Friday, April 24, 2009

Ku Pungut Rahangku Dari Atas Lantai

[updated at 12.20am]

I set Yahoo!News as my front-page of both my Firefox and Explorer.

And when I saw this title right at the bottom of the page tonight, "Scottish singing sensation gets dye job, makeover", it certainly piqued my curiosity and made me clicked the link.

And boy was I up for more surprise.

I googled further, and read about her here, and then YouTubed her and found her here [the embed is being disabled by the author, too bad ey].

See if you dropped your jaw to the floor at minute 2:00.

Like Amanda said, that " was the biggest wake-up call ever...", having this certain initial presumption of first-impressions, know what I mean.

Humbled, no end.

Why can't Malaysia have this kind of program, teaching the citizens that looks are only superficial?


With that note, wait for our travel-video dated 19-04-2009 (last Sunday) pula, ok? Graced by two not-so-beautiful people walking on this Earth. haha. But we had fun, as it always does.

I managed to upload it on the FB by shrinking the size of the video which in turn made the lyrics go pretty illegible...much to my chagrin. Ni tengah upload the original size on the YouTube for the umpteenth time. Watch this space, haha.

[updated at 12.20am]


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yeah, yeah, I know.

This recording of my Amir pushing himself up on his way to merangkak is so banal. Nothing special.

Still, it's still a milestone moment for me and Celi.... sigh.

And also the video is for those kind people (you know who you are *hugs*) who follow Amir on my blog.

This was taken during Amir's visit to Mummy's office yesterday.

He's just so adorable, isn't he.

Last night, some of my colleagues texted me and told me how adorable and beautiful he is... they can't seem to take him off their minds. One even had his sis&bro-in-law asking me about taking in an 'unfortunate baby' from shelters... Alhamdulillah.

I pray that Amir will be ours and with us till the end, dan membesar menjadi manusia yang paaaaaaaling cantik, baik, beriman dan bertaqwa sentiasa. Aaaaamiiin...


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aren't We The Lucky Ones

This such a GREAT reading, from Malaysiakini. I hope they don't mind me sharing this to the entire world.

[note to M'siakini Editorial: as always, tak payah link balik to your webby, ya? Tenchu!]



Apik's love of learning
Keruah Usit | Apr 22, 09 7:14am

Apik can survive in the rainforest, completely alone, with a parang and some salt. He hunts, dives for fish and makes a bed for himself under the forest canopy.

He climbs trees to harvest honey from wild hives. He picks ferns and bamboo shoots to cook, and finds edible fruit and roots. He collects herbs to heal, and uses ipoh, a tree bark, to prepare poison for blowpipe darts.

He travels to neighbouring villages in a wooden longboat, with an engine modified from a grass-cutting machine. He manoeuvres the longboat through rapids strewn with giant boulders, as expertly as KL folk weave through rush-hour traffic.

If he finds snakes on jungle trails, he picks up them up with twigs and branches, moving them away from the paths, and from other travelers. He makes fishing nets, and mends them, with a dexterity associated with more delicate, less muscle-bound, maidens.

He can remain underwater for an astounding length of time, looking for fish or a missing propeller. He rears puppies, teaching them to hunt for barking deer and wild boar. He can carry a wild boar heavier than himself, on his shoulders, through the forest, for hours.

His real passion, though, is teaching. He teaches pre-school and primary school, in his small, remote Orang Ulu village in Sarawak. His students adore him, trailing after him after classes, pestering him to go swimming with them.

He takes them down to the river, to cool off and indulge in some horseplay. The children mob him, climbing all over him. They beg him to push them around in their makeshift dinghies, made from truck tyres. They perform somersaults, shrieking and splashing into the water, to impress him.

“I like watching the children grow up, watching them grow in knowledge and understanding,” he says. “It’s a wonderful feeling - hard to explain.”

He says kampung students are far easier to teach than urban children. He endured a nightmare, during his training, teaching in an urban school, trying to get students to listen.

When asked why, he ventures, “Maybe it’s because the kampung children get more attention. When the children go to their neighbours, they’re made welcome and cared for, as if they were their neighbours’ children.

“Parents in the ulu talk to their children all the time, even when they are bathing the small children. And then, of course, there’s not much television,” he smiles.

No IC until he was 25

Apik came to his calling late in life, graduating when he was nearly 30. He could not attend teacher training school when he completed secondary school, he says, because he had no identity card until he was 25.

“I didn’t think I could ever get to teachers’ training college,” he remembers. “To tell the truth, I was lucky to get to Form Six. The headmaster in my boarding school encouraged me to stay on, and he turned a blind eye to the fact that I didn’t have an IC.”

Apik was born to farming parents, in a quiet Orang Ulu village. His parents had been born and bred Sarawakians. Apik’s father even had a shotgun licence given him by the British colonial rulers, dating from the 1950s. But they could not obtain ICs for many years.

“My father served as a border scout during the Konfrontasi with Indonesia in 1963,” Apik says.

