Friday, May 29, 2009

A Room With A View

The view from my room -- the clear segregation between the new village and the city center. That's the elevated highway in the middle.

Did I mention about my internet connection at the new office is WAY SUCKER than at the old office? Checking my project emails and reading malaysiakini seem like daunting tasks these days, what more reading my own blog.

Last night was the last of the removals of furniture. Am so glad. I just need to hibernate for re-energising, which could only happen in july the earliest. That said, looking at the weather looming over Abang's office, there might be some huge adjustments in line, and I foresee another 'penghijrahan' coming. Adai. I pray it'll be a good hijrah though. A better one for both Abg's and my lives to say the least.

I went back to Bangi last night to see both my babies -- Amir and Adi.

Amir has this bad rashes on his front and back due to the heat... Sian anak Mummy.

Meanwhile, my 5 1/2 yr-old boy Adi hasn't been better even since discharged from the vet early this month. He was moaning and moaning while his back arched in like his perut so sakit. He hasn't beyak proper stool, tak makan...he's getting thinner, less active...and I'm getting sadder 'coz deep down I know he's not getting any better.

Umi and Ayah keep suggesting to put him to sleep since I've spent quite a bit on his treatment (like, close to rm5k since the past 3 yrs), but, how could I? He was there when I was lonely and sad. He filled up my void when I felt empty. He was my first love -- feline wise. I keep shedding tears everytime I think of putting Adi to sleep. I've even shamlessly cried infront of Abang a couple of times. Putting him to sleep feels like an act of betrayal, like I'm giving up on him so easy.

Like, do you know what or when the limit is like to let your pet go?

Sometimes I pray that if Adi were to go, let him go when I'm not there. Asalkan Umi Ayah ada masa tu, ok lah.
Aiyoh wot a silly entry about a cat, ey. Adi's JUST A CAT. A stray cat at that, too. But he's no ordinary cat to me. He's my first cat, and he was the one who really taught me unconditional love and forgiveness.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

internet kat m'sia memang sucks

i think la karn.

streamyx and haier read my blog.

streamyx called me yesterday morning, apologizing for the delay and explained the reason. but by evening around 5pm, everything's solved.

haier called abang yesterday too, and made appointment with abang to see what's wrong with our ac unit. by this afternoon, haier contractor came and found out that a couple of the refrigerant cooler (or whatchamacallit. heck am an architect, not a mechanical engineer) didn't work 'coz the aircond's being 'over-gassed' by the previous contractor who installed the aircond. ala what ever la kan sebab musababnya yang penting aircond ni dah agak sejuk sekarang, hanya kena test malam karang aje. my next door neighbour also uses haier 1hp aircond for the master bedroom, and told me that theirs is not brand-new and yet they only use a minimum of 20 degrees every night instead of 16 like us. and by 3am they would switch their aircond off. so we'll see if we would be doing the same tonight.

since today's abang's second day off of the week, i took a pre-planned leave to settle quite a bit of things from the condo, and to 'kutip perabot' from bangi and amanputra tonight in conjunction to my sis&bro in-law coming on friday for their daughter's touch-down from Jersey on Saturday morning, and another sis&bro in-law dropping-by with Mak&Bibik on Saturday evening i presume before the sis&bro in-law continued down to Malacca for a wedding or something.

i'm glad i've practically completed my tasks for Mak's arrival -- tikar getah personally laid in her room, langsir dah lama dipasang, stand fan dah dibeli, selipar untuk pakai dalam rumah dah dibeli, tong gas baru beli tadi, bilik air dah dicuci, also got her a bidet-chair so that she could go while sitting instead of squatting on the pan, cermin muka and sidai tuala in the bathroom dah dipasang, abang dah beli tilam queen size baru. just need to get the towel rack aje.

rangka katil will arrive tonight insyaAllah -- umi insist of giving it to us coz tak tahu nak letak kat mana dah kat rumah di bangi tu. along with the dining table and two sofas that we've temporarily placed both in bangi and amanputra.

esok, pi beli barang-barang dapur pulak.

