, macam budak yang kadang hanya boleh tidur bila dengar suara orang. I dig those babies. The distant voices definitely made you feel secure somewhat.)

Some of you may wonder what happen to the 3 orange-furred boys while we're away? Well, this is our 1st time leaving them all alone at home rather than sending them for boarding. I've cleaned their trays and put the sand quite full, and we managed to get food and water dispenser for them. So we'll see how they fare nanti. If they succeed, then masa away for Raya pun we'll just resort to methods as such. Saves us boarding fees of rm20/cat/day.

Ok, nak cari breakfast. Will periodically update both FB status (which is a lohhh-hot easier) and blog.

Rindukan the furkids di pagi hari. Hope they're well. Kalau boleh call diorang, kan best.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of Being Thankful for Not Giving Up

Adi dah discharged, and Alhamdulillah he seems way so much better -- when he heard my voice, from his treatment cage, dia terus keluarkan his paw to reach me so that I would belai-belai him (which he NEVER does, the paw-reaching gesture), and he behaved to his treatment far better than before. Alhamdulillah.

I also met Dr. Jonathan, now managing the vet's Ampang branch, who was there visiting. DocJon was the 1st vet who treated Adi's colon problem two years ago, and when he saw Adi he recalled treating Adi before. DocJon highly recommended surgery on Adi 'coz he said he's done loads of colonic surgery on cats, including on a 12-year old cat who had colon problems the past 5 years and the surgery was successful in putting away the problem for good.

Unlike Adi who has to keep coming back to the vet every 2,3 months for troubleshooting, with his owner teary-eyed, torn between decisions.

We'll see lah kan?

In the meantime, malam ni Adi akan tidur dengan Kak Lin, Abg Zul, Labu & Labi... full-house again, yeay!!

Syukur Alhamdulillah that I didn't play God on him.

Note to self:
Told to get PROPULSID for Adi from pharmacy. It should contain 10mg of 'cisapride', in tablet form, to be given 1/4 tablet twice a day after food. It helps to give Adi's colon some motility. BUT, if Adi tak beyak for two days, then must stop give the medicine or else will rupture colon 'coz colon tersumbat with faeces tapi colon still nak do the teran action. Enema to still be administered 3xs a week.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Of Making Life or Death Decisions

Adi sakit lagi. Last dia uk-uk pepejal was friday 24th july (and so banyak. Like, the entire length of his colon). I've been administering enema every night the past week, tapi keluar liquid je. Yesterday, upon vet's consultation via phone, I administered enema using half a bottle of contact lense's saline solution and urut-urut bahagian usus dia so that taik dia jadi lembut... but he vomitted gastric juice instead, a couple of times. The day before, he had tummy cramps. Aiyoh, kesian sangat kat dia. Terlepek dah 2 hari sebab tak boleh makan. Kesian sangat.

Tadi the vet told me, with his current sufferings, she gave me an option -- to go ahead with treatment, or put him to sleep.

I told her I'm not ready to let him go just yet.

Please pray for ease of his suffering. He will not be better, but if he dies, let it be due to natural causes.

Oh, I don't know. Which one would make him easier to go...? :"-(

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Of KoncoZunar's 1st T-shirt

Abang's company's first t-shirt. I wore it to the clinic last Thursday morning, and made the lady doctor smiled widely. Hehe

Go to for more info!

Of Being Ill

Bulan chantik malam tadi.

(dust dust the sawang in the blog)

Dah lama sangat tak update blog. Have been updating the FB status instead, coz it's easier (and cheaper) to check and reply comments through the handphone.

Office these days? Ya Rabbi. Kadang tak sempat to even have lunch. Kena pula ramai yang bersilih-ganti sakit. Now, my immediate boss i.e TP, tengah on his 2nd-week m.c, still hospitalised in Serdang Hospital. No, not due to H1N1, alhamdulillah he's been cleared of that. But due to his fluctuating blood pressure and sugar level sejak demam last week. Kan bahaya tu.

Last week pun, aku demam dari Isnin petang til Khamis. Jangkit dari TP la. Hari Selasa malam Rabu was the worst -- I still had to go to work on Tuesday coz macam-macam meeting plus nak kena siapkan organize a Green Building Forum on Wednesday which I was also the emcee.

Balik keja petang tu, aku dah tak larat. By Maghrib, all possible cavities on me felt like they were spitting fire. Abang tolong basahkan tuala to lower down my temp, tapi aku rasa tak cukup. My sendi-sendi rasa terbakar panas nak tercabut, I was coughing like mad. Abang quickly took me to the nearby clinic to have me checked. Alhamdulillah, doc kata I was clear, but my temp was on a high side -- 39.2 deg. Since I could not find a replacement for the emcee part, I requested to be given a really strong antibiotic that could help me kebah cepat.

The doc gave me what I asked for, plus an m.c just in case I wasn't getting any better. Balik bila tidur, by midnite aku terjaga sangat dahaga and in need to pee. Aku terkejut bila bangun macam ada orang bilas air atas aku. Rupanya aku kebah sampai lencun baju tidur and cadar katil. Alhamdulillah, by then temp aku banyak kurang.

At 4am, I woke up to prepare my script. In English la, since all five papers for the day will be presented in English, including one by a Dane. So, standard arr kan, emcee in English. Nevertheless, I reminded myself to ask the head organiser about the language of emceeing later on.

Which, of course, as God would've planned it, it was supposed to be in BM... which I only knew 15mins before the event started.

Orang semua gabra terbeliak bijik mata ternganga mulut untuk aku. Aku, dengan on m.c nya tapi still kena emcee, kata rilekkkkkk. I'll just translate bit by bit whenever there's a break... Like when there's a speech, or presentation, or tea break. Rilekkkkk. Kalau tak rilek, nanti aku pengsan kat situ karang.

And that was what I did -- rilek, translate bila dapat ruang masa, and it went on smooth-sailing Alhamdulillah.

Balik tu aku terus koma and ambil m.c lagi untuk total rest esoknya tu.

Petang aku habis emcee tu, my dear granduncle, Aki, who was once the longest reigning Imam Besar Masjid Negara, passed away mengejut in KB. Anak-anak pun tak sempat jumpa. Umi took the 1st flight back to KB that Thursday morning to send Aki at 11am.

Kat sana, Umi pula demam teruk, and when she came back midnite Friday (malam Sabtu), she was burning like fire sampai Ayah tak tidur malam jaga dia.

After breakfast on Saturday, I went back to Bangi and took Umi to the clinic, where the doc referred Umi to Serdang Hospital for lung screening just to be safe. Panjaaaang lagi cerita kat hospital tu, we were there from 12.00pm til 8.30pm. X-ray, ecg, blood tests all managed to be carried out, and Alhamdulillah Umi was cleared of H1N1 or any symptoms related to it.

By the way, the male nurse told my mom just after the doc cleared us at half 8, that there were 900 patients at the emergency from 7am till 8.30pm that day. No wonder lah the emergency staffs had been so apologetic and kind to everybody. They were under-handed rupanya.

Ok gotta go. I'm still coughing phlegm. Tired of it really.


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