“He helped keep Sarawak part of Malaysia. Yet he couldn’t get an IC. My parents went to the towns to apply for ICs, many times. The journeys would take a week by boat, down fierce rapids, to the Registration Department.”

Many times, Apik’s parents were told the decision to confirm their Malaysian citizenship and ICs had to come from KL, and the decision took time. When Apik’s parents asked when they should return, they were bestowed the time-honoured advice of the bureaucracy – “just wait”. They waited for the letters from the Registration Department, but the correspondence never came.

Apik’s parents obtained ICs eventually, in the 1990s. The Registration Department had established “mobile units”, traveling to remote communities. Apik says the villagers appreciated these visits, because they could not afford the cost of travel to town. But the visits were rare.

He walked four days to school

“My parents were highly respected in the village,” he says. “They were always good to their neighbours, including the Penan communities who were beginning to settle down near our village.

“They spoke Penan fluently, they helped the Penan with farming techniques, and helped make relationships easier with the rest of the village – many of the people in my village looked down at the Penan.”

Most of Apik’s fellow villagers grew to accept the Penan, thanks to Apik’s family.

Apik went to primary school in the next village, where Penan children formed the majority.

“I learnt a lot from them,” he remembers.

“I learnt to be gentle, to respect my neighbours, and respect the forest. I learnt to value the trees and animals in the forest. The Penan are the best trackers around. They can walk for hours. They share what they have, so I always knew I wouldn’t go hungry when I went hunting with them.

“And they never waste. If they hunt a bear, and the dead animal’s young is left behind, they take the cub in and care for it.”

Apik went on countless hunting trips with Penan friends.

“Every time I went into the forest, the first few days were hard. I was tired all the time. But when my body settled into the routine of walking, I began to appreciate the beauty of the forest. The streams, the waterfalls, the animals, the trees, the wildflowers… he stillness.”

rain forest rainforest jungle 010708 01After primary school, Apik moved on to the nearest secondary school. Children in Apik’s part of Malaysia often walk for several days to reach school.

“I walked to the Sekolah Menengah, Form One to Three, when I was 13 until I was 15. Twenty of us, schoolchildren, walked four days, carrying our food rations, sleeping in the jungle.

“Some parents asked me to look after their young daughters, so I ended up carrying their books, food, clothes, even packets of sanitary pads… I ended up carrying 30 kilos,” he laughs.

Teachers ‘parachuted’ into rural schools

Many rural children suffer far worse than walking for days to get to school. Children are bullied by fellow boarders and even by teachers.

Penan children, especially, are shy and unfamiliar with shouting and aggression. They often leave school because of bullying and loneliness, and sometimes because their parents take them away to help in the harvest.

But Penan children do well if they stay on, according to Apik. Many become top students, both in the classroom and on the sports field.

Apik gives chilling accounts of teachers beating and bullying rural children.

“Children from my home village tell me how one teacher in their secondary school lost control of himself, and chased them with a parang.

“Another teacher threatened them with a shotgun. The headmaster knew, but took no action. The school has received many complaints from parents, but nothing has improved,” Apik says bitterly.

Few teachers volunteer to work in rural schools, and there are few trained local teachers. Apik himself has been posted to an urban school in the past, even after he had requested to teach in a rural school near his village.

Teachers “parachuted” into the rural schools experience culture shock. Many of them are poorly motivated and ignorant. They receive little support from the education authorities in the towns.

Apik likes to tell the story of a teacher from Peninsular Malaysia, posted to a remote primary school. The young teacher had never heard of the place, and did not know the school is nine hours’ drive and three hours’ boat ride from the nearest large town.

The teacher arrived at the airport, climbed into a taxi, and asked the taxi driver to take him to the school, Apik relates with a smile.

Contractors profit, children suffer

The schools Apik teaches in are dilapidated, without adequate electricity supply, treated water or clean dormitories.

The children bathe in the nearby river, downstream from the rest of the village. Scabies, head lice and worms are routine (left).

One rural primary school had toilets installed and closed down the same day, because of the contractor’s sub-standard work. The children used the bushes for months, until the toilets were repaired.

During lunch hour in another school, the children’s usual meal is rice, tinned food and cabbage. The schoolteachers say the food supply contracts are determined and awarded “centrally” by the Education Department.

Vegetables and fish supplied from the towns are often rotting, so that well-connected urban food suppliers can make their hefty profits. The teachers would prefer to buy chickens and fresh vegetables for the children from the villagers, but are not allowed to.

Many children in these schools have no shoes. Their families struggle to buy them stationery and uniforms. Poor rural children are meant to have an allocation for these items, and are exempted from paying school fees.

Yet many children are still forced to pay fees in rural schools, according to headmen and parents in remote villages. Why? the parents ask. Incompetence, overzealous bureaucracy, or most likely, corruption.

One headmaster in a rural school provides an analogy: “The allocation provided by the Education Department starts out in the towns, loaded onto the transport.

“But the amount gets smaller and smaller as it makes its way upriver. By the time it arrives, it’s a tiny amount. Most of it has fallen off the transport, on the way to the ulu.”