i just wished mak could come after celi's sanding do on the 13th of june so that my time could be focused on her better. have told abang about it. but mak still insists on coming down with my in-laws. aku tak kisah, as long as she'd understand that i'll have my weekends full to help umi ayah and celi on the preparation towards the sanding do. as it is we are pretty much panicking. alhamdulillah aku sempat belikan celi bunga telur and beg kertas buah tangan just last monday. weekend ni nak kena isi gula-gula and tags. for 3000 guests, i was told. tu dia.

oh i've also 'melapor diri' at the new office yesterday (Tuesday). i've no complains about the new port, which was also my old office where i was placed for 6 months when i first worked in the organisation before being instructed to assist two other seniors to open up the unit yang kena bubar baru-baru ni. so, it's like, 'sireh pulang ke gagang' la -- familliar faces, familliar jokes, familliar surroundings. i'm lucky in such a way that it was from this same office some 4 years ago that i brought the laughter and easy-going atmosphere along with me, and managed to set the atmosphere at the bubared office in such manner. then, fresh new staff came pouring in to fill in the posts, and the atmosphere was what they knew -- easy-going, happy, no boundary, no age-gap. ada la yang ambil kesempatan on the lenient ways, but can still be whipped to toe the line.

so, i'm kinda lucky that my two assistants and i are still in the same 'atmosphere', albeit back to the bureaucratic ways. i do feel rather guilty and sorry that the rest of the upht staff yang tercampak pi merata-rata departments told us that tempat baru diorang dah la membosankan, keja banyak, meja tak cantik, ada gap between higher and lower rank staff, also the age-gap pulak tu.

aku simpati sangat-sangat.

tapi ada juga yang aku simpati by saying, "iya....???? ala kesian dia, tapi.................... HAHAHAHAHAHA PADAN MUKA DIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!". ini for those yang selalu degil cakap boss masing-masing and tuang keja masa kat upht la. hahahaha, baru diorang tau langit tinggi rendah.

ah well.

oh ya.

my net connection in the new office sucks like nobody's biz. hence i couldn't be bothered to check my blog or reply comments.

but i do read the comments through the email on the handphone cekai, though!!! so keep 'em coming! eceh ceh ceh....

just an hour ago, i tested thy streamyx. ughhhhhhhhh sucks like mad, too.

we've also just registered maxis broadband instead of celcom. well, we actually HAVE registered celcom3g with the usb modem and all that jazz last Friday, until we found out 2,3 days later that both of us are blacklisted for some phonebill yang dah bengkrap pun companynya some 10 years ago, hence celcom3g department decided to reject our application without even checking our other payment performances between then and now! blardy 'ell. bodoh punya celcom. kan dah hilang customers.

so, with the new usb modem harga rm299 that we couldn't return (but we were compensated back with our RM68/month advanced bill payment), we went to maxis and voilah, they had this new product just launched 3 days earlier to cater cases like ours -- registration kena reject tapi modem dah dibeli and tak boleh pulang balik.

talk about lady luck smiling on us or what.

so here i am, guna maxis bband. BUT, with the new product, we have surfing limit of 2Gb per month and they'll slow our speed down once we've reached our limit, like, whadahunk kan.

but at least it's way better streamyx, man. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER!

you may ask ngaper tak guna wimax P1 and segala mala yang baru tu. laju gila-gila babas and all that.

well, thing is, kalau boleh kami bukan nak pakai kat KL/S'ngor aje. kot bila travel, say, ke p.d macam hari tu ke, or balik pendang, pi penang, or pi holiday memana, we want connections. and all those new wimax haven't covered as far as celcom3g or maxis just yet.

satgi bila dah cover 1 malaysia, DAH PASTI kami akan tukar!

ok i download pics of my moving-office last saturday samabil tunggu abang balik from his meeting in kelana jaya at 3pm tadi. malam karang nak pi pungut perabot pulak, kan.

have a good hump day y'all.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Aku tak faham kenapa line streamyx masih tak ditransfer lagi ke rumah baru aku, padahal line telefon dah masuk seminggu dah. Aku dah bagitau saing dengan minta line telefon.

