Saturday, July 25, 2009

A&W Drive-in

A vewy late lunch/vewy early dinner of A&W mozza burger and float, with Jackson 5 on air.

Last I had a A&W drive-in was 31 years ago, with Umi, for dinner, and the A&W Bear greeted us by the car window. Ayah tengah buat Masters di Manila masa tu. Umi drove me all the way from Taman Mesra Kajang up to PJ Old Town. She was 29 back then. I was Umi's best friend.


And with my mozza, root-beer float, fries, and Abang, I'm a vewy happy woman wight now.

Jemput makan semua.


ubisetela said...

A&W was my first tempat kerja, with only RM1.80 pay per hour!

nik awin said...

sila hantar 1 set meal ke sini a.s.a.p

cakapaje said...

Salam Alin,

If 31years ago, Alin mesti ingat bahawa dahulu soft ice-cream A&W dgn hot fudge atau chocolate topping was one of the best around (kini dah lama tiada). Dan juga coney dog was RM2 only and on Coney Tuesday, it cost only RM1.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ubistella, RM1.80 perhour??? My God. Bila tu?

awin, cukup ke 1 set aje? perut bukan ada 4 ke kat sana? haha

broshah, taaaaak, tak ingaaaaat! huak


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