Long walk, with a helping hand

Poor rural children throughout Malaysia face the same hardship. Some overcome astonishing obstacles in getting to school.

A rural indigenous girl used to walk for days to school in Sabah. She left school after Form Three, to work as a domestic helper for an urban Chinese family. Her employers knew about her family’s poverty, and decided to pay for her to complete her schooling, while she was helping in the employers’ household.

Her results were good enough to go to medical school. Her employers helped her through university, for five lonely, trying years in Peninsular Malaysia. She works as a doctor now, and supports her family and community.

Some rural folk, doctors like this young Sabahan, and teachers like Apik, seek education, so that they can contribute to their poor communities. They support their neglected communities as best they can, in their labour of love.

How many of us, the other Malaysians – educated Malaysians – do the same?

KERUAH USIT is a human rights activist - anak Sarawak, bangsa Malaysia. His ‘The Antidote’ column, which will appear in Malaysiakini every Wednesday, is an attempt to allow the voices of marginalised people to be heard all over Malaysia. The writer can be contacted at

Terubat Rindu

Celi was kind enough to drive Amir and gave Mummy a visit late this morning. BEST SANGAT!!!

Amir came to see Mummy at around quarter to 11am, and went back 2 hours later.

Before Amir arrived, Mummy dah siap kaypoh-kaypoh kat ofis that Amir's coming. So, by the time Mummy brought Amir in, Mummy's officemates datang berkerumun, all ladies and gents alike, and gasped at the sight of Amir.

"...ish, lawanya budaknyaaaa.... cantiknya dia, Kak Lin...", they gasped in awe.

Mummy cepat-cepat creditted Ibu and Tok Mi for taking care and feeding Amir real well. Ibu hanya senyum-senyum dari jauh.

Amir pulak, dah makin curious. He studied all aunties and uncles from Mummy's arms. Amir behaved REALLY well this morning. He didn't cry at the sight of strangers, and even accepted any aunty's or uncle's offer to walk him around the office, play jump and even peekaboos.

Mummy sempat feed Amir his daily nestum at 11am, burped him, played with Amir, saw him doing 'push-ups', tickled him to bits, took photos and videos.... how time flies.

Look Mummy, Look!

Amir dah leh buat push-ups, Mummy!

Soon, it was time for Amir to go. Mummy belum puas lagi, tapi Mummy bersyukur for that short period of time Mummy gets to spend with Amir, Alhamdulillah.

Terubat sikit rindu Mummy...


Monday, April 20, 2009

Is This Real Love?

I've so many happenings to share.

Bukan la aku ni happening sangat. Tapi sekadar nak record kat dalam blog ni -- the stress-test week eons ago, the house-cleaning two Sundays ago, and the Family Day last weekend.

How time flies, ey.

Now with Amir, lagi aku terasa betapa laju masa berjalan. Minggu ni nak masuk minggu ke-2 aku tak jumpa Amir. Umi and Celi hanya update through mms. Jadilah, nak mengubat rindu Mummy.

Just last two weekends, at less than 5 1/2 months, Amir dah pandai meniarap.

Saturday 11.04.2009, with Mummy.
Click at picture for larger view of his saliva dropping in awe, heh heh.

Yesterday Umi mms tunjuk Amir dah boleh berlagak macam dia boleh duduk.

MMS from TokMi

Hari ni Mummy dapat MMS-video yang dia dah pandai pegang botol.

Umi expects within this week or next, he could prolly merangkak! And he's turning 6 months on this coming 3rd of May. He's doing pretty well, no?

My oh my. He's turning 6 months! That's half a year. Then it's going to be 1, then 6, then 16, then 26.... sigh. How do you parents deal with the time passing by so quickly like that ah...? I don't know how to deal with it lah. I get all sentimental and teary-eyed, crying myself to sleep for the lost time. Thinking of Amir -- in the car, at the shops, in the shower, just about anywhere -- never fails to bring tears to my eyes. In between I will find myself going through all his photos and videos on my handphone.

How do you parents handle this eh? Is this what you call Real Love?

Excuse me while I go hide somewhere to cry....

end note:
will be putting Amir's photos on Picasa and videos of his membebel soon.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Me Ol' Self

Actually, I just don't get it.

Why is it when the so-called National Press did a fiery racial-loaded sentiments as their front-page last Wednesday, they don't get the "spanking" they rightly deserve?


Aku pun Melayu tulin jugak, beb. Bangga dengan asal-usul aku juga, dengan adat-resam aku, dengan keturunan aku. Tapi, apa cerita beb, sampai tak hormat orang lain, ni??? Ni adat-resam dan cara hidup kita orang Melayu ke ni? Cara Islam ke ni?

Macam zionis, ada la.

But I actually wanted to share what telah happened that morning at the office.

As usual, I would have my breakfast at the newspaper table along with the other boys (other ladies would read the paper during lunchtime. Aku pula like my news-reading the first thing in the morning). A junior officer joined me, took Utusan Meloya, saw the title, and practically screamed the front page out loud, saying "Waaaah, baru la respect, akhirnya ada juga orang berani cakap benda ni, front page pula tu!".

