Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Umi Ayah Melepak

Yesterday. Umi, Ayah and I reached Pt.Dalam at around 4.30pm after the berubat appointment in Kuang at 2.30pm. After what was supposed to be a brief minum-minum petang and short evening nap, Umi Ayah ended up having dinner of nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah with us and continued lepak-lepak till quarter past 10pm.

In normal circumstances, jangan harap Ayah nak melepak till past maghrib. "Air mandi angsa tak tukar, pokok tak siram, makanan kucing-kucing mendatang and burung-burung tak kasi..." Ayah would say.

So kiranya aku bertuah semalam that Ayah agreed to stay back. Aku seronok tengok Umi rilek-rilek macam ni, and Ayah main-main dengan Adi. Seronok sangat. Aku yang tengah demam pun, terus rasa sihat sikit.

I asked them to stay for the night. "Nanti Kak Lin buatkan breakfast," I said. But alas they had to go home 'coz noone's around to set the house alarm.

Esok I will be the emcee for the whole-day GBI conference, with 5 speakers presenting their paper from morning till evening. I hope I will be better tonight. Skrip pun tak wat lagi. Yet my temp is escalating, bila batuk rasa nak pensan.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Al-Fatihah: Yasmin Ahmad

"The world is multi-racial. That is a great blessing from God, and I don’t understand why some people treat it like a curse."

I didn't know she was gone until I read Kak Dinz's (DinaZaman) comment on FB this morning.

She's been my favourite director (though not Abang's), apart from Khabir Batia. Though her films evoke controversies, but, let's face it -- compared to, say, Remp-It or yang seangkatan dengannya, I'd say her films have way higher moral values, hands down. Let's not forget her much awaited commercials every Hari Perayaan. No more of those after this, I reckon...

I was such an avid fan of hers, that aku pernah pujuk Abang to run an interview with her for one of Suara Keadilan's 'Seni' Column. Unfortunately, she politely refused the interview. I think that was when Abang's indifference towards her escalated than ever, haha.

Nevertheless, it was a real pleasure to have bumped into her at KLPAC two years ago.

From left: Ahy, Kak Min, RKM, Abg Yuz

25th June: the passing of King of Pop, at age 2 months shy of being 51.
25th July: the passing of Queen of Film-making, at age 51.
Gone too soon.

My deepest condolences to Kak Min's family and friends.

May you rest in peace, Kak Min. Thank you, for the wonderful wonderful experience you've shared with us.

Love & Misses.




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1 - Singapore MCYS' Think Family Campaign: "Funeral", directed by Yasmin Ahmad

ps: I could almost swear the lady at 2:40 looks like me without my specs!

2 - Here In My Home, directed by Yasmin Ahmad

3 - Pergi, by Aizat, an OST on Yasmin Ahmad's Talentime

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A&W Drive-in

A vewy late lunch/vewy early dinner of A&W mozza burger and float, with Jackson 5 on air.

Last I had a A&W drive-in was 31 years ago, with Umi, for dinner, and the A&W Bear greeted us by the car window. Ayah tengah buat Masters di Manila masa tu. Umi drove me all the way from Taman Mesra Kajang up to PJ Old Town. She was 29 back then. I was Umi's best friend.


And with my mozza, root-beer float, fries, and Abang, I'm a vewy happy woman wight now.

Jemput makan semua.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Of Fatwa Pegang Lilin in Vigils

From Sinar Harian dated 23rd July, Tok Guru Datuk Nik Aziz commented on Nizar pegang lilin in the memorial vigil of Teoh Beng Hock:

"Zambry (MB Perak) orang politik, bukan orang kaji Islam. Apa kena-mengena dengan fatwa agama, fatwa demokrasi pun (beliau) tak pakai, itu pandangan saya. Dia orang politik, saya jawab cara politik lah".

HAHAHAHAHA, classic betul. Best!

DUSYUM BESAR satu kepada Zambry!

Anyhoos. Jangan lupa,

Sinar Harian 23 Julai,
muka S32-Seni Sinar,
'Kartunis Anjur Kursus Melukis'.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Of Feeling ANGRY and also Blessed

1. On an angry note. VERY angry note.

This is probably a reminder to us all.

If, by any chance, you have or once had people putting their world on hold and on the line, sacrificing their time, energy, mental, physical apart from monetary just to save your a$$es from the troubles and problems you've put yourself and your family into... then let it be known that you have NO bloody rights to act your shitty, crappy and foul mood & temper to these people. You better pray that before you or these people go meet The Maker, you're able to apologize and minta halalkan segala-galanya yang dah mengalir dan jadi darah daging dalam tubuh badan you. If you think that by hurting these people, you feel your life would be more blessed, happier and more fulfilled... then, go ahead, and try to live. All the best to you then, 'coz in all honesty? People like you should never given a second (let alone third, fourth and so on) chance at life at all.

