Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yeah, yeah, I know.

This recording of my Amir pushing himself up on his way to merangkak is so banal. Nothing special.

Still, it's still a milestone moment for me and Celi.... sigh.

And also the video is for those kind people (you know who you are *hugs*) who follow Amir on my blog.

This was taken during Amir's visit to Mummy's office yesterday.

He's just so adorable, isn't he.

Last night, some of my colleagues texted me and told me how adorable and beautiful he is... they can't seem to take him off their minds. One even had his sis&bro-in-law asking me about taking in an 'unfortunate baby' from shelters... Alhamdulillah.

I pray that Amir will be ours and with us till the end, dan membesar menjadi manusia yang paaaaaaaling cantik, baik, beriman dan bertaqwa sentiasa. Aaaaamiiin...



Anonymous said...

amir bucuk!
(yes, i can smell him by only watching the vid)


-pembaca tegar blog RKM

Nona Azizah Razali said...

Salam Mdm RKM,

My question to you is, why are you still a part time mother to this adorable Amir. Why dont you commit, be a full-time mother to him, bangun malam bancuh susu basuh berak segala.

Part time2 ni tak main la. Tak rock langsung!!

Nona Azizah Razali said...

Salam again,

Pls dont treat Amir like a pet. He's a human being, perlukan satu orang ibu dan satu org ayah yg komited, bukan main siapa sempat sahaja, bukan main sher2!!

If you want to be a mother pls commit sincerely.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

madam nona, appreciate your dropping-by, though do not appreciate your 'tone of voice' and being judgemental over the family's decision on the taking care of Amir. I don't need to disclose the entire personal reasons here for the world to know, though in truth i would prefer to take care of him fully like i would of a son. and how is it that i'm treating Amir like a pet, pray tell??? so, kalau rasa agak-agak i ni a REALLY bad mother in your eyes, harap boleh keep your mouth shut and go scream at other places, please. thanks a bunch.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

anony@7am, glad that it can give you that effect!!! ;-D

Ibu Amir Mu'az said...

salam wbt.

kak lin, juz anggap org² like Puan Nona tu mcm langau je. remember when i was scolded by ayah 1 morning then i still bancuh teh tarik utk ayah afterwards? u asked me "cemane celi bley still layan ayah camtu lps kena tengking x tentu pasal?". sbb celi anggap mcm langau la tu. hehehehe. Puan Nona x tau hujung pangkal cerita. Let's pray dat Puan Nona akan terima hidayah dia so dat next time dia bley think 1st before do anything. SETIAP BENDA/PERKARA JADI DI DUNIA NI WALAU SEKECIL ZARAH TU ADA HIKMAH DIA...

yang penting kak lin... Amir Mu'az alhamdulillah dpt rasa SEMUA aura kasih sayang di kelilingnya.... n yg penting DOA yg baik² dari semua. kak lin juz let go apa² yg datang dr Puan Nona tu. k kak lin? x payah simpan langsung only for this once. not worth it.

n yang penting... Allah tu Maha Mengetahui. Puan Nona is juz angin lalu. she's nothing. senyuuuuummm je... mcm celi nk dekat pancit kayuh naik bukit ke putrajaya las wiken tu, celi bayangkn amir menendang² kaki dgn senyum terjelir lidah dia tu. celi tekan pedal beskal tu jugak sbb amir. hehehehe.

Naz said...

Love and fondness are things that we human beings can never do without and will never get enough of. Giving and receiving them makes life worth living. That applies to adults and more so to tiny, loveable, innocent babies.
Amir IS lucky to have so many people loving and adoring him.
He has quite a few fans here too :)
Hugs to you, Lin and Amir, from all of us here.

nik awin said...

nanti kan kak lin..tu baru merangkak..
bila dah boleh jlan tatih-tatih nnt..
laggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiii tak tahan geram

cam anak saya skrg..jalan mcm zombi..hehehehe..
jap lg pun..amir bakal jalan cam zombi jugak...hehehehe..


Lana said...

ha.. betul tu. pastu time dia dok belajar cakap pulak. aiyoh, rasa macam nak gigit-gigit je. (er, boleh kah?) bukan apa, comel lah..

elisataufik said...

ek ele si Nona tu.. apa ke hal???

Amir is so lucky to have not one, but three moms!!
Only a person who have never loved a child could think that a child is not loved enough just because you dont spend 'enough time' with the child.
When I used to work, I spent on average, only 7 out of 24 hours with them every day (weekdays), and siapa berani cakap my kids are not loved by me? (aku sepuk baru tahu).

marah ni...

eh sorry.. ter-over lak..
but I get really pissed off when a mom is put down for doing only the best she can.
come on, we women should stick together, encourage each other and help each other be a better person, not the other way 'round..

Madihah said...

faz.... your kid is sooooa adorable.... tiut gila masa dia 'pumping' tu....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Celi, hak ah, lepas kak lin anggap dia sebagai 'langau', terus kak lin tak sedih dah....tenchu kak celiiii..mwaks...

eii tak sabar nak tunggu Amir besar, boleh kayuh beskal sama dengan Ibu and Che'...!

Kak Naz, thank YOU, kakak! *hugs*

Roti Kacang Merah said...

awin and lana, eiiiiiiiiiiiiii you two buatkan i tak saaaaaaaaaabar sangat nak ajar Amir macam-macam!!! :-D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Elisa, thank you for backing me up, elisa... really means a lot to me. i hope that Nona lady realizes too that as much as I 'tak rock langsung' for not being able to become Amir's fulltime mother, at least i ada juga 'selamatkan' anak yang tak berdosa keluar dari tempat yang potentially will not make him a good person...insyAllah.

Maddie, Amir buatkan aku tak sabar nak ada anak sendiri.... moga kita dikurniakan soon, kan Maddie...? aaaamiiin...

Scarred Soul said...

Amir is adorable... :)

I could feel that Amir is very, very much loved but situations and circumstances (of which we do not know, and perhaps, shouldn't need to know)do not permit him to always be with his beloved Mummy or Ibu.

And is Puan Nona a mother?

Cuz I'm certain that a mother wouldn't say such hurtful accusations to another mother.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

scarred soul, he is (adorable), isn't he... sigh.

most of the time, Amir would be with Ibu or Tok Mi, Alhamdulillah. So far, 24-hours under Ibu or TokMi's supervision, not some bibik or babysitter.

like my sister said, puan nona is just a langau. grins.

.::c!kzUrA::. said...

ishhh comei gile amir!!
smpaikan slm peluk cium zura kat dia..tlg cubit skali pp nye itu..hehe

*nnt bila dia da dpt kaki, lagik la susah nk jaga..but really nice..
zura takde anak lagik tp byk anak buah..sukenye ngn baby!!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

d!kzura, sekarang ni pun dia dahh dapat tangan -- capai sana capai sini, really curious. tapi best!!! :-D


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