I was like, wtf?

I told him directly to his face:

Number one, that was not what the new PM said in the news nor reported on other papers. I showed him The Sun that I was reading, and dia terdiam.

Number two, a front-page like this on a NATIONAL PRESS is such a malice and spiteful to the unity of the country yang berbilang kaum, bangsa, keturunan dan agama, that I think the editors should be shot to death or buang negara.

Number three, he's not even PURE MELAYU (his dad is. But his mom is, let's just say, from a neighbouring country yang sedang huru-hara sekarang ni, and even the entire family currently resides there and has citizenship of that country at the mo) and he has lived the early part of his childhood in his mother's country. Has HE REALLY got the right to agree and shout "bersatu hadapi tuntutan kaum lain yang semakin keterlaluan"??? HAH, I don't think so.

Aiyoh. I tell you lah. DON'T EVER BUY or READ the junk, unless you really need some papers to use as paper-towel or bungkus sanitary pads.

I guess I'm now back to my ol' self, ey?

heh heh.


By the by, Abang and I are off to my office's Family Day in P.D, esok and lusa. I know Abang's not free, he works on the weekends kan? But if he doesn't join this time, then this will be the fourth Family Day (and countless, countless other family gatherings) that he cannot be around. So, apa lagi. Aku pun kasi satu das tembakan sikit lah -- peluru getah aje. Aku cakap, kalau setiap Family Day aku datang tak da suami, baik aku pasang orang lain jadi suami aku, kan. Adik-adik aku pun ada kehidupan diorang jugak, asyik nak kena chaperone aku aje keja diorang.

So, hehe, esok dia akan ikut, insyaAllah...

Aku tak pasti how 'focused' he will be towards the outing; I bet he won't. Aku ada juga rasa macam nak simpan sorok handphone dia so that FOR ONCE he will concentrate on life and me and not work work work... I wish I could.

Or if his comrades and friends or officemates read this -- boleh kasi peluang I enjoy my husband kejap tak? And call him back, maybe, Sunday evening? Please? Ta a bunch!

Huh. Tough wish, ey.

Itupun aku pesan ke sorang officemate aku to bring her USB broadband modem so that Abang could do his editing work up in the room while the rest of us play games downstairs.

I hope and pray he could change his work, SOON.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Di Bawah Cuaca

I have been neglecting this second 'house' of mine, haven't I.

I have been feeling under the weather, apart of being disillusioned with life. Not that this is the first time (feeling disillusioned), but this time it has hit me rather hard.

So the past week have seen me pathetically wallowing in self-pity, disappointments and frustrations in the trappings of life, on top of the physical muscular pain due to house-cleaning last Sunday. Feel like I been lied to, and wasted. Like this is what a person like me is destined to, and that I should be grateful.

I certainly feel like drowning, suffocating in my own depression.

But I'm ever so grateful to be alive, nevertheless.

I don't know what or how else can I make Abang 'hear' me and take my take on things seriously. In my book, this has been the longest wait ever. The old me would have just walked away a loooo-ong time ago. I don't know what has happened to that old me. Scared, maybe? Turning dependant, maybe? Afraid of growing old alone, maybe?

I pray that patience would not run out of me, yet at the same time it won't get tested and turn me into someone I would not want to be.

I wish time could just stand still, and not rob me out of my youth and sanity.

That aside, this is RKM, feeling somewhat better, over and out for now.



Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Post-By-Election Ramblings

Malam tadi aku tunggu Abang sampai pukul 2.30 pagi. Masa tu dah passed my bedtime dah, mata dah degil tak nak pejam. Lagipun, the time tends to whizzes by unnoticed when you're infront of the Net, kan?

Masa pukul 6 petang semalam, Abang beritahu the team ada 8 muka lagi to complete. That's a loooo-hot of pages to be completed in a night, mind you.

When I sms-ed him at 2.30am, I asked him lama lagi ka. Ya la, bantal peluk aku malam-malam tak dak orang lain lagi dah, dia aje. Mana boleh tidur camni kan. Ngada.

He replied ada 5 page lagi. Dia soh aku tidur dulu.

Whaaa? Dari 6pm till 2.30am, baru buat 3 page? Hmm nampak gayanya memang tak balik la malam ni. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmph. Aku pun parked myself atas tilam depan TV kat ruang tamu. Aku ni pengecut, kalau nak tau. Takut tidur dalam bilik sorang-sorang kalau aku sorang aje ada kat rumah.

Pukul 6+ pagi, aku terjaga. Aku pasang telinga. Kot lah Abang dah balik, senyap-senyap buka pintu, sekarang tengah mandi, atau dah tidur berdengkur dalam bilik (which is unlikely 'coz I know he will join me kat ruang tamu ni).

Tapi tak da. Biar betul.

Aku sms Abang, tak balik lagi? Abang terus call. Suara dia segar-bugar lagi. Maklum, dah menang landslide, kan? Haha. Dia kata tinggal front-page je lagi.

Setahu aku front-page tu selalunya page yang paling berat dan tugasan paling besar untuk the team. Setahu aku lah.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmph. Ni memang tak pergi kerja la aku nih.

