Friday, May 29, 2009

A Room With A View

The view from my room -- the clear segregation between the new village and the city center. That's the elevated highway in the middle.

Did I mention about my internet connection at the new office is WAY SUCKER than at the old office? Checking my project emails and reading malaysiakini seem like daunting tasks these days, what more reading my own blog.

Last night was the last of the removals of furniture. Am so glad. I just need to hibernate for re-energising, which could only happen in july the earliest. That said, looking at the weather looming over Abang's office, there might be some huge adjustments in line, and I foresee another 'penghijrahan' coming. Adai. I pray it'll be a good hijrah though. A better one for both Abg's and my lives to say the least.

I went back to Bangi last night to see both my babies -- Amir and Adi.

Amir has this bad rashes on his front and back due to the heat... Sian anak Mummy.

Meanwhile, my 5 1/2 yr-old boy Adi hasn't been better even since discharged from the vet early this month. He was moaning and moaning while his back arched in like his perut so sakit. He hasn't beyak proper stool, tak makan...he's getting thinner, less active...and I'm getting sadder 'coz deep down I know he's not getting any better.

Umi and Ayah keep suggesting to put him to sleep since I've spent quite a bit on his treatment (like, close to rm5k since the past 3 yrs), but, how could I? He was there when I was lonely and sad. He filled up my void when I felt empty. He was my first love -- feline wise. I keep shedding tears everytime I think of putting Adi to sleep. I've even shamlessly cried infront of Abang a couple of times. Putting him to sleep feels like an act of betrayal, like I'm giving up on him so easy.

Like, do you know what or when the limit is like to let your pet go?

Sometimes I pray that if Adi were to go, let him go when I'm not there. Asalkan Umi Ayah ada masa tu, ok lah.
Aiyoh wot a silly entry about a cat, ey. Adi's JUST A CAT. A stray cat at that, too. But he's no ordinary cat to me. He's my first cat, and he was the one who really taught me unconditional love and forgiveness.



Jumper said...

I think you've done quite enough for Adi. When I put the hardcore animal lover/activist hat on me, I have no ground to criticise you for putting him to sleep. And... when I imagine myself being a cat, I'd rather skip further sufferrings and the unfashionable aging process; to start life anew in the series of 9 lives. If that's the case, let us pray that Adi would be a healthy, furry and sexy Persian alpha male in the Buckingham Palace in his next life....

elisataufik said...

ini personal opinion lah kan.

I would not put any animal to sleep, unless it is in real2 pain (like kena langgar something ke) and tunggu masa (like a few minutes) aje.
1. I tak sampai hati
2. I believe in Allah's wisdom.
3. I killed a cat when I was very small, and I promised myself never to do it again.
Itu my opinion lah.

But I do understand your attachment to Adi. Any loved one, human or not, is still a loved one, and will be missed as much when lost.

p/s letak bedak sejuk on Amir. That's what my mom did to my kids.

isamo said...

deghian meloncat,
somehow, reading your comment makes me feel a weeeeee bit better about putting Adi to sleep (IF i have to, that is), but it still breaks my heart to pieces...

isamo said...

aikkk apasal aku guna laki aku punya ID niiiihhhhh!!! RKM

Roti Kacang Merah said...

elisa, baca komen you pung i rasa legggggaaaa sangat-sangat... coz alin rasa tak sampai hati sangat-sangat but i need second oppinion... thanks elisa *hugs*

ok will do that to amir, letak bedak sejuk. doctor gave cream, tapi i've always been sceptical over cream for eczema lah... :-(

DocYana said...

Kadang2 kan, being a cat owner, I often wonder, whether I am being a cat lover, or cat owner? Surely just because I feed and home them, doesn't mean that I can do whatever I like with them?

For instance, in the issue of neutering, kan....sometimes I think, who am I to decide that I can neuter them? Who am I to decide that no, you can't have sex or have babies or what nots?

I would like to reassure myself that I am doing this for their own good and that they can't think for themselves etc etc, but I'm sure you agree with me that sometimes we treat our cats like another human being and seriously, some of their actions show us that they CAN think, right?

and that's just neutering, ...apa tah lagi dlm isu nak end it's life, kan.

Amy said...

*felok kak Lin* When I lost my last Persian cat, Amy dah takmo bela kucing dah coz it really break my heart. I cried for days! Cukupla kenangan dgn kucing yg last tu. Memang le a cat is just a cat, tapi when the cat has been with us for so long, relationship tu dah jadi lain. I feel you.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

docyana, dulu i pun tak sampai hati nak neuter dorang, until my vet-cousin talked some senses in me. and to take Adi's life and play God??? entah, perhaps i should get my vet-cousin again to help me reason out decisions...

amygosh, lepas adi labu and labi pun kak lin rasa kak lin dah tak moh bela kucing dah... *sniff* *felok balik*


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