Kalau part kita terlupa bayar, dan-dan tu jugak dia gantung. Kalau part dia lambat, tak da apa-apa extra pun dia nak bagi kita tanda sorry. Padahal kita bayar fixed unlimited, bukan as per connected macam tmnet. Seriously baghal punya sistem Streamyx.

Habis aje contract jun-july ni, memang aku tak sambung. Pakai usb-mobile broadband macam Celcom lagi bagus.


Apart from streamyx, jangaaaanla beli aircond jenama Haier. Aku rasa kalau aku hembus bilik aku tu pun lagi sejuk dari hembusan aircond jenama Haier. Pasang SIXTEEN DEGREES all through out the night pun, kami rilek je tak pakai selimut! Konon nak beli murah sikit, now terus rasa rugi banyak. Haram jadah punya Sen Heng Permaisuri. Pikir komisyen je. We were so ill-advised about the product. Bila Abang bagitau member-member kat Fomca about aircond Haier, semua kasi reaction "haiyaaaa a/c haier memang tak guna laaa". Bila komplen kat Haier Hq, no one call us back, tak macam Panasonic...sehari lepas komplen, terus call.

Seriously, DO NOT EVER BOTHER TO SAVE $ BY BUYING HAIER. Really worthless punya jenama.

Aku tengah tunggu dalam keta ni, depan Merak Kayangan Felda, sementara Abang catch his 40 winks before masuk for a wedding dinner. Semalam dah pindah ofis. ALHAMDULILLAAAAAH Allah permudahkan segala-galanya bagi aku semalam. Save for one architect-character yang sangat poyo yang sangat memfedapkan aku. Aku nak cerita tapi kuku aku dah sakit dok menekan butang hp. Lagipun, ada gambar nak ditunjuk.

Ok Abang dah bangun. Aku sangat sangat sangat letih. Just when I thought I'd like to have next weekend to myself while helping out Umi with Celi's sanding do on the 13th, Mak pula nak datang berholiday di KL for a week. Mujur Mak bawa Bibik, boleh aku guna-gunakan sikit untuk tolong aku kemas-kemas rumah....hehehehe.

Ok, da.


Monday, May 18, 2009


Apparently, my blog is not so secret anymore.


No lah. I mean, I never thought there are quite a few (like, loads jugak smenanya) in the organization who followed my blog. Like, should I feel scared? Logically, I should lah. Looking at how leftist and opposing (towards the ruling party) the blog is. But then again, I know I shouldn't be scared of my colleagues (including those in Bahagian Tataterib, Bahagian Perkhidmatan, Bahagian Pentadbiran atasan, etc) reading my blog, because I know I've done my work professionally... Alhamdulillah. I've struggled keeping lopsided instructions to be fulfilled, but Alhamdulillah, so far, Allah masih pelihara aku lagi in keeping my path as 'clean' as possible. I pray that it will stay 'clean' and manageable sehingga ke akhir hayat aku serve this Organization.


Letih, siut. Letih letih letih. I'm taking a hell lot of 'burden' with me back to my old Department in the form of boxes of project files (perhaps, 40 of them), drawings, presentations, documents, models (2 huge ones and 4 small ones), assets (huge plotter, scrolls and drawings folders of all sizes), material/product brochures&catalogues library, among others. Ni tak termasuk my own personal boxes, almost 15 of them. And my two assistants haven't gotten a place at the new office, so I'll have to think of dismantling two cubicles here (a combined size of 2.4m x 4.8m) to be chucked in in the middle of somewhere in that office yang tengah senak penuh. And I've to arrange for transportation and a few Pembantu Rendah Awam (AGAIN!) for the full transfer next Monday.

Orang lain pindah bawak kotak and bontot masing-masing ke tempat baru. Aku dan 3 orang lagi kena bawa sekapal penuh barang.


I'm sorry. Really, forgive me. But please allow me to say F*CK THE 'MELAYU BERLAGAK' for not even coming down to see the chaos he has put us all in in his hasty decision membubar kami! GRRRRrrrr!!!!

