Monday, July 20, 2009

Of Feeling ANGRY and also Blessed

1. On an angry note. VERY angry note.

This is probably a reminder to us all.

If, by any chance, you have or once had people putting their world on hold and on the line, sacrificing their time, energy, mental, physical apart from monetary just to save your a$$es from the troubles and problems you've put yourself and your family into... then let it be known that you have NO bloody rights to act your shitty, crappy and foul mood & temper to these people. You better pray that before you or these people go meet The Maker, you're able to apologize and minta halalkan segala-galanya yang dah mengalir dan jadi darah daging dalam tubuh badan you. If you think that by hurting these people, you feel your life would be more blessed, happier and more fulfilled... then, go ahead, and try to live. All the best to you then, 'coz in all honesty? People like you should never given a second (let alone third, fourth and so on) chance at life at all.

I just never learnt my lessons. I don't understand why my husband&I or anybody else for that matter have ever cared to care about you, blood ties or no blood ties. Seriously fedap dengan kekurangan hajaran engkau yang tahap cemerlang.

Aku setuju cakap Abang ~ orang-orang macam engkau sepatutnya TAK DA HAK PUN nak be selfish tentang hidup engkau when other people's lives and worlds pernah crumble hanya kerana engkau.

2. On a happier and more blissful note.

Now that my anger is out of my system, the pics below show my most favourite part of the previous weekend.

Catching a breather from the house chores, I stole some moments watching my husband at his drawing table while Labi accompanying him, chirping alongside with the birds perching on the trees just outside the study-room window.

Abang: Labiiiiii tolong kasi AbgZul ideaaaaaa, kalau tak AbgZul cucuk dengan pensel ni kanggggg
Labi: Kak Lin, Kak Lin, tolong Labi, Kak Liiiiiin!



d'Frog Prince said...

i nampak asap keluar dari dua telinga ngan lubang hidung, kecut....

biasalah, some ppl we help, thankful sampai liang lahad, whereas some, bkn je tak grateful, lagi digigitnya kita.

but in the end, all accounts have to be balanced out. just wait for God to work in His way.

nik awin said...

ya, saya pernah rasa kemarahan yang Amat...
geram sampai naik pening kepala menahan amarah..

mujur gak ade laki sy dok kata "take it easy...tarik nafasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..lepas"

~agaknya kalau org yg kita nak marah tu ada depan mata..
mesti kak lin rasa macam nak MELEMPANG orang tu sampai berdarah telinga,kan? kan?? (dlm hati..tau mesti rasa tu ada SIIIKIIIT dalam hati)



Roti Kacang Merah said...

yaaaaa, i loike your last sentence, that all accounts will be balanced in the end.

anyway, malas nak fikir dah. nak fully concentrate on my own lacking life pula!

RASA je macam nak lempang, tapi rasanya tak buat. either there would be a matching shout, or kak lin will walk away and pi carik tempat sorok untuk nangis aje. haha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "a matching shout" pulak hahahahahaha! what i meant was "a shouting match", lah! hahahahaha menulis pun boleh terkehel.


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