Wednesday, May 27, 2009

internet kat m'sia memang sucks

i think la karn.

streamyx and haier read my blog.

streamyx called me yesterday morning, apologizing for the delay and explained the reason. but by evening around 5pm, everything's solved.

haier called abang yesterday too, and made appointment with abang to see what's wrong with our ac unit. by this afternoon, haier contractor came and found out that a couple of the refrigerant cooler (or whatchamacallit. heck am an architect, not a mechanical engineer) didn't work 'coz the aircond's being 'over-gassed' by the previous contractor who installed the aircond. ala what ever la kan sebab musababnya yang penting aircond ni dah agak sejuk sekarang, hanya kena test malam karang aje. my next door neighbour also uses haier 1hp aircond for the master bedroom, and told me that theirs is not brand-new and yet they only use a minimum of 20 degrees every night instead of 16 like us. and by 3am they would switch their aircond off. so we'll see if we would be doing the same tonight.

since today's abang's second day off of the week, i took a pre-planned leave to settle quite a bit of things from the condo, and to 'kutip perabot' from bangi and amanputra tonight in conjunction to my sis&bro in-law coming on friday for their daughter's touch-down from Jersey on Saturday morning, and another sis&bro in-law dropping-by with Mak&Bibik on Saturday evening i presume before the sis&bro in-law continued down to Malacca for a wedding or something.

i'm glad i've practically completed my tasks for Mak's arrival -- tikar getah personally laid in her room, langsir dah lama dipasang, stand fan dah dibeli, selipar untuk pakai dalam rumah dah dibeli, tong gas baru beli tadi, bilik air dah dicuci, also got her a bidet-chair so that she could go while sitting instead of squatting on the pan, cermin muka and sidai tuala in the bathroom dah dipasang, abang dah beli tilam queen size baru. just need to get the towel rack aje.

rangka katil will arrive tonight insyaAllah -- umi insist of giving it to us coz tak tahu nak letak kat mana dah kat rumah di bangi tu. along with the dining table and two sofas that we've temporarily placed both in bangi and amanputra.

esok, pi beli barang-barang dapur pulak.

i just wished mak could come after celi's sanding do on the 13th of june so that my time could be focused on her better. have told abang about it. but mak still insists on coming down with my in-laws. aku tak kisah, as long as she'd understand that i'll have my weekends full to help umi ayah and celi on the preparation towards the sanding do. as it is we are pretty much panicking. alhamdulillah aku sempat belikan celi bunga telur and beg kertas buah tangan just last monday. weekend ni nak kena isi gula-gula and tags. for 3000 guests, i was told. tu dia.

oh i've also 'melapor diri' at the new office yesterday (Tuesday). i've no complains about the new port, which was also my old office where i was placed for 6 months when i first worked in the organisation before being instructed to assist two other seniors to open up the unit yang kena bubar baru-baru ni. so, it's like, 'sireh pulang ke gagang' la -- familliar faces, familliar jokes, familliar surroundings. i'm lucky in such a way that it was from this same office some 4 years ago that i brought the laughter and easy-going atmosphere along with me, and managed to set the atmosphere at the bubared office in such manner. then, fresh new staff came pouring in to fill in the posts, and the atmosphere was what they knew -- easy-going, happy, no boundary, no age-gap. ada la yang ambil kesempatan on the lenient ways, but can still be whipped to toe the line.

so, i'm kinda lucky that my two assistants and i are still in the same 'atmosphere', albeit back to the bureaucratic ways. i do feel rather guilty and sorry that the rest of the upht staff yang tercampak pi merata-rata departments told us that tempat baru diorang dah la membosankan, keja banyak, meja tak cantik, ada gap between higher and lower rank staff, also the age-gap pulak tu.

aku simpati sangat-sangat.

tapi ada juga yang aku simpati by saying, "iya....???? ala kesian dia, tapi.................... HAHAHAHAHAHA PADAN MUKA DIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!". ini for those yang selalu degil cakap boss masing-masing and tuang keja masa kat upht la. hahahaha, baru diorang tau langit tinggi rendah.

ah well.

oh ya.

my net connection in the new office sucks like nobody's biz. hence i couldn't be bothered to check my blog or reply comments.

but i do read the comments through the email on the handphone cekai, though!!! so keep 'em coming! eceh ceh ceh....

just an hour ago, i tested thy streamyx. ughhhhhhhhh sucks like mad, too.

we've also just registered maxis broadband instead of celcom. well, we actually HAVE registered celcom3g with the usb modem and all that jazz last Friday, until we found out 2,3 days later that both of us are blacklisted for some phonebill yang dah bengkrap pun companynya some 10 years ago, hence celcom3g department decided to reject our application without even checking our other payment performances between then and now! blardy 'ell. bodoh punya celcom. kan dah hilang customers.

so, with the new usb modem harga rm299 that we couldn't return (but we were compensated back with our RM68/month advanced bill payment), we went to maxis and voilah, they had this new product just launched 3 days earlier to cater cases like ours -- registration kena reject tapi modem dah dibeli and tak boleh pulang balik.

talk about lady luck smiling on us or what.

so here i am, guna maxis bband. BUT, with the new product, we have surfing limit of 2Gb per month and they'll slow our speed down once we've reached our limit, like, whadahunk kan.

but at least it's way better streamyx, man. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER!

you may ask ngaper tak guna wimax P1 and segala mala yang baru tu. laju gila-gila babas and all that.

well, thing is, kalau boleh kami bukan nak pakai kat KL/S'ngor aje. kot bila travel, say, ke p.d macam hari tu ke, or balik pendang, pi penang, or pi holiday memana, we want connections. and all those new wimax haven't covered as far as celcom3g or maxis just yet.

satgi bila dah cover 1 malaysia, DAH PASTI kami akan tukar!

ok i download pics of my moving-office last saturday samabil tunggu abang balik from his meeting in kelana jaya at 3pm tadi. malam karang nak pi pungut perabot pulak, kan.

have a good hump day y'all.



Scarred Soul said...

Slm akak,

Agree, Malaysia's Net connection sucks!


Good luck with the Sanding.


Naz said...

Salam Alin,
apasal la susah sangat ya. Kesian you. I say *kesian you* because I know how crazy I would be if I were in your shoes! hehe...

lalalalala....i'm surrrffffing here :p

somuffins said...

Salam. I've been using Jaring wireless for qte sometime but suddenly there was masalah. 3 hari 3 malam kami geram + gelisah takleh tenet. Hubby pun install Celcom b'band. Aiyoo.. keluar mulut naga, masuk mulut buaya. Sekian terima kasih :-)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

scarred soul and somuffins, ya ya ya sangat gerrraaaaaaammmm dengan internet di m'sia!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak Naz, eiii benci benci benci kat dia... hmph! *muncung* hehe


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