Up till now, masih ada lagi department yang tak tahu kami dibubarkan. Imagine that? Even the HR didn't even have time to c-c our 'surat pembubaran' to the respective departments that our staff are now being placed at (a minimum of nine departments).

I made a joke to my new neighbours (who are my colleagues, by the way) last Friday. I told them, make sure your respective departments tak perform as well as ours -- two years ago, we were at the bottom 3 of least performing from 27 departments. Last year, we were #1 Top Performing Department with 92% spending to our allocated budget (which my Boss had diligently cut to almost half at the end of the 1st Quarter of 2008). And look where we are now. Ceased to exist.

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

A bitter joke it was, mind you.

Oh ya. Talk about being bitter.

I know some people in the organization who are eyeing for this office read my blog.

So, to you people eyeing the office -- Do you know that this office is haunted?

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

Ini aku tak tipu.

Alhamdulillah, so far, aku tak pernah kena ganggu lagi lah, walaupun masa tunggu Abang sampai pukul 8 malam tu, boleh rasa remang-remang bulu tengkuk. Budak-budak lain, ada yang dah kena -- tapak kaki budak-budak berlari-lari, lady in white apparition at the back area of the office, bunyi ketuk-ketuk dinding in our one-and-only oval meeting room in the organisation, etc.

In fact, mak si Intan yang boleh 'rasa' benda-benda ni, told me that memang ada 'orang tunggu' pejabat ni, especially at the back office where it was once a Cold Room for refrigeration. The Cold Room had long being demolished during the renovation of this office back in early 2006 and there stand two praying rooms at its place.

Aku pernah sekali aje kena gurau-gurau -- satu hari ni sebelum aku balik (I'd always be the last one out anyways), I'll check to switch off all the lights, including the toilets'. The lights to the gents' were on, so I switched it off. Then aku balik semula ke bilik aku to get my stuff. On my way out, I passed by the gents'... and I saw the lights were back on again.

Aku biarkan aje.

Takut? Masa tu, tak terasa lagi. Aku cuma terdetik, "Haiiii 'korang' ni, nak gurau ya...", and terus keluar and locked the main door. But while on the escalator on the way down, baru terasa takut.

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

Ok, aku dah ternyata jadi sewel. I just can't stand these pindah-pindah anymore. I'm just glad the unpacking in the new house is mostly done, save Abang's stuff in his Study Room that he's supposed to do (eh takkan SEMUA aku nak buat, kan ;-p).


Friday, May 15, 2009

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

Hari ini Hari Lahir Abang.

*mwaks mwaks*

Pagi tadi aku hanya sempat selit kad birthday dalam laptop dia aje. Aku tak sempat lagi nak belikan dia hadiah. Mungkin belanja dia makan malam ni. Mungkin di mana-mana kedai Melayu, sebab dia tak suka makanan fastfood atau italian atau japanese atau western atau cuisine. Untung aku, haha.

Hari ini juga Hari Lahir Boss aku (or rather, 'ex-Boss' aku?) yang setahun tua dari Abang.

Abang dan ex-Boss hanya punyai satu persamaan -- 'hyper'. Satu hyper pengemas, satu hyper tak pengemas. Satu hyper organised, satu hyper disorganised. Satu hyper logik, satu hyper artistic. Satu hyper active bersukan, satu hyper tak active bersukan.

Tapi dua-dua hyper baik hati.

Semoga Allah memberikan mereka umur yang panjang, rezki halal yang berlipat-ganda, memelihara mereka dan keluarga mereka, serta dikelilingi kasih-sayang senantiasa.

Hari ini juga hari terakhir kami di Unit ini.

Aku rasa sangat stress. Kami semua berasa sangat stress. Kami tak mahu berpecah. Kami masih menyimpan harapan agar ada keputusan terakhir yang menyatukan kami semula. Kalau tak hari ini, mungkin minggu depan, mungkin bulan depan, mungkin tahun depan. Mungkin di satu hari nanti.

Atau mungkin tidak sekali-kali.


So stressed-out I am, that I'm 'late' almost a week.

