Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Of Amir,BIL,Tak Sihat & A Bit On The Do

I told Umi the other day that when I see Amir biting his lower lip, I know I've drawn/sketched Amir somewhere before.

And I was right. I found a copy of my trial sketch of a baby biting his lower lip that I did prior to the annual Art Exhibition during my 1st year 'A's. The sketch dated way back in 20-Jan-93. 16 1/2 years ago that I first had a glimpse of Amir.

Jodoh, no?

A week before the Do, my BIL asked Umi, " Mi, Umi rasa tak pa ke Nazim kawin dengan Celi?"

That question took my mom aback.

Ah sudah, my mom thot. Dah nikah dah, ada 2nd thots ke?

Umi put down whatever she was doing, and slowly asked Nazim back, "Kenapa Nazim tanya macam tu...?"

"Ya lah..." Nazim began to explain, "Celi kata masa dia kecik-kecik dulu Umi kasi dia minum susu SMA. Nazim pun minum susu SMA. Boleh ke kawin macam tu, Nazim + Celi sama susuan? ngee"

Hehehe. That's my BIL. He's so quietly funny and witty like that.

Prior to the wedding, tak sudah-sudah aku doa -- if ada apa-apa negatif nak berlaku pada aku, let it be AFTER the Do, Dear Allah. Please protect me and keep me healthy coz my Umi and family need me for The Do, Aaaamiiin.

Malam habis The Do tu jugak my throat became unbearably sore, dry cough + kahak aching to be let out but won't, my voice slowly diminishing to almost non-audible... up til today. Perit.

Oh ya, dalam dada gatal-gatal macam tickled by feathers. Ugh.

I took an m.c yesterday to rest my voice and rest me. But masa tu la jugak calls kept pouring in for project infos apa bagai, kepala aku terus sakit lepas bercakap coz had to exert extra extra effort to give air to my sentences. Plus the dry cough, my oh my.

At 3am last night, the tickling cough got worse. So I took the ubat cair kahak, plus my last sleeping pill, put lozenges at the side of my tongue and continued sleeping.

I woke up this morning at 6am with the sleeping pill still hasn't worn off. Groggy gila.

I even slept the entire study-trip bus journey from my office in Kg.Baru to Les' Copaque Production House in Shah Alam this morning. Huiii syioook. Both the nap in the bus and the Les' Copaque visit, that is.

You must be wondering how The Do went by last Saturday.

Overall, it was alright -- great food and all. Also a GREAT but TIRING experience for me at least -- coz 1st time buat kat Hall (and a HUGE BUILDING at that, too) AND a joint event PLUS Amir yang tak nak orang lain except for Celi+Nazim, Umi+Ayah, and me.

Akibatnya, I ended up running around like mad with Amir in my arms eventhough my gramps dengan baik hati lent me their maid to help me jaga Amir.

THANK GOD for the creation of walkie talkies too that made it a whole lot easier orchestrating and delegating jobs among my six brothers (Ahy, Udi and four of Ahy's friends yang dah macam anak-anak UmiAyah). I tell you, without the walkietalkies aku maybe dah lebih pancit dari sekarang ni.

Aku tak ambil sekeping piang gambar pun that day, but am trying to collect some for a dedicated entry on The 13th June Do.

So, nite nite everyone.



F Manchester said...

Can we have more pix of Amir pllleeaaasszzz...

kulupSakah said...

political backstabbers?
they called us "the rebel rousers" ya know!
but i really like it!
..so much!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kakilush, nanti i boh dalam picasa, mkays??? hey you arite or not eh...? *hugs*

Roti Kacang Merah said...

fendi, 'rebel rousers' is DEFINITELY a far better name and position than being 'political backstabbers'! i like it too!:-D

Amy said...

I love that sama susuan thingy. Tergelak2...haha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

amygosh, tu ar, chomey je kan? hehe


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