Saturday, March 28, 2009

RKM's Earth Hour: Part 1

Just like TV8, Abang and I are observing and participating the Earth Hour at this particular moment.

(Well, save from the fridge, a/c, laptop and tv. Kalau dak, my non-conformist husband would not participate.)

Some neighbours in my block pun participate. I heard them yelled -- earth hour! Tutup lampu!

KL sedang gelap gulita. I went up the block to the topmost floor tadi at the beginning of the Earth Hour and took some photos of the KL Skyline. Telekom Rebung, Dataran, DBKL-HQ, KL Tower, buildings in KL Triangle, KLCC Tower, and even the faraway Genting Highlands... all observe and join in the cause, shutting off their lights.

Aku rasa bangga. This, this moment, is when you can see that despite whatever political, race and belief you are in, here is when everyone seems to be uniting for the love of the Mother Earth.

And I sure am proud to be part of this, albeit not in its entirety.

Apart from other lil small things we should be doing our part in saving our Earth, I think we should also observe this mass Earth Hour every last Saturday of the month, kan?

Imagine the Earth going dark for 1 hour EVERY HOUR FOR 24 HOURS starting from Fiji and ending in Hawaii for at least once a month. Now that is so unifying, innit...

Will post photos of during and after Earth Hour in KL, after this.


atiza said...

I did it too! *kembang lobang idung*

d'Frog Prince said...

me too

but it should go further than that. say no to styrofoam packings. try to minimise plastics disposals packing (kalau nak tapau, bawak tupperware sendiri) - i beli nasi lemak kat pasar malam also i ask the vendor to use paper pack, i tak mau styrofoam pack. no sudu plastic also, sbb home got sudu besi mah..

and now, trying to practice bawak beg sendiri pergi ke hypermarket, tak mau pakai depa punya plastic (until i run out of garbage back that is, kakaka)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak aie
best, kan? gimmick or no gimmick, it felt good being in solidarity with the rest of the world...

abe tommy
yeaaaaaaaarrrrr setuju sangat-sangat!


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