No, I'm not pregnant. I know I'm not, so don't ask me how I know ok.

Semoga Allah berikan kami semua kekuatan, dan keberkatan dalam melaksanakan tugasan seterusnya di tempat yang baharu.

Aku rasa macam nak pi sorok menangis kejap sebelum habiskan kertas-kertas kerja dan sambung packing barang.

My 7 boxes out of, possibly, 15 in total.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pindah pindah; Mu'az here Mu'az there

final morning in Permaisuri, Saturday, 9th May 2009.
View from Master Bedroom.

Alhamdulillah, lega dah pindah.

Masya-Allah, kalau buleh, dah tak moh pindah sampai pencen...

Masa jabatan organisasi yang bekalkan lori tanya aku, "Puan, kami kasi Puan lori 5 tan, cukup tak? Ke, kena ulang-alik?", cepat aje aku balas "Huiiishhhh cukup lah tuuu! Barang kami tak banyak mana aih!!!"

Sungguh chapoi mulut ini. Tak muat, kau. Bukannya banyak barang besar, pun. Yang barang cenongeh-cenongeh ni yang banyak.

I tell you, it was chaos from the morning.

It was Wesak Day, hence public holiday, hence Management Office of the condo tak buka, hence tak dapat bayar deposit pindah RM150, hence lori tak boleh masuk ke dalam compound condo.

Adui la, ngaper la buat last minute, kan.

Deal punya deal with the condo-Management people via handphone, depa kasi dengan syarat. Still can put the deposit, get receipt from Guard House, turun-turunkan barang habis, baru lori boleh masuk. Coz masa hari cuti, orang semua ada kat rumah, so, tak nak ganggu the condo neighborhood.

We said ok lah. Cemana caranya nanti, later kita fikir.

The lorry, driver and 3 helpers were supposed to arrive by 11.30am. By 11-ish, the driver, A, called, telling me that the 3 Pekerja Am Rendah who were supposed to be helping us move the things were nowhere to be seen. In fact he even wasn't told about any helpers joining.

Aku punya la bengang. Semalam, orang kat Bahagian Pengangkutan (nama T) tu dah janji dengan aku yang dia dah carikan 3 orang helper and they will join the driver to my house. My mistake was that I did not take T's hp number, and instead only took the driver's phone number. Dah aku menggagau. Aku call Boss si T, Boss dia pun tak da no. hp orang tu (Bahagian dia besar, woh). I was alone at home; Abang at work. When I called Abang, Abang dah bising-bising. Barang dapur tak habis pack lagi. Rasa macam nak pitam.

Mujur A sanggup nak carikan. After a while, A called back saying that he managed to get help dari his two friends bukan orang organisasi, tapi kena bayar lebih sikit. Like, what choice do we have, kan? Rembat aje la.

So, at quarter to 12, depa pun mai. Sorang si Driver A, sorang adik baju itam yang agak kurus (macam tak caya aje dia ni boleh angkat barang), and sorang adik seluar bermuda. Adik seluar bermuda ni nampak macam malas tak ikhlas sikit lah. Hidung pun dah srut-srat-srut-srat -- tak leh habuk agaknya. By 12, Abang dah sampai rumah. He took half-day that day.

Lat 20 minit, adik seluar bermuda was nowhere to be seen. Siulan betul. Mujur tak bayar dulu ke apa, kan?

Bro A pun call lagi kawan-kawan dia. Ada sorang kawan dia, rupanya jiran aku kat blok sebelah. Botak bersubang emas dua-dua telinga. Punk gila woh. Muka & badan macam bouncer pun ada. Tapi hati baik la kan, sanggup tolong aku. Dia pun call sorang adik dia. Dua-dua agak berisi. Ada confident la sket dorang dapat tolong, kan.

Bila banyak barang dah dibawa turun, Bro A pun bawa masuk lori. Ada jiran aku ingat aku kena sita sebab ada lori organisasi nak rampas barang lagaknya.... hahahahaha. Anyway, mujur juga sorang kakak ni (my neighbour) was away in JB, so aku pun call dia untuk pinjam carpark space dia yang betul-betul depan tangga. Dia kata ok sangat-sangat. Fuh, lega kau.

