Sunday, July 12, 2009

Of My Birthday This Year

The eleven of us - Umi, Ayah, Abang, Celi, Nazim, Ahy, Hasrul, Udi, Qia, Amir and I - went for a dinner at Bangi's Yankee's Hut last night for my 36th Year yesterday and Ayah's 62nd today.

To me, a get together like this with the immediate family memang sangat best. Lepas makan, makan cheese cake yg Ahy beli pula, and buka hadiah.

We bought Ayah a watch a la Rolex cut (of course sans Rolex price!) and Umi a handbag yang dia boleh bawa kulu kiler macam casual handbag.

Oh ya we didn't get Umi anything for her 60th birthday last month the 12th coz sangat sibuk preparing for CeliNazim's reception on the 13th, so kiranya ni delayed prezzie la.

Me the birthday girl? I got my Perfume Tetek dua botol, a pair of beauuutiful copper-tooled 'Allah' and 'Muhammad' from Umi Ayah, cards and cake and dinner from adik-adik... lebih dari cukup dah tu Alhamdulillaaaah!

It was, however, my most peaceful birthday in what seems like ages for me. Why? 'Coz it fell on a Saturday, which means I don't have to work on my birthday; Abang is around unlike last year when he had to go to Manila; and there's this unexplained contentment and blessed feeling for surviving one hell of a turbulent year, Alhamdulillah.

At one point just before my birthday, as I was reflecting on the past one year I've survived, I swear that if my ajal dah tiba, aku redha pergi. I was feeling that contented.

I may not have the life that I dreamed of or fantasized way back when I was younger and naive, but I thank Allah nevertheless that He has been very kind to me for protecting me against the things I have feared for my entire life, and given me just the right amount of strength and resources whenever I need some... in fact, everytime, without fail, walaupun I have failed Him way too many times... *hangs head down in shame*. Semoga lindunganMu terhadap hamba-hambaMu yang hina-dina ini kekal berpanjangan Ya Allah... Aaaaamiiiin...

My life may not be as perfect as a lot of people my age out there, with things they have achieved even before they reach 36 -- money, houses, cars, kids, travels. But I know, in my own lacking life, I've achieved substantial amount of success, albeit small and unsubstantial to some -- a husband who loves me unconditionally, a car, a house, my cats, my job, my family albeit in its imperfection... so, I'm thankful for all those nevertheless, Alhamdulillah.

Oh ya, not forgetting, this year Celi and I have managed to give a lil boy a lease of a far better life than he's probably destined to have. Our lil Amir Mu'az, our lil sunshine. We're certainly blessed with his presence in our lives.

I'll certainly remember these feelings, the day I turned 36. Semoga perasaan ini berpanjangan, Aaaamiiin.

And I thank you all, the well-wishers, through Facebook and smses. God bless.



cakapaje said...

Salam Alin,

Lor...awat tak habaq awai awai? Den ni baru online hari ni selepas mogok beberapa hari :)

Happy Birthday! And since you and Kota Damansara are nearby already, jom le, makan ayam golek kat sini.

nik awin said...

makin gebu pulak pipi si Amir ni..terlebih baking powder ke?

sori la kak, gambar akak dukung dia tu..nampaknya birthday lady tak bape menyerlah sgt banding dgn si kenit Amir tu..woh..sangat outstanding dan outshine the rest dlm gambar (selain dari api lilin kek tu)

apa pun..semoga terus berbahagia..dan yang penting damai selalu....

Khemy said...

Salam Kak Lin,

Hope its not too late to wish you Happy Belated Bday! Hehe..

Iron Butterfly said...

Kak Lin, i hope it's not too late to wish you Happy 36th Birthday yaa..... semoga hari-hari yang mendatang akan menjadi lebih indah..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Mogok internet??? Why lah?

Ish takkan kita nak habaq kat suma orang tang birthday kita kan...hehe

Ok set nanti satu hari kita triple date makan ayam golek golek ok? *grins*

awin, yaaaaaaaaa setuju sangat sangat yang dia lah limelight and the superstar on that night! meeeeemang makin comel, dan makin pandai Alhamdulillah! Ibu and Che dia pandai sangat jaga!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

nak wish next month pun still tak too late in my book la haih! hehe

kupu-kupu seterika,
Aaaaaaaaaaaamiiiin! hugs!

drbubbles said...

Madam RKM,

Alahai read your entry - menusuk kalbu betul.

Moga dipanjangkan umur,murah rezeki,sihat tubuh badan dan tiada masalah-masalah yang besar dalam hidup dan terus menceriakan hidup orang lain dengan tulisan tulisan esentrik (hehehehe!) puan dalam blog ini.Amin!

-Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya- Pak Harfan, Laskar Pelangi.

Udi said...

asai comey sgt si amir tuuuhhhh????
isk isk

Roti Kacang Merah said...


juga, senantiasa dikelilingi oleh orang-orang inspirational seperti awak!!! AAAAAAAAMIIIIN!!!

kan? kan?


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