Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of Abang, My Pengarah, Adi, Mak and Djin

Last week's Suara Keadilan was Abang's last. This week's is under different entity.

I am so so glad that Abang rejected the offer to continue under the different management and get out of the political scene. Aku siap sujud syukur berapa kali last weekend. I finally get to see Abang to concentrate doing his art stuff - his no.1 passion. And most of all, I finally get to have a husband (and a happier one at that, insyaAllah) on weekends.

Thank you, dear political backstabbers dan tamak kuasa. You guys are real Godsent to me, really. Thank you.

My current Pengarah has this magnificent attitude that he has made himself promise to be.

He says, he has promised himself that in whatever negative situation he's in, he will try to be eagerly positive about it. He says, negativity (which what he was quite known for before being a Pengarah) attracts negativity, hence, to attract positivity one must always try be positive even in the most trying position.

For example, once we caught him saying, "Eiii I tak sabar nak pegi presentation dengan Big Boss ni and listen to what he has to say. Tak sabar nak see the kind of challenge he will put us into. Mesti kita dapat belajar banyak nanti, ni!", when all of us know clearly that he would be grilled way overcooked in his meeting with The-Big-Boss-Who-Had-My-Unit-Closed-Down.

Or when we (my ex-Ketua, ex-Timbalan Ketua and I) went to pay him a courtesy visit after we were abolished just to brief him on the number of staffs from the Unit that'll be joining his department and also the number of projects that he has to take over from us, his reply was "Masya-Allaaaaah, syukur, syukur. Dapat rezeki staff, dapat rezeki project. Apa lah lagi rezeki yang I akan dapat lepas ni! Terima kasih terima kasih!" when in truth he has to think of reshuffling of his Architecture Section just to fit us in apart from the 'taik-taik' projek that he has to clean up from us.

I just think my Pengarah reads the book 'Secret' by Rhonda Byrnes.

I kinda like the attitude though, and I think I'd like to try improve myself with that.

I checked Adi in into the Vet Hospital two Saturdays ago after he tak beyak for a week. Kesiaaaaaaaaaaan sangat kat Adi, kau.

At the vet, he got really agitated and garang when surrounded with unfamilliar sound and smell, hissing even to me and all. I had to apologize to the vet, for having to make her attend Adi untuk kesekian kalinya.

When I finally had to leave Adi, I told the orderly to be patient with Adi and try his best to treat Adi gently amid Adi's garangness. Soon after I said that, aku terus termenangis depan orderly tu. Hehe. Drama, kan.

And the tears kept flowing sampai ke kaunter outside where I had to pay the usual downpayment. I think the vet saw me crying from inside through the one-way glass door, coz the next day when she called to report on Adi, she was super gentle and super concern with me, hehe.

Talking to the vet on the phone the nex day, I confided in her about other alternatives than having to put Adi down - at which I cried again dengan tak malunya. I was grateful that she understood me, and she asked me if I'd like to try do enema on Adi myself as the next alternative. She said she would teach me how to do it when I come by to get Adi, and I was just so glad to hear that I could finally do something else other than having to put Adi to sleep. That made me felt so much relieved, really.

Adi was finally discharged 5 days later -- the longest he's ever been warded. Doc said this time Adi memang parah -- he's suffering from obstipation. His colon's not working at all, he needs to eat in small amount 3xs a day, he needs to eat only wet food with fibre (and costly,too!! But Adi didn't like it - he hardly touch the food. Buat bazir je), he needs to increase his 'pelawas berak' i.e laxative intake from 2-3ml twice daily to 5ml twice daily (which would make him throw up) and I need to do enema on him 2-3 times a week.

Aku sanggup buat semua tu InsyaAllah, rather than giving up on him easily.

Adi now lives with us at Pantai Dalam. Mudah nak observe him, rather than having to drive all the way back to Bangi and then to the vet in Cheras. Tidak lah aku perlu lagi susah-susahkan Umi Ayah tolong jaga Adi, though they have been fantastically great and supportive in that department.

Cumanya, with Labu Labi around, susah nak tahu if Adi beyak ke tak, coz the three of them now use each other's litter boxes, boleh? Though Adi and Labu Labi are not really chummy chummy, but they could live under the same roof same room just fine, Alhamdulillah.

Well, things one could do for a cat ey.

Mak and Bibik Bani came from Pendang last two Fridays the 30th May and went back last Sunday 7th June.

I just love hanging out with Mak and listening to her stories. This time round, she shared tales of orang-orang kampung yang bela hantu and jin, of the cat 'Putih' who died in labour with the babies still inside her, and other chats and talks while I did the buah tangan VIPs in the living room till it was time for her to retire.

With Kak Bani around to assist Mak, it's nice to come home from work all beaten-up and stressed-out at the new office, to find your porch swept off dried leaves, your plants watered, your laundry done up from the line, your kitchen cleaned-up.... and home-cooked meals, the way Mak likes it, terhidang atas meja. Best, kan?

When Kak Bani first arrived with Mak, I was quite peeved with her audacity to loudly sympathize my so-called condition of not having kids (she has a total of 7 in Acheh, mind you. With a set of twins to boot). Her eyes kept looking at me with this "oh you poor, poor thing. The things you are missing in life" look. Ugh. I resented and hated the look, and back then how I wished she could just go away.

When I finally told her, "Kak Bani, jangan dipersoal dan disimpati apa yang Allah tak kurnia pada Alin. Mungkin Allah mahu Alin kecapi kebahagiaan yang lain dulu, seperti pekerjaan, wang, kereta, rumah...baru ada anak. Lain orang lain bahagiannya, Kak Bani," barulah dia terasa and stopped looking at me with that sorry eyes! Gahhh. And there she was, 5 years older than I am tapi berfikiran cetek. Tension gak aku.