So, depa pun masukkan barang-barang -- tak muat!!! Ahhh sudah. Adik bouncer ni pun bukak baju blenggeng, terus tolong re-organize barang-barang dalam tu sampai muat-muat melimpah-ruah macam budak gemuk pakai baju ketat, know whot I mean! FUH! Respect lah dengan dia.

Itupun ada lagi barang-barang dapur and study room yang masih kena tinggal tak muat nak letak dalam lori.

By then, Udi dah hantar separuh barang-barang kecik dengan MyVi ke Pantai Dalam, and Umi Ayah Ahy Hasrul dah tunggu kat sana.

By 4 something, the lorry and I made our way to Pantai Dalam, while Abang waited for Hasrul and Ahy to come over to help transfer barang-barang selebih into Hasrul's Stream. ITU pun masih tak muat...aiyyyyooyoooo....

But Alhamdulillah, by 6.30, semua selesai memunggah ke Pantai Dalam. And Alhamdulillah, dalam keributan and ujian Allah turunkan untuk duga, it was THAT DAY that Allah decided for the matahari tak keluar. Reduuuuuuuup dari tengahari. Sampai kami ingat macam nak hujan. Tapi tak hujan hujan. Maha Besar Allah, kan? Alhamdulillah.

My bros have been of GREAT HELP despite their busy schedules. Udi balik dari Melaka just to help me. Later on, Celi came to help a bit. Umi Ayah pun tolong-tolong.

And that Bro A and his friends??? W'pun duit aku berterbangan dua kali ganda bayar upah diorang, tak pa lah. Aku nampak diorang bersungguh buat kerja.

On the confirmation slip that the driver asked me to sign that he's done and delivered his job, I wrote "Pemandu ini telah melaksanakan tugas beliau dengan SANGAT cemerlang! Terima kasih!", hoping that could help recommend him for a quarters he's just applied, so I was told by him previously.


Rupanya, duduk rumah bawah ni, panas, kan? Tingkat atas rumah aku, bahangya mak datuk. Pasang aircond kat bilik 16 degree all through out the nite pun, temperature bilik only goes down till 28 the lowest!

Nampak gaya kena pasang insulation sheet right on top of the ceiling, lah. Abang dok ngamuk-ngamuk yang bilik panas. Dia dah la tak suka guna kipas. Hmmm.


Intan & rakan-rakan bujang, 2 days before due

Nama baby baru Intan (my Matchmake No.2) is Khairul Mu'az bin Khairul Hamadi. Berat: 3.6 kg, kussemangat. Despite saiz Intan and Chot yang renek-renek kecik chomey.

Aku terus gelak-gelak masa aku dapat tahu dari Intan about the new baby's name when I called her last Friday night.

"Naper Kak Lin gelak?" Intan tanya.

First baby Matchmake No.1 Kak Lin dulu pun, nama nya Mu'az.

Baby Kak Lin yang Matchmake No.4 Kak Lin tengah jaga ni (Celi la tu), nama Mu'az juga.

Let's hope Matchmake No.3 Kak Lin bila kawin and dapat anak esok, letak nama Mu'az juga! hehehehe

Really nice coincidence, ey??? Ngeeeeee.

Amir Mu'az, 10th May 2009


Kotak kami baru beli tadi di kilang off Jalan Kuari. 100 buah, free 10. RM2.50 per box. Saiz 1.5 of the yellow photostate-paper box. Esok gotong-royong kemas ofis. Semua orang tengah sedih. Kami dapat tahu, satu organisasi terkejut yang kami dibubarkan, knowing how agressively hardworking we have been with our projects. Such is life.


Dah berapa lama aku tak enjoy the fullmoon. Pagi tadi pukul 6.45am, Celi mms bulan terang dari Bangi. Subhanallah. Banyaknya fullmoon aku miss, rasanya. Sampaikan aku perasan, aku kadang lupa nak tengok the sun shining every morning, or whatever silver lining there is behind every cloud.


