Friday, May 08, 2009

The Unit, My Last Night in KL Queenstown, New Baby from Project No.2

I suppose, I should still be thankful that I still have my job, although it feels well damn TIRING to be thinking the 200% effort from all of us from the first inception of the instruction to set-up the Unit back in June 2005 to finally making the Unit as the No.1 Performing Department/Unit in 2008.

Such is the irony of life, ey.

And the letter said "...telah BERSETUJU membubarkan...", like as if KAMI yang pi mohon untuk Unit dibubarkan. They should've word it as "...telah MENGAMBIL KEPUTUSAN UNTUK membubarkan...", no? Well, that just proves it all how hasty their decision is. Without even calling us to discuss nor visit our office and see the load of work that is still running on the ground pula tu. Pfffft.

Ahhh, panjang lagi cerita. Nanti-nanti lah.

I still haven't got the time to elaborate on the matter -- hampir tiap-tiap hari lepas kerja this week I been up to the new place that we'll be moving in this Saturday i.e tomorrow.

So it seems, May 2009 will be my "Bulan Penghijrahan" after all. Esok pagi at 10am, the lorry will arrive at the condo. By end of next week, us in the Unit are expected to clear off most of our work and finish packing, and start working at our new placs. Yes, PLACES, bukan bawah satu jabatan anymore. Macam "divide & rule", kan?


Tonight's our final night at the condo. Susahnya aku rasa nak tinggalkan tempat ni. It's the first place Abang & I started building our new lives. The place that has seen so many facets of Abang & I. The place that have grown me -- both physically (haha) and mentally.

So, okay, aku agak kurang masa nak cerita panjang. Jadi, buat slideshow lagi mudah. hehe. Enjoy.

Masa cuci rumah last 12.04.2009:

Ruang dalam rumah:

What Abang and I will miss the most about our place in Queenstown, among others:

Wish me luck esok. I'm very thankful that my family would be around to keep an eye on the stuff at both places with the lorry driver and three Pekerja Rendah Am from the organisation to be helping me out while Abang settle his work half of the day.


On another not-so-sombre mode, CONGRATULATIONS to Intan and Chot, my Project Matchmaking No.2, for their new 3++kg baby boy this noon at 3.40pm setelah 8 hari lewat!!! Alhamdulillaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Bertambah lagi anak sedara aku....



Jumper said...

Wishing you all the best in shifting to the new home, new office and all.

What a spacious living quarter you have! I'm sure your Labu & Labi will have to deal with such a life changing spatial shock!

Any plan for the house warming??

Lyana Mauseth said...

pindah rumah dan pindah office?? aduh penat berganda2...wishing u all the best k

kay_leeda said...

Ooooo..nak pindah ke umah baru!! Sure best kan but penat nyer sure tak leh cakap lepas tu eh.

Have fun in the new place to you and family :)

jOnOs said...

Alahai Kak Lin.

Orang sibuk berpesta buku, dia sibuk berpesta pindah rumah.

Lama tak jumpa sembang2.

"1 Black Malaysia Kopi-O."

gedek! said...

Hahaha! I ada banyak pengalaman pindah rumah ni... Yang tak tahan is" Masok kotak, keluar kotak, buang kotak" Sabo je la!

Memang susah nak tinggal tempat lama.... jangan lupa "Life Changes, Memories Don't"



Sanity said...

ah you moved out already? how's the new place then? already fully furnished? everything settled? hope you guys'll have a relaxing weekend =D xoxox

Naz said...

pindah rumah? eh syok beginning and all :D

nik awin said...

ahahaha..ini kena belana apam balik kat pasar malam rabu n sabtu @ kerinchi nih!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

deghian meloncatyou're right, Labu Labi DID have spatial shock, sampai tak moh keluar dari their cage in our room! It took quite well into the night for the two to even come out and down the stairs! comel sangat.

housewarming, insyaAllah, kalau ada rezeki dan kelapangan, lepas sanding my sis 13th june. will you be back in M'sia back then?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Lyana & kak kay, yeaaaa letihnya! some more, rumah atas tanah ni, hangat rupanya (sebab bumbung bukan upper level of someone else's floor but atap genting instead). pasang aircond pun macam tak rasa! :-( and thank you for the wishes!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

jonos, "Ane! 1-Black M'sia Coffee, please!" :-D

bro gedek, hopefully tak perlu pindah lagi sehingga pencen! pindah-pindah ni boleh buat darah naik, lah...hehe

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Qia, RELAXING weekend??? you're kiddin me??? haha. but your room's all ready! ;-D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak naz, yup, hopefully great new beginnings to come!!! Aaaamiiin...

awin, bukan pasar malam ada tiap-tiap hari ke kat kerinchi ni? haha


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