Sunday, July 05, 2009

Of Being Infected by A Virus

Aku tengah diserang virus.

Virus M(4)L(45). Otherwise known as MALAS.

Malas nak update blog or FB or Twitter, even check my main email inbox (though Lyana, I have read your comment through my blog-email inbox from my hpcekai about my award at your blog that I've to go pick up!! Ohhh tenchewww! Nanti I go pick otey??)

BeeTeeDoubleyou, gambar reception Celi&Nazim dah siap. That calls for an entry on the Do actually. In the meantime, do have a peak at nazreyphotography.wordpress (I think), now that I'm typing this from the hp cekai and I can't link up the site here. I just LOVE that last photo of Celi & Nazim dalam kelambu. Teaser tu. Ngeee.

Pagi tadi lepas breakfast, Abang&I went to the Pet Exhibition in Midvalley, and bought Adi Labu Labi a food&water dispenser that we reckon can be used should we need to go for traveling and leave them at home instead of at the vet, a playing furniture as pictured, and pasir litter yang wangi that will clump their pee and poo nicely on the surface of the pasir for our easy scooping, rather than mendap ke bottom of the tray like the typical clumping sand would. Things you would and get for your love ones, ey ;-).

On the MJ front, Abang&I have finally fallen into the trap of mengayakan lagi Sony. Yes we bought his two-CDs Essential Collection which was RM29 before his death but now costs almost RM50.

Abang's new favourites are Rockin' Robin and Man In The Mirror apart from Billie Jean and Thriller. I, of course hafal the songs (if not the lyrics) in the collection, which in some ways amazed Abang yang tengah baru nak suka his songs. "Macam mana baru dengar tapi dah boleh hafal semua?" Abang tanya. Lerrr, I have his cassettes ler, and I grew up recording his music videos on the VCR and watched them over and over till the tali jadi lunyai... I told him. Tah mana tah pi semua-semua tu, the cassetes and the music videos.

We both would now like to try find his video performances zaman-zaman Jackson 5 and The Jacksons. I'd prolly just download them from YouTube, when I can find the time ofcourse.

Tapi, ye la, dia dah mati baru orang tahu how fantabulous he really is, and how he had actually really suffered in his life, ey... Dah mati baru tahu the real MJ. Baru tahu how irreplaceable he is. Baru faham why he was how he was.

Esok-esok kalau kita mati, macam mana la pula, kan.

Oh, by the way, korang pernah tak tertengok Lil Champs -- the kids singing competition from India on Astro Zee ch.108? On Saturdays, it'll be 7.30pm til 9. Best woh. Say babai je la kat bebudak AF. Walaupun the program takdak translation, which is just too bad coz the two kids yang jadi pengacara are just way effing adorable and cute that you don't even need to know what they're talking about, Abang and I are hooked nevertheless!

Gaaah. Ngantuk la pulaaak.


atiza said...

dalam nak tak nak tuh..dapat gak satu entry kan?

Naz said...

Alahai....virus ni pun ada kat msia. I thought restricted to northern hemisphere saja...haha!

MJ...hmm macam tu lah manusia. When he was around, kutuk habis habis and when he's gone, almost overnight all his *mistakes and shortcomings* are forgiven.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak aie, hak ah, tahu-tahu, dah panjang entry. haha

kak naz, 'sok-'sok hopefully kot tiba kita mati pula semoga kita punya mistakes and shortcomings would be forgiven, or totally forgotten hopefully!!! aaaaaamin!


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