I just never learnt my lessons. I don't understand why my husband&I or anybody else for that matter have ever cared to care about you, blood ties or no blood ties. Seriously fedap dengan kekurangan hajaran engkau yang tahap cemerlang.

Aku setuju cakap Abang ~ orang-orang macam engkau sepatutnya TAK DA HAK PUN nak be selfish tentang hidup engkau when other people's lives and worlds pernah crumble hanya kerana engkau.

2. On a happier and more blissful note.

Now that my anger is out of my system, the pics below show my most favourite part of the previous weekend.

Catching a breather from the house chores, I stole some moments watching my husband at his drawing table while Labi accompanying him, chirping alongside with the birds perching on the trees just outside the study-room window.

Abang: Labiiiiii tolong kasi AbgZul ideaaaaaa, kalau tak AbgZul cucuk dengan pensel ni kanggggg
Labi: Kak Lin, Kak Lin, tolong Labi, Kak Liiiiiin!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Of My Birthday This Year

The eleven of us - Umi, Ayah, Abang, Celi, Nazim, Ahy, Hasrul, Udi, Qia, Amir and I - went for a dinner at Bangi's Yankee's Hut last night for my 36th Year yesterday and Ayah's 62nd today.

To me, a get together like this with the immediate family memang sangat best. Lepas makan, makan cheese cake yg Ahy beli pula, and buka hadiah.

We bought Ayah a watch a la Rolex cut (of course sans Rolex price!) and Umi a handbag yang dia boleh bawa kulu kiler macam casual handbag.

Oh ya we didn't get Umi anything for her 60th birthday last month the 12th coz sangat sibuk preparing for CeliNazim's reception on the 13th, so kiranya ni delayed prezzie la.

Me the birthday girl? I got my Perfume Tetek dua botol, a pair of beauuutiful copper-tooled 'Allah' and 'Muhammad' from Umi Ayah, cards and cake and dinner from adik-adik... lebih dari cukup dah tu Alhamdulillaaaah!

It was, however, my most peaceful birthday in what seems like ages for me. Why? 'Coz it fell on a Saturday, which means I don't have to work on my birthday; Abang is around unlike last year when he had to go to Manila; and there's this unexplained contentment and blessed feeling for surviving one hell of a turbulent year, Alhamdulillah.

At one point just before my birthday, as I was reflecting on the past one year I've survived, I swear that if my ajal dah tiba, aku redha pergi. I was feeling that contented.

I may not have the life that I dreamed of or fantasized way back when I was younger and naive, but I thank Allah nevertheless that He has been very kind to me for protecting me against the things I have feared for my entire life, and given me just the right amount of strength and resources whenever I need some... in fact, everytime, without fail, walaupun I have failed Him way too many times... *hangs head down in shame*. Semoga lindunganMu terhadap hamba-hambaMu yang hina-dina ini kekal berpanjangan Ya Allah... Aaaaamiiiin...

My life may not be as perfect as a lot of people my age out there, with things they have achieved even before they reach 36 -- money, houses, cars, kids, travels. But I know, in my own lacking life, I've achieved substantial amount of success, albeit small and unsubstantial to some -- a husband who loves me unconditionally, a car, a house, my cats, my job, my family albeit in its imperfection... so, I'm thankful for all those nevertheless, Alhamdulillah.

Oh ya, not forgetting, this year Celi and I have managed to give a lil boy a lease of a far better life than he's probably destined to have. Our lil Amir Mu'az, our lil sunshine. We're certainly blessed with his presence in our lives.

I'll certainly remember these feelings, the day I turned 36. Semoga perasaan ini berpanjangan, Aaaamiiin.

And I thank you all, the well-wishers, through Facebook and smses. God bless.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Of Being Caricatured

RKM to the eyes of Mr. SS Hew.

I may be married to a cartoonist, but never had a caricature done by him.

Coz it's FOC, that's why. Haha

The pic, however, is a sketch by one of my six Timbalan Pengarahs while I was presenting my ISO Procedure to the room. He is a Structural Engineer by profession, by the way. Not an architect. This is only the 3rd done in my lifetime -- a paid Vietnamese caricaturist in Paris, my EO at my old office, and now him.

My 1st memorable event as I'm turning 36, heh.

