Friday, July 10, 2009

Of Being Caricatured

RKM to the eyes of Mr. SS Hew.

I may be married to a cartoonist, but never had a caricature done by him.

Coz it's FOC, that's why. Haha

The pic, however, is a sketch by one of my six Timbalan Pengarahs while I was presenting my ISO Procedure to the room. He is a Structural Engineer by profession, by the way. Not an architect. This is only the 3rd done in my lifetime -- a paid Vietnamese caricaturist in Paris, my EO at my old office, and now him.

My 1st memorable event as I'm turning 36, heh.

Abang lagi best -- one of his caricaturists was DSAI himself, who did the lil sketch on a lil square note when he was still in detention, which Abang had been looking around for it for ages yet it was I who accidently found it lying right on the topmost step of the new house last May, jatuh tah dari mana, like as if sengaja making a grand appearance for me to pick it up and almost mistook it as rubbish! Phew. Kalau tak da duit esok, leh auction tu, sebab siap ada sign woh. Haha

On a side note, two of my TPs have the same birthdate as Ayah's, which is this Sunday. That's a rather nice coincidence, kan.

Hadiah apa nak beli untuk Ayah, tah. All I know is, I was perhaps his best birthday present ever, entering the world at less than three hours before his 26th birthday. Like, how can anyone top THAT, kan? Haha



Jumper said...

Happy birthday! Stay as sweet as 16, only smarter, richer and happier God bless...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

durian meloncat, thanks for the wiiiiish!

muna said...

happy belated birthday! :D

saya pun bleh claim adalah my father's best birthday gift from my mother. sebab lahir next day after his birthday :p


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