Friday, May 08, 2009

The Unit, My Last Night in KL Queenstown, New Baby from Project No.2

I suppose, I should still be thankful that I still have my job, although it feels well damn TIRING to be thinking the 200% effort from all of us from the first inception of the instruction to set-up the Unit back in June 2005 to finally making the Unit as the No.1 Performing Department/Unit in 2008.

Such is the irony of life, ey.

And the letter said "...telah BERSETUJU membubarkan...", like as if KAMI yang pi mohon untuk Unit dibubarkan. They should've word it as "...telah MENGAMBIL KEPUTUSAN UNTUK membubarkan...", no? Well, that just proves it all how hasty their decision is. Without even calling us to discuss nor visit our office and see the load of work that is still running on the ground pula tu. Pfffft.

Ahhh, panjang lagi cerita. Nanti-nanti lah.

I still haven't got the time to elaborate on the matter -- hampir tiap-tiap hari lepas kerja this week I been up to the new place that we'll be moving in this Saturday i.e tomorrow.

So it seems, May 2009 will be my "Bulan Penghijrahan" after all. Esok pagi at 10am, the lorry will arrive at the condo. By end of next week, us in the Unit are expected to clear off most of our work and finish packing, and start working at our new placs. Yes, PLACES, bukan bawah satu jabatan anymore. Macam "divide & rule", kan?


Tonight's our final night at the condo. Susahnya aku rasa nak tinggalkan tempat ni. It's the first place Abang & I started building our new lives. The place that has seen so many facets of Abang & I. The place that have grown me -- both physically (haha) and mentally.

So, okay, aku agak kurang masa nak cerita panjang. Jadi, buat slideshow lagi mudah. hehe. Enjoy.

Masa cuci rumah last 12.04.2009:

Ruang dalam rumah:

What Abang and I will miss the most about our place in Queenstown, among others:

Wish me luck esok. I'm very thankful that my family would be around to keep an eye on the stuff at both places with the lorry driver and three Pekerja Rendah Am from the organisation to be helping me out while Abang settle his work half of the day.


On another not-so-sombre mode, CONGRATULATIONS to Intan and Chot, my Project Matchmaking No.2, for their new 3++kg baby boy this noon at 3.40pm setelah 8 hari lewat!!! Alhamdulillaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Bertambah lagi anak sedara aku....


Monday, May 04, 2009

Hari Keluarga Unit

My office had a 2nd Family Day last 17th and 18th April, done at Kayns Resort PD.

I been there once, during the AR Family Day (my dad's side, which was organized by my very much grown-up cousins).

For some reason, aku memang SUKA sangat Family Day organized by my family belah Negeri Sembilan or organized by my office... 'coz ada games. Not so much of the games 'coz kadang-kadang aku tak main pun, tapi because masa ni lah boleh jadi gila-gila tanpa rasa segan silu, atau perlu jaga tertib. Tak perlu melawa-melawa macam nak keluar berjalan, boleh pakai pakaian sukan aje and tak perlu berbedak bermekap segala, dapat mix dengan semua orang tak kira umur and boleh gelak ketawa, make fun of people and make fun of myself, boleh buat lawak bodoh, boleh berlagak macam bodoh... basically, have pure fun.

Walaupun ada lebih kurang 9 orang in the office yang tak dapat join, 23 yang lain dapat hadir sama, Alhamdulillah. Best sangat. Kami konvoi 11 kereta.

And Alhamdulillah, aku berjaya tarik muka & bagi ultimatum and buat Abang ikut sama on weekends that he's supposed to be working. This, was in fact, Abang's first time joining the four Family Days in my book. Aku siap pinjam my officemate's USB Modem just so Abang could easily get connected to his office, daripada nanti dia terpaksa keluar cari cyber cafe 'coz I know he may have to do just that. Apa nak buat, kan. Daripada dia tak ikut and untuk kesekian-kesekian kalinya aku akan hadir lagi di Family Day macam orang bujang, baiklah aku 'bekalkan' apa yang dia perlu untuk dia stay connected to his office.

This time, the Family Day is a special one. 'Coz deep down every one of us know that this may be the last of us, The Unit...

