Sunday, July 26, 2009

Al-Fatihah: Yasmin Ahmad

"The world is multi-racial. That is a great blessing from God, and I don’t understand why some people treat it like a curse."

I didn't know she was gone until I read Kak Dinz's (DinaZaman) comment on FB this morning.

She's been my favourite director (though not Abang's), apart from Khabir Batia. Though her films evoke controversies, but, let's face it -- compared to, say, Remp-It or yang seangkatan dengannya, I'd say her films have way higher moral values, hands down. Let's not forget her much awaited commercials every Hari Perayaan. No more of those after this, I reckon...

I was such an avid fan of hers, that aku pernah pujuk Abang to run an interview with her for one of Suara Keadilan's 'Seni' Column. Unfortunately, she politely refused the interview. I think that was when Abang's indifference towards her escalated than ever, haha.

Nevertheless, it was a real pleasure to have bumped into her at KLPAC two years ago.

From left: Ahy, Kak Min, RKM, Abg Yuz

25th June: the passing of King of Pop, at age 2 months shy of being 51.
25th July: the passing of Queen of Film-making, at age 51.
Gone too soon.

My deepest condolences to Kak Min's family and friends.

May you rest in peace, Kak Min. Thank you, for the wonderful wonderful experience you've shared with us.

Love & Misses.




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1 - Singapore MCYS' Think Family Campaign: "Funeral", directed by Yasmin Ahmad

ps: I could almost swear the lady at 2:40 looks like me without my specs!

2 - Here In My Home, directed by Yasmin Ahmad

3 - Pergi, by Aizat, an OST on Yasmin Ahmad's Talentime


Naz said...

She was a truly good person.
Al Fatihah...

Khemy said...

Al fatihah..
Orang yang berbakat dan baik hati mesti 'pergi' dulu...perasan tak?


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