Monday, May 18, 2009


Apparently, my blog is not so secret anymore.


No lah. I mean, I never thought there are quite a few (like, loads jugak smenanya) in the organization who followed my blog. Like, should I feel scared? Logically, I should lah. Looking at how leftist and opposing (towards the ruling party) the blog is. But then again, I know I shouldn't be scared of my colleagues (including those in Bahagian Tataterib, Bahagian Perkhidmatan, Bahagian Pentadbiran atasan, etc) reading my blog, because I know I've done my work professionally... Alhamdulillah. I've struggled keeping lopsided instructions to be fulfilled, but Alhamdulillah, so far, Allah masih pelihara aku lagi in keeping my path as 'clean' as possible. I pray that it will stay 'clean' and manageable sehingga ke akhir hayat aku serve this Organization.


Letih, siut. Letih letih letih. I'm taking a hell lot of 'burden' with me back to my old Department in the form of boxes of project files (perhaps, 40 of them), drawings, presentations, documents, models (2 huge ones and 4 small ones), assets (huge plotter, scrolls and drawings folders of all sizes), material/product brochures&catalogues library, among others. Ni tak termasuk my own personal boxes, almost 15 of them. And my two assistants haven't gotten a place at the new office, so I'll have to think of dismantling two cubicles here (a combined size of 2.4m x 4.8m) to be chucked in in the middle of somewhere in that office yang tengah senak penuh. And I've to arrange for transportation and a few Pembantu Rendah Awam (AGAIN!) for the full transfer next Monday.

Orang lain pindah bawak kotak and bontot masing-masing ke tempat baru. Aku dan 3 orang lagi kena bawa sekapal penuh barang.


I'm sorry. Really, forgive me. But please allow me to say F*CK THE 'MELAYU BERLAGAK' for not even coming down to see the chaos he has put us all in in his hasty decision membubar kami! GRRRRrrrr!!!!

Up till now, masih ada lagi department yang tak tahu kami dibubarkan. Imagine that? Even the HR didn't even have time to c-c our 'surat pembubaran' to the respective departments that our staff are now being placed at (a minimum of nine departments).

I made a joke to my new neighbours (who are my colleagues, by the way) last Friday. I told them, make sure your respective departments tak perform as well as ours -- two years ago, we were at the bottom 3 of least performing from 27 departments. Last year, we were #1 Top Performing Department with 92% spending to our allocated budget (which my Boss had diligently cut to almost half at the end of the 1st Quarter of 2008). And look where we are now. Ceased to exist.

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

A bitter joke it was, mind you.

Oh ya. Talk about being bitter.

I know some people in the organization who are eyeing for this office read my blog.

So, to you people eyeing the office -- Do you know that this office is haunted?

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

Ini aku tak tipu.

Alhamdulillah, so far, aku tak pernah kena ganggu lagi lah, walaupun masa tunggu Abang sampai pukul 8 malam tu, boleh rasa remang-remang bulu tengkuk. Budak-budak lain, ada yang dah kena -- tapak kaki budak-budak berlari-lari, lady in white apparition at the back area of the office, bunyi ketuk-ketuk dinding in our one-and-only oval meeting room in the organisation, etc.

In fact, mak si Intan yang boleh 'rasa' benda-benda ni, told me that memang ada 'orang tunggu' pejabat ni, especially at the back office where it was once a Cold Room for refrigeration. The Cold Room had long being demolished during the renovation of this office back in early 2006 and there stand two praying rooms at its place.

Aku pernah sekali aje kena gurau-gurau -- satu hari ni sebelum aku balik (I'd always be the last one out anyways), I'll check to switch off all the lights, including the toilets'. The lights to the gents' were on, so I switched it off. Then aku balik semula ke bilik aku to get my stuff. On my way out, I passed by the gents'... and I saw the lights were back on again.

Aku biarkan aje.

Takut? Masa tu, tak terasa lagi. Aku cuma terdetik, "Haiiii 'korang' ni, nak gurau ya...", and terus keluar and locked the main door. But while on the escalator on the way down, baru terasa takut.

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

Ok, aku dah ternyata jadi sewel. I just can't stand these pindah-pindah anymore. I'm just glad the unpacking in the new house is mostly done, save Abang's stuff in his Study Room that he's supposed to do (eh takkan SEMUA aku nak buat, kan ;-p).



Amy said...

*tengah imagine Kak Lin gelak sewel* addeyy..

Sanity said...

I dont want to imagine it, lol, reckon it'd be mad scary hahaha...happy birthday to Pak ngah again Xd

was going to write an entry about him but havent gotten around to it yet hehehe ^^"

nik awin said...

semoga orang yang kak lin '' tu kena sampuk dgn penunggu ofis tu

kay_leeda said...

Joms lah kita sesama gelak sewel. Me also gotta move office, like last week and I havent packed!!!

Bukan setakat gelak sewel....memang sewel dah..grrrrrr.

Naz said...

Take a break, come to Norway. Gerenti baik! hehe...kalau tidak pun sewel terus for good :D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

amygosh, haahahahahahuhuhuhehehehehahahahaha *ting tong sewel*

sanity, busy pindah punggah-punggah barang macam ciklin keeeeerrr.... haahahahahahuhuhuhehehehehahahahaha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

awin, semoga dia kena sampuk terus and berambus dari organisasi, aaaamiin.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak kay, haahahahahahuhuhuhehehehehahahahaha *ting tong sewel*

kak Naz, itu lepas bayar plane ticket aje dah terus sewel. hahahaha

elisataufik said...


evil, i tell you.

ubisetela said...

I pun belum abes unpack lg nih (mcm nak biar most of the stuff dlm kotak jer!). Keep your sanity intact yer, kang kesian kat anak buah bawah u tu.

d'Frog Prince said...

pindah randah ni memang menyakitkan kepala. ketawa sewel lagi elok dari ketawa menangis.

anyway, good luck and about the penunggu tu, kalau kita tak "cabul" mulut dan tak kacau dia, dia pun tak kacau kita, biasanya.

kalau tak pun, alin ketawa sewel, terus kus semangat penunggu tu.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

elisa, haahahahahahuhuhuhehehehehahahahahaaaa *evil laugh*

ubistella, i dah buat list of what my boxes contain. i rasa, out of 16 boxes, i'd prolly unpack 4 boxes je. haha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abetommy, ya betul kalau tak cabul mulut and tak cabar-cabar, insyaAllah 'depa' pun akan duk aman damai dengan kita!

atiza said...

biarkan jer depa baca blog work, we work as an employee..lepaih kerja, we are individuals.. bagus jer kak Aie ni..



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