Aku masih sedih sebenarnya. We came in to work this week this morning with a very upsetting and demoralising news about The Unit. Nanti lah aku cerita. Aku tak tahan, nak kena luahkan juga. Lantak lah nak jadi rahsia kerajaan ke rahsia pejabat ke. Tapi aku nak luahkan juga pandangan and pendapat aku. Aku tahu ada colleagues aku yang baca; ada enemies to The Unit yang baca. Lantak lah.

No wonder orang-orang yang lama kerja kerajaan mudah jadi demoralized. Ini lah dia sebabnya.

Anyway, I put the best of 80+ photos into a self-narrated slideshow. Total photos were 300-400+, kot. Ada juga gambar yang tertinggal-tinggal... antaranya seperti gambar akak karaoke nyanyi lagu Saloma's "Jangan la Jeling-jeling, bung" and Abba's "Thank You For the Music". Ni dua SENGAJA tidak dimasukkan, actually. haha

Oh ya... for cabutan nombor bertuah -- aku nak kipas berdiri, tapi dapat seterika. Bengang ni. Kot sapa kawin pastu dapat seterika dari aku, maka tahu-tahu aje la aku dapat dari mana seterika tu. haha


Sunday, May 03, 2009


Smenggu dua ni aku telah dilanda penyakit Pak Lah Syndrome -- mengantuk senantiasa, haha.

Agaknya sebab my mind's a lil too cluttered the past month. Hal nak pindah (and you know lah proses nak pindah ni -- cuci, book lori, pasang astro aircond streamyx grill roof, cari furniture... Tu la, duk nyewa lagi kat rumah semi-furnished. Skali nak pindah, banyak yang tak ada), all other on-going personal projects yang macam tak jalan-jalan, also macam-macam hal lain yang personal.

Ada one morning ni, I had to go see a doctor, and asked for an m.c and ubat tidur. Terdesak gila. Aku letih, aku ngantuk, tapi kepala aku tak nak switch-off.

Tak sabar aku nak pindah habis. By next Sunday, Abang and I will be waking up to a new surrounding. Hopefully, a healthy 'penghijrahan' for both of us and the rest of the family.... InsyaAllah.

Tadi Udi dalam demam-demam tolong aku pasang plastic netting at all the grills. Apa lagi, untuk anak-anak bujang aku yang tiga ekor tu la -- Adi, Labu and Labi. By next Sunday, Adi will be staying with us for good, insyaAllah.

On the other front, Umi Ayah have been quite occupied with guests from Saudi this one week. Umi's aunty (adik my atuk) who married Tok Kenali's youngest son called Tok Wi and have long resided in Saudi and have grownup children and grandchildren, come a-visiting to M'sia with her two daughters (my aunt Zu and aunt Sa) and a relative-helper to settle hal harta-harta dia di Kelantan. Banyak woh harta-harta dia. Ye la, anak dia pun ramai. Anak dia sendiri ada 8. Anak madu dia (2nd wife) ada 11. So, anak Tok Wi ada 19, woh...scattering about in Saudi, M'sia and other parts of the world!

My mom's aunt ni, kami cucu-cucu panggil Tok Ngoh Aji. Dia ni sangat kelakar, sangat witty, observant, and sangat suka berlucah cara lawak, hahaha. Imagine la, everytime aku jumpa dia, dia suka cuit dada aku, grab my bontbont....or tempat-tempat lain yang equally 'sihat'! Nanti dia kekek-kekek gelak kalau aku jerit, "Tok Ngoooohhhh! Geli laaaar!".

Tapi kali ni jumpa dia, aku terus hulur je apa dia nak cuit / picit... Hahaha.

They'll be flying back to Saudi next Sunday. Tak tau lepas ni Tok Ngoh larat lagi ke tak balik ke Malaysia lagi...

Alamak nak sampai rumah dah. Ni on the way balik dari Bangi. I have a couple of interesting stories about Tok Ngoh...nanti lah aku sambung, otey. Gawd no wonder my mind's cluttered -- so many procrastination!


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