Monday, July 06, 2009

Of NTV7 Breakfast Show

Can somebody please explain, what telah happen to the daily 7a.m NTV7 Breakfast Show since last week??!

It's been axed, is it?? For being a bit vocal and intelligent on their commentaries (yang tak semestinya opposing, by the way) and no kipas buntut or mengarut-ngarut macam M@zidul on TV3 Breakfast Show next door??

Oh please lahhhh. For once lah Those At The Helm -- grow blooming up will ya???

It's with this attitude that you get interviews done with questions like "So, how do you find Malaysia?", expecting answers like "Ohhh, I like it. The people are nice and friendly" when the truth is far from it... or "Jadi, apa pendapat awak tentang demo yang diadakan?", with stupid answers like "Tak patut arr kan. Kita patut guna saluran yang betul, bukan demo". Bodoh. Buat malu kita punya education system je, kan Awin?

Aieee pagi-pagi akak dah ngamukmak.


Anonymous said...

The show now starts from 830 till 10am. I'll get the SP to reply to you la eh.

nik awin said...

ai makkkk..
nyah pun kena tempias? awwwwww

Firhad said...

we start at 8:30am now..for 1 and half hour of it ends at 10am.

We decided to cut half of the show from 7am because we wanted to make it more compact.

Be assured that we try to cater to most people but we have to accept that we cannot please everyone.

By making it a lot more condensed, we can concentrate on producing better content and have a tighter control on the quality of the content.

Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback and your input is most welcomed.

You can use our official email at should you have any further comments.


nik awin said...

wah..dapat perhatian la..entri kali ni...

blog rotikacangmerah goes worldwide (?)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

rotidua, starts at 8.30am??? hwaaaaaaaak! cemaner nak tengoook!

awin, bila lagi nak tarik orang lain sesama masuk dalam ini pilem! haha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

MR.rotidua a.k.a firhad, alaaaaaa ngaper buat 8.30 til 10??? sapa nak tengok orang comment the news of the day masa tuuuuu? do you know my sis, me and my mom (that's 3 different houses) buka the breakfast show at 7am to listen to your brilliant hosts, and that in the morning while bersiap nak pi keja actually saves ME from having to look for the day's news at work! tukar 7am-8.30am, can???

Firhad said...

Thank you for supporting the show.

Alas, I am not in the position to decide when the station wants to air its programmes.

As a consolation perhaps, viewers are now able to catch the show online. Log on to and look for The Breakfast Show on catch-up tv.

You would be able to enjoy Will's rapier wit, Joanne's astute observation, Naz's antics and Daphne's loveliness in all of their glory anytime, anywhere and as many times as you like.

We still do keep the headlines in the beginning of the show, now with a twist.

Thanks and we look forward to have your continuing support of the show.


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