Saturday, June 27, 2009

Al-Fatihah: King of Pop, II

I would like to think that I was only a small speck among million others staying up really late last night trying to catch up on Michael Jackson's life & death as much as possible from the media.

I surprised myself (and Abang) for still remembering the lyrics to much of his songs from zaman Jackson 5, The Jacksons down to his solo albums. Ye la, since married to Abang, he never sees me with any MJ albums but yet hafal hampir semua lagu MJ. That's because I had them in cassette tapes rather than in CDs, and they're all somewhere in Bangi.

Abang, too, is now mesmerized by him -- his politeness and humbleness off stage (amid his extravagant and eccentric lifestyle), yet his energetic and creative alter ego on stage. Abang even plans to get MJ's compilation of music videos. Yeay! Hehe

Dah mati baru orang nampak his legacies, kan? For someone who was the loneliest being when alive, yet is mourned by the entire universe in death... he definitely has done and achieved a loo-ot of good things in his lifetime. One would not want to live life like his, but leaving life like that would be nice, no?

As Uri Geller rightly put it, MJ's now in a much better and happier place, insyaAllah. And can now smile at the amount of love he actually has and realise that he has never been alone.

I better stop now. I think I'm beginning to sound like a die-hard fan, which I am not.

May he now gets his much deserved rest and finally at peace with himself.




atiza said...

semlm + today asik walking on memory lane jer..sambil humming lagu MJ..

teringat masa kat jasin + kpp..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hak ah. Memory lane, dari umur faz 10 tahun up until in the UK...

ni satu hari dok follow his tributes on the telly. rasa macam tak percaya lah dia dah tak ada...

Khemy said...

apa gambo pun mesti ada mamat tu enterframe..main cak cak tepi decoder..LOL

Roti Kacang Merah said...

khemy, biaser ar dia, attention seeker dia tuh. haha

wanshana said...

I was never a fanatic when it came to MJ - sekadar okay-okay ajer...but, the news of his death did jolt me.

Malam tu, we all anak-beranak dok layan ASTRO going hopping through the relevant channels watching all the tributes to him. Anak-anak we all pun now dah tau most of his songs because of that!

May he rest in peace.


Lyana Mauseth said...

rasa pelik kan MJ dah xde...apalah holiwood tu xpa MJ...his songs all ada message..bkn merapu punya lirik tah apa2 mcm yg dok ada skrg ni...

eh go pick up ur reward at my blog :D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

wanshana, hak ah i pung bukan his fanatic fan, tapi sejak dia mati terjadi sedikit fanatic la pulak. yang bestnya, husband i yang tak fan dia pun, terus dah jadi fan, heh heh

Lyana, apalah dunia music without MJ sebenarnya! sayang, kan, dia tak sempat nak keluarkan album yang baru? Ok ok nanti i pi pick up my award!!! mwaks!


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