Friday, April 17, 2009

Me Ol' Self

Actually, I just don't get it.

Why is it when the so-called National Press did a fiery racial-loaded sentiments as their front-page last Wednesday, they don't get the "spanking" they rightly deserve?


Aku pun Melayu tulin jugak, beb. Bangga dengan asal-usul aku juga, dengan adat-resam aku, dengan keturunan aku. Tapi, apa cerita beb, sampai tak hormat orang lain, ni??? Ni adat-resam dan cara hidup kita orang Melayu ke ni? Cara Islam ke ni?

Macam zionis, ada la.

But I actually wanted to share what telah happened that morning at the office.

As usual, I would have my breakfast at the newspaper table along with the other boys (other ladies would read the paper during lunchtime. Aku pula like my news-reading the first thing in the morning). A junior officer joined me, took Utusan Meloya, saw the title, and practically screamed the front page out loud, saying "Waaaah, baru la respect, akhirnya ada juga orang berani cakap benda ni, front page pula tu!".

I was like, wtf?

I told him directly to his face:

Number one, that was not what the new PM said in the news nor reported on other papers. I showed him The Sun that I was reading, and dia terdiam.

Number two, a front-page like this on a NATIONAL PRESS is such a malice and spiteful to the unity of the country yang berbilang kaum, bangsa, keturunan dan agama, that I think the editors should be shot to death or buang negara.

Number three, he's not even PURE MELAYU (his dad is. But his mom is, let's just say, from a neighbouring country yang sedang huru-hara sekarang ni, and even the entire family currently resides there and has citizenship of that country at the mo) and he has lived the early part of his childhood in his mother's country. Has HE REALLY got the right to agree and shout "bersatu hadapi tuntutan kaum lain yang semakin keterlaluan"??? HAH, I don't think so.

Aiyoh. I tell you lah. DON'T EVER BUY or READ the junk, unless you really need some papers to use as paper-towel or bungkus sanitary pads.

I guess I'm now back to my ol' self, ey?

heh heh.


By the by, Abang and I are off to my office's Family Day in P.D, esok and lusa. I know Abang's not free, he works on the weekends kan? But if he doesn't join this time, then this will be the fourth Family Day (and countless, countless other family gatherings) that he cannot be around. So, apa lagi. Aku pun kasi satu das tembakan sikit lah -- peluru getah aje. Aku cakap, kalau setiap Family Day aku datang tak da suami, baik aku pasang orang lain jadi suami aku, kan. Adik-adik aku pun ada kehidupan diorang jugak, asyik nak kena chaperone aku aje keja diorang.

So, hehe, esok dia akan ikut, insyaAllah...

Aku tak pasti how 'focused' he will be towards the outing; I bet he won't. Aku ada juga rasa macam nak simpan sorok handphone dia so that FOR ONCE he will concentrate on life and me and not work work work... I wish I could.

Or if his comrades and friends or officemates read this -- boleh kasi peluang I enjoy my husband kejap tak? And call him back, maybe, Sunday evening? Please? Ta a bunch!

Huh. Tough wish, ey.

Itupun aku pesan ke sorang officemate aku to bring her USB broadband modem so that Abang could do his editing work up in the room while the rest of us play games downstairs.

I hope and pray he could change his work, SOON.



d'Frog Prince said...

good, you are back to your old cynical self, me likey....

guessed my advise worked huh? (masuk bakul sikit)

ok, back to comment proper - i honestly honestly can not phantom what are the demands of the non-malays yang very threatening to malays, honestly. i myself tak pernah mintak apa2 pun dengan gomen (as if i would get it anyway)

i really for the life of me don't understand why do people want to play this type of fire stoking thingy, may be they prefer we turned to negara yang huru hara, tak dapat cari makan, baru puas hati kut.

chinese people by nature are only concerned about earning a living and giving their kids a fair shot in life. that's all. all other demands are just political talks by self-interest people. trust, easily 90 over percent of chinese in malaysia have no demand from the gomen and goes on the life as best as they can. and that 90 percent have no dealing at all with gomen except the following times :- buat ic, buat passport, bayar income tax. tulah basically what the 90% chinese citizen in malaysia get from gomen in a nutshell.

lastly, hmm, apa nak cakap, he is the top man, of course they will refer to him. but i tell you, nobody is indispensable. honestly, if his staffs can't get him, they will learn to make decision by themselves. as long as he still micro manages, he will forever be stuck with petty2 things, and no time for his family. i used to be like that but now, hampeh, membuta sampai pukul 11 baru bangun... kakaka

Udi said...

Racism has become obvious and a norm to certain ppl without any guilt. I am fear.... Very fear of my own country in the future if this is allow to happen. And why is Utusan not barred???

I am confused...

Lana said...

news these days, ye? kadang2 takut nak baca. some are indeed twisted from the actual facts.

bersyukurlah dear that your hub 'gila bekerja' while ada orang yang suffer sebab hubby taknak kerja.

themessengersdaughter said...

faz, i appreciate if you could remove my blog from your reading blogs, until further notice. Im probly starting a new blog more on my new found de-stressor i.e. baking muffins, pasta and brownies.. but i'll keep you posted ok girl..


elisataufik said...


tak laratlah nak baca pasal benda2 camni.. that's why I tak baca surat khabar melayu dah. or NST.

have fun in PD!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abetommy, heh heh yeah the cynical me is back. though the outburst wasn't really the first time it hit me, but first time being let out a bit franklier (is there a word??) in the blog.

yup, segan lah dengan race lain. dorang pun bayar tax juga, contribute to pembangunan negara juga. so, in that sense, what makes us the Malays any more special then? most of us bukan penduduk asal anyways. entah lah.

i pray that anak2 keturunan i tak diracuni pemikiran in the future...Aaaaamiiin...

Udi, itu lah persoalannya...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Lana, la ni, baca news dari internet aje. lagi bagus, boleh fikir sendiri and pilih apa nak baca...

anyway, apa-apa yang extreme is never good to anything -- gila sangat bekerja, boleh porak peranda; gila sangat pemalas pun, boleh porak peranda. kannaaaa? ;-D

maddie, tak pa if you stop yoyr blog pun, i'd still want to keep your blog as record.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

elisa, kalau i ada kuasa l a, i HARAMKAN supscription of Utusan, BH and NST to my office, and add SK, Harakah and Roket on top of the existing Star and Metro. In fact, tambah Bacaria aje pun lagi bagus sebenarnya. haha

themessengersdaughter said...

faz, i have now allowed my blog for permitted people aje, tp it seems that if people click from your blog, bule bukak gak, aku akan invite ko to be a reader, bule gitu?

MrsNordin said...

I feel the same way about my husband, sometimes. Wish he could give me his full attention for one day without interference from his Blackberry/SMS/other people. Sigh...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Maddie, no depa tak leh masuk sebab kau dah block. kalau kau invite, PASTI aku terima! hehe

Roti Kacang Merah said...

pn.nordin, at least kalau puan pakai sexy lingerie, dia pay attention jugak... kan? *winks winks*

not in my case, though...sigh...


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