Betul pun. Pukul 9 pagi baru Abang dapat keluar dari ofis. 9 suku kami breakfast sama-sama. Lepas he eagerly shared with me some stories of Batang Ai, dia terlentok tidur sambil duduk kat atas sofa. Pukul 10 dia terus koma atas tilam depan TV kat ruang tamu.

Kesian kat dia. Demi perjuangan, kan?

Awal-awal pagi lagi aku sms ofis yang aku terpaksa ambil cuti. Aku boleh tumpang assistant aku who live nearby laki bini ke ofis, tapi aku tak nak serabutkan laki aku dengan nak mengambil aku balik dari kerja karang. Aku boleh drive to the station, park and get the LRT to the office, but he told me he may need the car takut ada post-by election meetings or Press Conference later in the evening. So, aku ambil cuti aje la. Lagipun aku nak dia tidur banyak sikit. Kalau dia sakit sebab tak cukup rehat (which he always does), aku yang susah, bukan orang lain. I hope there won't be any meetings or PCs that he needs to attend. Aku lebih rela tengok dia tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiduuuuuuuuuuur berehat supaya tak sakit, daripada dia tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiduuuuuuuuuuur berehat sebab dia sakit.


Apa Abang cerita tadi?

Abang cerita, antaranya yang aku ingat:

-- kat Batang Ai (BA), people at the long houses minta RM1k, and BN happily gave them;

-- ada bot bawa pengundi terbalik;

-- that one of BN's campaign tactic was to confuse the people in the long houses pertaining the calon. Yang ni kena baca sendiri dalam Suara Keadilan keluaran esok 9 April. Takut aku sendiri terconfuse kalau cerita balik in this post.

-- that 'diorang' nak buat satu Suruhanjaya untuk kaji kenapa rakyat makin tolak BN. YA ALLAH, you imagine the THICK SKULLS these people have, tak faham-faham lagi kenapa rakyat tolak depa? Aku rasa air liur rakyat dah naik kering dok bagitau apa salah depa. Ni baru betul BODOH SOMBONG namanya. Betul-betul macam si Cecille dalam the reality show Beauty & The Geek tu (pagi tadi first time aku tonton. I never knew the show ever existed pun). That bikini model yang hyper-gedik yang tak faham kenapa orang tak suka dia tu. Gahhhh *tarik rambut*.

Yang lain-lain cerita, kena baca sendiri dalam SK esok. Aku sendiri pun kena baca. Banyak sangat yang Abang cerita ke aku, sampai tak boleh nak digest.

Imaginela, taktik 'diorang' buat by-elections on a TUESDAY. Tengah-tengah minggu, masa hari kerja, when voters may find it a hassle to go back to cast votes. Apa kes, yob, kan? ITU PUN kalah jugak.

Korang bayangkan kalau buat the by-elections on the weekends when out-station voters would be streaming in.... mahu teruk 'diorang' kena pijak. ITU PUN tak reti-reti bahasa jugak.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Hills itu, Rakyat Yang Punya

Alhamdulillah, terbukti, suara rakyat suara keramat.

from M'siakini 'live' update

Aku sedih juga 'Rakyat tewas di Batang Air... but I wouldn't blame the rakyat over there. Aku banyak baca yang diorang banyak kena ugut -- kalau tak pilih BN, they will stop dispersing money to the long-houses, and they will cut off the allowances given to the Chiefs.

Also, the ballot boxes were transferred to the pusat culaan without the company of wakil parti or pemerhati. Tah-tah on the way tu depa tukar kotak. Bukti? Memang la tak da bukti nak disembah, sebab itu korang tak takut buat dan tak kisah.

Tak pa, itu antara korang dan TUHAN, ok? See if your conscience as honest servants to God still prevails.

Like, apa kes Yob, main kotor macam tu kan. Jantanman la sket. Nama aje kempen kat Batang Air, tapi no balls.


S'wak PKR cries foul over two incidents

Joseph Tawie and Tony Thien | Apr 7, 09 9:44pm

Barisan National has won the Batang Ai by-election, but the polling was marred by two alleged incidents according to the PKR. One incident supposedly involved phantom voters and the other was about padlocks on ballot boxes being tampered with.

In the first incident, two 40-seater buses and a van, said to have been used for ferrying voters from various parts of the state, stopped near one polling station, SRK Lubok Antu, where they were allegedly carrying voters there to cast their votes before the polling station closed at 5pm.

According to a PKR leader, Dominique Ng, he received a telephone call from a party member telling him that the vehicles were used for ferrying what he believed to be phantom voters.

By the time, the PKR leader and his supporters arrived at the scene, one of the buses had taken off with its passengers while the other was waiting for its passengers to come out from the polling station.

Ensuring a clean electoral process

Ng, who is the Batang Ai PKR coordinator, lodged a complaint with the local police chief and also a senior election officer.

Later, Ng and other PKR people went to a nearby police station and also had a discussion with officials for about 20 minutes inside the SMK Lubok Antu polling station.

