Friday, April 24, 2009

Ku Pungut Rahangku Dari Atas Lantai

[updated at 12.20am]

I set Yahoo!News as my front-page of both my Firefox and Explorer.

And when I saw this title right at the bottom of the page tonight, "Scottish singing sensation gets dye job, makeover", it certainly piqued my curiosity and made me clicked the link.

And boy was I up for more surprise.

I googled further, and read about her here, and then YouTubed her and found her here [the embed is being disabled by the author, too bad ey].

See if you dropped your jaw to the floor at minute 2:00.

Like Amanda said, that " was the biggest wake-up call ever...", having this certain initial presumption of first-impressions, know what I mean.

Humbled, no end.

Why can't Malaysia have this kind of program, teaching the citizens that looks are only superficial?


With that note, wait for our travel-video dated 19-04-2009 (last Sunday) pula, ok? Graced by two not-so-beautiful people walking on this Earth. haha. But we had fun, as it always does.

I managed to upload it on the FB by shrinking the size of the video which in turn made the lyrics go pretty illegible...much to my chagrin. Ni tengah upload the original size on the YouTube for the umpteenth time. Watch this space, haha.

[updated at 12.20am]



Scarred Soul said...

Hi kak...

Susan Boyle is amazing kan?

But I wonder where all this exposure to fame will bring her to...

In times where superficiality is the priority instead of the real talent, Susan Boyle is really 'a wake up call'.

Sampai si simon tu pun tak boleh nak complain lebih-lebih dah.


Roti Kacang Merah said...

scarred soul, hak ah she's amayyyyyyyyyyzing! did you see how the audience looked at her when she stepped onto the stage??

susan boyle really turned the world upside down and inside out!

Naz said...

I love this cool song! I tend to blast it every time I listen to it :D

kay_leeda said...

RKM, cool deh!! The goreng-goreng blues..I likeee :))

Asyikkk...terima kasehhhh!!

d'Frog Prince said...

ala, orang dah post about it last sat...

obviously you didn't read my blog,huhuhu, merajuk....

but looks do deceived don't they? and sometimes, inner beauty is really humbling. i have promoted this youtube to many people, colleagues, sibling, etc, all enjoyed it and felt humbled too.. way to go...

nak buat kat malaysia? tah2 only umno cronies je yang dapat masuk tv kot? u know lah, everything in malaysia kena ada contact, konon, ceh...

cakapaje said...

Salam Alin,

Well, my night was rocked with the blues by bang Zunar :). Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed the video...tapi, highway mana tu da?

Oh, just read about Amir...amin :)

elisataufik said...

I cry everytime I watch that video of Susan Boyle.

eh best lah lagu dalam video you. Perfect for a long drive!

CeliBo said...



PELEPAP!!! Alamak! terbang lagi!



Gunalah Ridsect! bley ka bunuh langau dgn Ridsect? hehehehe.
anywaaayyy... sangkut2 sket tgk video abg zul nyanyiii... hehehehe. tgk abg zul nyanyi tu rasa tak sabar2 nk tunggu time nk cycling lagi ke putrajaya mcm las wiken! amir dah bley begerak ke depan dah kak lin..... tp x angkat tgn pon. die tolak bdn dgn kaki dia. hehehehe.

p/s:nnt celi nk trim rambut mcm lps eksiden dulu tu... ok x? tp x bley kaler sbb che' kata x bley. hehehe.

ubisetela said...

OMG... I nangis bertisu-tisu watching Boyle singing! (dah la tgh selsema.. lagi berair la hidung! ;)

NJ@goboklama said...

hampir nk meleleh air mataku, owhhhh.... Mmg best kalu kat mesia ada prog camtu, ini tidak, kebanyakn prog cari bakat, kriteria yg dicari semuanya tipikal,tua sket takleh,gemuk sket takleh, muka kampung sket takleh,camna nk maju kalau selamanya gitu?

wanshana said...

Thanks for sharing :) She's something else, huh? This Susan Boyle :)

And she's already making headlines this week, not just because of her voice but her decision to go for a make-over. Some say she should just stay as she is, some say she should do a bit more grooming to live up to her new celebrity status.

Me - I think she should do whatever it is that she wants to do. Whatever it is that will make her feel good about herself, for herself. Yang penting, memang she's got talent, kan? :)

Lyana Mauseth said...

OMG, tulah kan tuhan tu adil..dia bg muka tak lawa tp suara powerrrr!!!! kalau muka lawa, suara itik nila apa kes kan nak jd penyanyi kan...

lama i tak jenguk u kat sini are u?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kaknaz, mesti kaknaz suka iwanfals ni, sebab itu terjumpa video kami on youtube, kan? hehe

kakkay, ya buuuuuk...asyiiiiiiik gituk! haha

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abetommy, nak kena tunggu 100 tahun lagi kot baru M'sia nak sampai ke tahap more than superficial!!!

bro shah, kat highway PD tu!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

elisa, kan? really good song for traveling, kan? pasni nak buat travelvideo lagu seha & freedom pulak!!! haha

celiboh, trim rambut macam baru lepas kawin arr...CUN!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ubistella, i pun, my jaw memang literally macam tercabut terjatuh ke lantai tengok dia nyanyi!

rahaqistina, kalau tak, tidak la Kak (A)Dib(ah) Noor kena keluar duit belanja sendiri untuk buat album! Benci lah dengan 'cuaca' culture seni kita ni... cemaner lah nak tukarkan attitude and pemikiran, ntah!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kakwanshana, she's kindalike the UK version of Mawi, kan? Who the people can almost 'connect' to? hopefully she doesn't get 'spoiled' and exploited like our Mawi, tho.

lyana, harlowwwwww orang M'sia Baru! hehehe. i dok baca your ramblings on your new place, terus boleh rasa your keletihan! hope things are getting better on your side! *hug hug*


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