Sunday, April 05, 2009

Feeling The Heat

I felt really proud with Abang and his jinggeng at SK (and Bro Lutfi's Harakah).

Having them being 'mentioned' in the new PM's first live-on-air speech [...dan akan menarik balik penggantungan dua suratkhabar...] on all channels of the national TV while we were having dinner at Pusat Penjaja Masjid India last Friday made me wonder, wow, these two 'suratkhabars' must be of a really big important issue to him (and a big influence to the rakyat), ey?

Bangga, siut.

Tapi, dia sebut "menarik balik penggantungan dua suratkhabar" -- tak sebut pun nama suratkhabar apa. Jijik dan malu sangat ke? Macam nak sebut nama Altantuya?

The announcements came a lil bit too late though. Just 5 hours prior to his announcement, the KDN enforcers raided their printer and both offices, and rampas the plates at the printer. Like, wot the fug, roite?

[read more about the raid and rampasan here]

Later on that night, guess who called to interview Abang...? AreTeeEm!!!

Like, maybe they think that on behalf of the entire organisation, Abang would be appreciative and thank the new PM for his kind gesture???


Abang gelak-gelak aje when the lady kenalkan diri that she's from AreTeeEm, and told her something like "you know, if you expect me to berterima-kasih to Najib, then I'll tell you right now that you will not be getting any of that from me. That is our right in this country and he shouldn't have been doing the banning in the 1st place. So, go discuss with your Boss first, ok. I don't want to be telling you what I think, and find out that you'll be manipulating whatever I say in your report tomorrow."

Abang certainly did the right thing. 10 minutes after hanging up and after a brief deliberation, he confided that he didn't think that it was a good idea anyway for him to be 'talking' to the gomen-controlled media, else he'd be in trouble if they manipulate whatever he says.

So the next morning at 8am, when the same lady called, Abang told her that he was sorry he cannot be giving any personal statement but the organisation will issue one to all media later on that day.

The statement is here.

I don't think this statement has made it through to ANY AreTeeEm or TiVi3 or Bernama or the papers... or did it???

No? Huh, I thought so.


Abang had planned to drive up to Bukit Selambau yesterday after Asar for the 'big announcement' by DSAI , and asked me to accompany him.

Aiyohhhhhhhh bila fikirkan aje pun dah letih -- driving long hours up-north, long jam and queues at Selambau itself, redah hujan lebat (kalau hujan lebat) redah lumpur redah banjir redah crowd [though I really don't mind meeting up Abang's friends, women and men alike. Their fire within is just inspirational!]. And then balik Pendang very late at night for a sleep-over, and head back to Cheras the next morning. Tapi oleh kerana I don't like the idea of Abang driving all alone after a very long day (he works on Saturdays and Sundays, remember), aku terpaksa la bersetuju.

[Like, this is the reason everytime kawan-kawan Abang kata "kenapa you tak suruh Zunar bertanding untuk GE last Mac?", I'd just answer them "No way jose baybeh, but tenchu vewy mush for the encouragement nevertheless." I need that certain degree of normalcy in my life. Kalau aku nak kawin dengan MP or yang tergolong daripadanya, I would've just done that dari dulu lagi kan.]

Fortunately (for me, that is), Abang had to attend meetings after meetings, from Brickfields to Shah Alam, and could only get back home at 8pm. So, tak jadi lah kami drive ke utara. Fuh, lega siut.

But this morning, reading Anil's live commenting on last night's ceramahs happening all over Perak and Kedah buat aku rasa macam rugi pula tak pi. Mesti meriah gila! I would've done a live update on the blog myself, ey?

Ah well. It's not like I've never been to the likes of any of these. At least, aku dah pernah merasa quite a few number of times, kan?


Darn it the mornings have been so hamid (Abang's and my combo-word for hangat+humid) these days, hasn't it? So tak tahan, like, cannot bernafas lo.

Glad it rains in the evenings.



d'Frog Prince said...

God blesses those in the side of truth. Perseverence is important and salute to abang's faith!! and your loyalty. Thanks from us the bystanders (not really ler, i am also anti-establishment, as long as they are manipulating their powers)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abe tommy
don't ever stop praying for the Best New M'sia, AND for our strength and perseverence eh? huggers!


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