Emerging from the meeting, Ng said that he had a list of 50 of those who boarded the bus and managed to check 15 identity cards. They came from Kuching, Mukah and Kanowit.

The rest did not furnish their identity cards and no one could ascertain whether they were genuine voters or not.

However, these people informed Ng that they were employees of Kemas.

PKR then lodged a complaint that they were suspicious that these people were either phantom voters or they used some other people’s identity cards.

They took action to ensure a clean electoral process especially when the party had complained earlier about the security during the transportation of ballot boxes from 14 polling stations.

The complaint on the ballot boxes was not entertained so PKR decided to purchase separate padlocks to ensure the integrity of these boxes were not compromised.

Ng said that when the boxes were about to be opened later it was found only one original padlock was intact.

Meanwhile, PKR leaders and supporters said they were in state of shock and disbelief at the initial results of the counting involving 15 out of 26 polling districts with a total electorate of 8,129 voters.

Counting started at 3pm after the ballot boxes from the 14 polling stations arrived either by road or helicopter at the tallying centre at Lubok Antu.


Ya memang betul, patut BN ni pindah aje dok Sabah Sarawak. Kat Semenanjung ni, korang dah MINORITY tau tak (sorry, aku masih iktiraf Nizar as MB Perak, and Zambry is The Pendatang Haram). Rakyat dah tak sudi dengan korang. Sila tahu malu sikit, boleh???

Apa-apa pun... SYABAS RAKYAT, dan TAHNIAH, kerana BERSATU-PADU menentang ZIONIS bertopeng Islam.

Syukur Alhamdulillaaaah...


Dug Dag Dug Jantung

Aduh heart-attack sey, dok ikut perkembangan the three by-elections 'live' from M'siakini, Bro Anil and Lina Soo.

Nampaknya maybe 2-1. PR gets the two Bukits, BN gets the Batang.

Laaaaaaaa. Siut. Aku baru perasan nama-nama tempat by-elections ni semua mula dengan perkataan yang boleh di double-meaning kan.

That just proves how 'clean' up in the head I have been, kan. Ngeeeee.

Abang's deadline is at 5am today. Eh, tomorrow. Ya, LIMA PAGI KARANG. Abang baru call minta jasa baik aku untuk balik dengan Star LRT dan teksi. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmph, aku kata.

Lat 2 saat lepas tu, dia call balik. Ni mesti nak pujuk aku ni, aku fikir.

Helo. Aku kata. Flat tone. Kira macam merajuk la ni kan.


Eh! Laaaaaa. Abang nak call ANIL, pi dial ALIN pulak. Jauh tu. Hahahahaha. Abang kata.

Eiiiiiiiiiiii nyampah tauuuu. Aku balas. Ingatkan nak tukar fikiran, suruh Alin tunggu, Abang nak mai ambik sekarang. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmph!

Hahahahaha. Abang gelak sebelum letak gagang.



Ok, nak catch-up dari rumah pula. Kita tengok nanti berita kat TV tunjuk apa. Mesti diorang melebih-lebihkan tunjuk kat Batang Ai, macam GE8 last year -- 5 negeri dah jatuh ke PR pun masih lagi in denial, dok menayang pengiraan kat Sabah dan Sarawak sampai ke pagi. Kesian.


Habaq Dah

Mak called this morning, wanting to ask whether Umi Ayah jadi mai tumpang bermalam di Pendang after a 'nughi kawen di Penang this weekend.

And then Mak report kat aku pasal berita kat RTM on Sunday about the penarikan balik penggantungan SK & Harakah.

[Sorry but Berita TV1, TV2 and TV3 adalah diharamkan ditonton in my household in Cheras, so, we never know whatever rubbish being aired - nor we care what the shallow-minded RACISTS think. And note also that in this post I don't use any abbreviations like 'AreTeeEm' anymore. Like, why the fug would ANYONE care if they know about this posting, kan.]

As expected, even with the media statement, them at RTM commented negatively.

First, they complimented Bro Lutfi for berterima-kasih ke the new PM. I don't know why la Bro Lutfi did that, really. It's a really stupid thing being done in the 1st place (the banning, not Bro Lutfi's appreciation). I'm sure Bro Lutfi has his reasons to be doing the berterima-kasih thingy. I dunno. I'm just glad that Abang and his team did not take the same stance, and held their heads higher.

Mak cerita, RTM kata something like ooo-Harakah-berterimakasih-ke-PM-Najis-tapi-lain-pula-dengan-SK-yang-sudahlah-tak-berterimakasih-pastu-minta-Akta Mesin Cetak & Penerbitan 1984-dihapuskan-pulak-tu-chaih-sudah-diberi-betis-nak-peha-pula.

See? Memang betul dah sangkaan Abang, kan? They will definitely putar-belit punya.