Abang lagi best -- one of his caricaturists was DSAI himself, who did the lil sketch on a lil square note when he was still in detention, which Abang had been looking around for it for ages yet it was I who accidently found it lying right on the topmost step of the new house last May, jatuh tah dari mana, like as if sengaja making a grand appearance for me to pick it up and almost mistook it as rubbish! Phew. Kalau tak da duit esok, leh auction tu, sebab siap ada sign woh. Haha

On a side note, two of my TPs have the same birthdate as Ayah's, which is this Sunday. That's a rather nice coincidence, kan.

Hadiah apa nak beli untuk Ayah, tah. All I know is, I was perhaps his best birthday present ever, entering the world at less than three hours before his 26th birthday. Like, how can anyone top THAT, kan? Haha


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Of Babies on Rollies

I wasn't sure whether this advert should freak the bajeeziz outta me or should I just laugh of their cuteness...

...until I saw the making...

...hehehe sangat lah tiyut, otey...


Monday, July 06, 2009

Of NTV7 Breakfast Show

Can somebody please explain, what telah happen to the daily 7a.m NTV7 Breakfast Show since last week??!

It's been axed, is it?? For being a bit vocal and intelligent on their commentaries (yang tak semestinya opposing, by the way) and no kipas buntut or mengarut-ngarut macam M@zidul on TV3 Breakfast Show next door??

Oh please lahhhh. For once lah Those At The Helm -- grow blooming up will ya???

It's with this attitude that you get interviews done with questions like "So, how do you find Malaysia?", expecting answers like "Ohhh, I like it. The people are nice and friendly" when the truth is far from it... or "Jadi, apa pendapat awak tentang demo yang diadakan?", with stupid answers like "Tak patut arr kan. Kita patut guna saluran yang betul, bukan demo". Bodoh. Buat malu kita punya education system je, kan Awin?

Aieee pagi-pagi akak dah ngamukmak.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Of Being Infected by A Virus

Aku tengah diserang virus.

Virus M(4)L(45). Otherwise known as MALAS.

Malas nak update blog or FB or Twitter, even check my main email inbox (though Lyana, I have read your comment through my blog-email inbox from my hpcekai about my award at your blog that I've to go pick up!! Ohhh tenchewww! Nanti I go pick otey??)

BeeTeeDoubleyou, gambar reception Celi&Nazim dah siap. That calls for an entry on the Do actually. In the meantime, do have a peak at nazreyphotography.wordpress (I think), now that I'm typing this from the hp cekai and I can't link up the site here. I just LOVE that last photo of Celi & Nazim dalam kelambu. Teaser tu. Ngeee.

Pagi tadi lepas breakfast, Abang&I went to the Pet Exhibition in Midvalley, and bought Adi Labu Labi a food&water dispenser that we reckon can be used should we need to go for traveling and leave them at home instead of at the vet, a playing furniture as pictured, and pasir litter yang wangi that will clump their pee and poo nicely on the surface of the pasir for our easy scooping, rather than mendap ke bottom of the tray like the typical clumping sand would. Things you would and get for your love ones, ey ;-).

On the MJ front, Abang&I have finally fallen into the trap of mengayakan lagi Sony. Yes we bought his two-CDs Essential Collection which was RM29 before his death but now costs almost RM50.

Abang's new favourites are Rockin' Robin and Man In The Mirror apart from Billie Jean and Thriller. I, of course hafal the songs (if not the lyrics) in the collection, which in some ways amazed Abang yang tengah baru nak suka his songs. "Macam mana baru dengar tapi dah boleh hafal semua?" Abang tanya. Lerrr, I have his cassettes ler, and I grew up recording his music videos on the VCR and watched them over and over till the tali jadi lunyai... I told him. Tah mana tah pi semua-semua tu, the cassetes and the music videos.

We both would now like to try find his video performances zaman-zaman Jackson 5 and The Jacksons. I'd prolly just download them from YouTube, when I can find the time ofcourse.

Tapi, ye la, dia dah mati baru orang tahu how fantabulous he really is, and how he had actually really suffered in his life, ey... Dah mati baru tahu the real MJ. Baru tahu how irreplaceable he is. Baru faham why he was how he was.

Esok-esok kalau kita mati, macam mana la pula, kan.

Oh, by the way, korang pernah tak tertengok Lil Champs -- the kids singing competition from India on Astro Zee ch.108? On Saturdays, it'll be 7.30pm til 9. Best woh. Say babai je la kat bebudak AF. Walaupun the program takdak translation, which is just too bad coz the two kids yang jadi pengacara are just way effing adorable and cute that you don't even need to know what they're talking about, Abang and I are hooked nevertheless!

Gaaah. Ngantuk la pulaaak.


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