Nevertheless, Mak and Kak Bani managed to meet Amir for the first time, and they were head over heels with Amir! Alhamdulillah.

I wished Mak and Kak Bani could come a-visit after the 13th June instead. For both weekends, I had to leave Mak and Kak Bani at home with Abang while I had to attend the preparation of Celi's do. Mak was supposed to go back (or rather, Abang send her halfway to Ipoh and another ipar would then take over from thereon) yesterday, but something cropped up into Abang's schedule that he had to send Mak on Sunday morning instead. Berlari-lari aku balik dari Bangi pagi tu just to send them off at the gate at Pantai Dalam. Mak requested that I should join them to Ipoh, but dengan berat hati I had to resist coz there were still so many things yet to be done in Bangi. Mujur she accepted my reasons. Lagipun, Umi bekalkan Mak with nasi lemak bungkus, and I included a few buah tangan for her, Bibik and those kat kampung. I think that somehow lembutkan hati Mak in some ways, hehe.

Mak & Kak Bani
I'm on leave starting today till Friday for Celi's Do on Saturday.

This morning though, I went for berubat at a perubatan islam in Kuala Selangor. It was supposed to be for Abang, but I decided to join in, kot aku buleh 'cleanse' mana-mana yang patut.

It was a really interesting and intriguing experience for me. I can't really tell why I arranged for the appointment or what telah happened, but if you don't believe in Perubatan Islam yang boleh communicate with the djins, then you better start believing now, 'coz Abang & I just been through that this morning!

I felt 'lighter' somewhat, but very very exhausted and badan sakit-sakit macam seolah-olah kena urut 2,3 jam padahal ustaz tu tak usik aku apa pun. Afterwards, I slept from after Zuhur till 6, the longest I've ever had my nap for in such a long time! The ustaz (who apparently also holds a doctorate in atomic nuclear) departed quite a bit of ilmu with us after the sessions. He told us to observe between 7-10 days, and if masih terasa macam ada 'gangguan', we would have to do a follow-up. So we'll just see what happens in 7-10 days' time.

Okay I'm off to do the dzikir 100x that the Ustadz had requested to do before retiring. Esok pagi nak balik Bangi dengan Adi.




nik awin said...

Suka baca entri kali ni.
Relaks,xde stres-stres

MrsNordin said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat Adi. I never thought cats could get such chronic constipation.

We brought all of our 5 cats to the vet 2 days ago to mandi and vaccination. The leader of the pack, Austin, is also garang like your Adi and the vet tak berani bagi dia ubat. I had to do it myself every time.

Austin has FIV. My other cat Budin, has tartar problems. He has had a tooth extracted once before, so now it looks like there'll be another one to go. Budin loves to eat and he's very fat.

Btw, who is Amir? He is so cute!!

Amy said...

Kak Lin, I know you're super busy now. I've just awarded you 'Uber Amazing Blog'.. dah free nanti you can do the tag.Kalau tak nak buat tag pun, just accept the award ok? Mowahsss

cakapaje said...

Salam Alin,

Foremoest, before I forget, I lost my hp and all the numbers in it. Thus, kindly email me your number as I have a new one instead of the hassle of wanting to retrieve the old number.

Hmm, why da...keep Amir in the box? Sian dia. But, he reminds me of the kitten in my next entry.

As for the perubatan Islam and djinns, well, there's one near Batu Caves. I went there a couple of nights back, and will be going again next week.

Btw, why the need for the treatment?

Naz said...

Amir is so cute!
Of all the toys that we buy for the kids, they had most fun with the boxes that the toys came in. When we moved last year, they had each their *house* and played in them for days!

Hope your cat is fine. susah juga jadi tuan punya kucing ya.

Take care!

Jumper said...

I wish you and your hubby would have more happy hours doing great things together now that he's been freed. I really think it's a blessing. A great artist makes great pieces out of his agenda, not others....

Omecool20 said...

I second Jumper's opinion ;-) time for you and hubby to get bizzy doing your own thangs ! :D

Madihah said...

Faz, dah different mgt ke SK skrg ni?? Im thankful to learn that and hopefully by doing so, you guys get to spend more time together and perhaps give Amir a bro or sis soon. hugs and kisses, maddie

elisataufik said...

Subhanallah!! Pos itu budak ke sini!!

drbubbles said...

Ah..Yeay! Dah dapat balik abe Zunar deh.Hehehe..maam kena buat kenduri doa selamat ni..hehe..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

awin, entry ni entry control stress namanya, hehe

PuanNordin, pics of your cats, pleaaaaase! and Austin has FIV???*shudder* kesian dia, kan...?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

eh btw MrsN, Amir is my boy!!! :-D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

amy, baru baca baru baca! ala segan kak lin je la amy niii....thanks for the awards, dikkkk! mwaks!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

broshah, nak komen pun, kita dah berbicara on the phone! haha

kaknaz!, that proves how high the level of imagination and creativity your kids have -- just like their mom!!! :-D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

durianmeloncat & ome, ya betulbetulbetul! Thanks for the wishes!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

maddie, hak ah tukar management. yup hopefully amir's younger bro or sis can follow up real real soon! i'm SO running out of time!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

elisa, ok nanti kita pos, coated with sugar and spice and everything nice! hehe

docbubbs, hehehe itu la kita punya la sujud syukur dapat suami kita balik... harapannya lebih bahagia yang berpanjangan... aaamiiiin!


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