Itu pun Abang layan that journalist who called him tu dengan kata-kata penuh hormat, tau. Both times when the lady-journalist called, I was by his side. I would expect he'd go something along the way of "HAH??? You calling from RTM? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What, you REALLY expect me to agree to talk and being interveiwed by your organisatiom and expect that you would quote me verbatim and not manipulate my words and intention, izit??? Ihhhyyyyyeaaaaaaaaaa, riiiiiiiiight", but he didn't. He treated the fellow journalist with equal respect, siap minta maaf that he cannot participate in the personal interviewing from RTM and ask her to discuss with her Boss about what he said.

Tu la aku dah habaq kat korang.... BOIKOT Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, NST, Berita-berita dan forum-forum RTM and TV3. In what name of Unity these medias are running pun, hell I know. Tak mencerminkan sikap keislaman langsung.

So, korang suma orang-orang pandai bijaksana kan? Cari sendiri informasi untuk berita, then analisa sendiri. Jangan biasa-biasa kena sumbat maklumat membuta-tuli. Cukup lah kita diperbodohkan masa zaman sekolah and Uni by all the spoon-feedings. Takkan sampai dah tua bangka pun nak jadi bodoh lagu tu jugak.

Now, go read these piece of news, Srikandi PKR dicabul and Hantu Syaitan Naik Bas. I bet you these news, along with plenty others, never get to see the light in the above-mentioned medias, for obvious reasons.

Terang-terang macam main catur, kan. "Look, you KDN go ban and rampas these two suratkhabars, then when once I'm declared the new PM, let me lift the ban for good first impression to the rakyat, kapische??? Good."


Two evenings ago, trapped in a post-heavyrain traffic snarl after fetching me from work, Abang & I were taking jibes at the new First Lady. Tak ingat isu apa.

Then I asked Abang, now that the R-A-H-M-A-N theory is completed, what theory would he think be after this?

"The same theory," Abang said. "The first 'R' being Rosmah," slamber kodok dia sambung jawab.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Kami gelak besar dalam kereta.

Hence the idea as below:

Aku cakap ke Abang, then he better tell his Big Boss that he's still got a looo-ooong way to go -- his initial 'A' only comes after Rosmah! Die la he laidis! Haha!


Monday, April 06, 2009

The Results

Alhamdulillaaaah, this letter that I just received an hour ago is exactly the much needed balm I need for today.

I've finally gotten my Aras 4 Keseluruhan for PTK1 after 3 sittings! Sangat meletih dan merendahkan morale aku, aku hampir nak give-up.

HE listens to my sincere intention of the much-awaited substantial pay-raise, indeed. Alhamdulillaaaah...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Feeling The Heat

I felt really proud with Abang and his jinggeng at SK (and Bro Lutfi's Harakah).

Having them being 'mentioned' in the new PM's first live-on-air speech [...dan akan menarik balik penggantungan dua suratkhabar...] on all channels of the national TV while we were having dinner at Pusat Penjaja Masjid India last Friday made me wonder, wow, these two 'suratkhabars' must be of a really big important issue to him (and a big influence to the rakyat), ey?

Bangga, siut.

Tapi, dia sebut "menarik balik penggantungan dua suratkhabar" -- tak sebut pun nama suratkhabar apa. Jijik dan malu sangat ke? Macam nak sebut nama Altantuya?

The announcements came a lil bit too late though. Just 5 hours prior to his announcement, the KDN enforcers raided their printer and both offices, and rampas the plates at the printer. Like, wot the fug, roite?

[read more about the raid and rampasan here]

Later on that night, guess who called to interview Abang...? AreTeeEm!!!

Like, maybe they think that on behalf of the entire organisation, Abang would be appreciative and thank the new PM for his kind gesture???


Abang gelak-gelak aje when the lady kenalkan diri that she's from AreTeeEm, and told her something like "you know, if you expect me to berterima-kasih to Najib, then I'll tell you right now that you will not be getting any of that from me. That is our right in this country and he shouldn't have been doing the banning in the 1st place. So, go discuss with your Boss first, ok. I don't want to be telling you what I think, and find out that you'll be manipulating whatever I say in your report tomorrow."

Abang certainly did the right thing. 10 minutes after hanging up and after a brief deliberation, he confided that he didn't think that it was a good idea anyway for him to be 'talking' to the gomen-controlled media, else he'd be in trouble if they manipulate whatever he says.

So the next morning at 8am, when the same lady called, Abang told her that he was sorry he cannot be giving any personal statement but the organisation will issue one to all media later on that day.

The statement is here.

I don't think this statement has made it through to ANY AreTeeEm or TiVi3 or Bernama or the papers... or did it???

No? Huh, I thought so.


Abang had planned to drive up to Bukit Selambau yesterday after Asar for the 'big announcement' by DSAI , and asked me to accompany him.

Aiyohhhhhhhh bila fikirkan aje pun dah letih -- driving long hours up-north, long jam and queues at Selambau itself, redah hujan lebat (kalau hujan lebat) redah lumpur redah banjir redah crowd [though I really don't mind meeting up Abang's friends, women and men alike. Their fire within is just inspirational!]. And then balik Pendang very late at night for a sleep-over, and head back to Cheras the next morning. Tapi oleh kerana I don't like the idea of Abang driving all alone after a very long day (he works on Saturdays and Sundays, remember), aku terpaksa la bersetuju.

[Like, this is the reason everytime kawan-kawan Abang kata "kenapa you tak suruh Zunar bertanding untuk GE last Mac?", I'd just answer them "No way jose baybeh, but tenchu vewy mush for the encouragement nevertheless." I need that certain degree of normalcy in my life. Kalau aku nak kawin dengan MP or yang tergolong daripadanya, I would've just done that dari dulu lagi kan.]

Fortunately (for me, that is), Abang had to attend meetings after meetings, from Brickfields to Shah Alam, and could only get back home at 8pm. So, tak jadi lah kami drive ke utara. Fuh, lega siut.

But this morning, reading Anil's live commenting on last night's ceramahs happening all over Perak and Kedah buat aku rasa macam rugi pula tak pi. Mesti meriah gila! I would've done a live update on the blog myself, ey?

Ah well. It's not like I've never been to the likes of any of these. At least, aku dah pernah merasa quite a few number of times, kan?


Darn it the mornings have been so hamid (Abang's and my combo-word for hangat+humid) these days, hasn't it? So tak tahan, like, cannot bernafas lo.

Glad it rains in the evenings.


Friday, April 03, 2009

Penipu-penipu Bangsa & Agama

Aritu dalam berita dan suratkhabar si Zambry sibuk putar-belit cerita tuduh Nizar guna masjid untuk berkempen politik, kan??? (cari sendiri dalam cyber, cerita yang sebenarnya berlaku. Aku tak sempat nak google, Abang dah nak mai)

Naaaaaah, baca sini.... surat dari Ameno Bhgn. Bukit Gantang untuk SEMUA tok imam di Perak, khutbah for TODAY'S Friday prayers. Let's see siapa yang terang-terangan guna masjid untuk berpolitik!

And if you guys baca kat sini, you'll be surprised and terus mengucap -- tak sangka they would even go as munafiq as this!:

"Kita tidak boleh menerima hujjah dari Quran seperti itu kerana ini akan menjauhkan sokongan rakyat kepada Umno. Kita menolak hukum Quran kerana ianya bersesuaian dengan semangat Barisan Nasional bagi mengekalkan kuasa dalam negara ini. Kejahilan masyarakat dalam agama bererti keuntungan kepada perjuangan kita."

Fuwalllauuuuu wehhhhh.... so much about pembela agama dan bangsa???

Meh aku join Bro Mat Saman Kati .... Khaaaaaak ptuih!


Soalan Yang Tak Perlu Dijawab

1. Kalau aku hentak monitor and CPU ni, Maybank2u akan jadi laju tak? [dari 10.28 pagi tadi sampai 3.30 petang ni, aku baru boleh buat SATU payment aje, with two more to go. Dua aje lagi, tapi rasa macam nak bayar 275 payments lagaknya. Givap aku.]

2. Theoretically, kalau aku tengok documentaries secara marathon on the ASTRO, I'd prolly be more intelligent. So, kalau aku tengok The Biggest Loser secara marathon on the ASTRO [like last weekend], do you think I could lose more pounds? Then perhaps I should watch the Health Shows i.e the exercise programs. I could lose bountiful of calories, mate. Just by watchin. Damn kool.

Oh yez. I just found out last night that Labi also enjoys:
1. playing with the cursor on my lappy screen;
2. the Google Earth zooming in, zooming out, zooming in, zooming out. I bet dia rasa ketaq lutut masa tu. haha. Tomey tangat.






Kalau tak kerana I been your customer since God-knows-when, TAK KLAPAQ TAK HENGEN aku nak keep using this service!!!

Aiyoh. Memang PADANLA PUN ramai kawan-kawan aku cabut dari Maybank. So Fugged Up. Just, go DIE will ya. Berangan lagi pulak tu nak buy over some foreign banks when server sendiri pun tak leh nak upgrade. PORAH.

I really hope when people googled MAYBANK2U, this blog will come up, and customers banyak lari. 'Cos they SO FUGGIN DO NOT DESERVE CUSTOMERS la laidis.

[sorry, with the appointment of the new PM, aku habih ilang mood, dan memang dah hilang hope dah kat negara ni. Tapi aku sayang gila-gila ke Agung & Permaisuri for the suspense and drama for not announcing right away after the meeting with Najib. Padan muka Najis & orang-orangnya, pandai-pandai lompat protocol -- announce sana sini sebelum Agung perkenan, jemput sana sini macam majlis tu majlis dia. Tu dah terang-terang derhaka patutnya tu. But do the 'penyokong' see that? No sirreee.]

*tengok kalender*

Padanla pun aku dok ngamuk-ngamuk. Almost that time of the month.

And why do I admire His Majesty Tuanku Mizan and Her Majesty Tuanku Zahirah? Like, why wouldn't anyone? They're just the loveliest of couple, and oh, I dunno, eversince His Majesty ditabalkan, I just have really good vibes about them both.

Or maybe perhaps both of them are the same age as Abang's and mine, hence, there's this certain level of similarities I'd like about them. Heh heh.



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