Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Post Do

Tengok anak Mummy blenggeng dengan hand-puppet Garfield, menunggu nak tukar pampers penuh dengan masak lemak kuning.

Belum apa-apa Mummy dah windu ke dia, dah... *sniff*


We're now on our way up to Penang to visit Baby Fea who had her heart op last Thursday. Malam ni tidur di Pendang, esok pagi ke Langkawi to join Abang's office Family Day (they've all flewn up this morning) and drive back to KL this Friday morning.

CeliNazim's wedding went quite well, despite the last minute changes to quite a bit of things and there were only the 13 of us managing 200 guests that nite (6 of us in the family and 3 of ahy's friends tolong macam-macam, 2 of celi's friends tolong jaga my Amir and 2 aunties jaga buffet table during dinner). Wanted to update with photos of my hantarans and Ahy+Hasrul's pelamin, but my maxis simkad konked-out on me since Saturday for me to post entries and I certainly did not have time to mengadap komputer since balik Bangi last Thursday. Pagi ni lepas hantar Labu Labi for boarding baru ada masa nak pi tukar simkad baru.

Alhamdulillah, by semalam i.e Tuesday, semua dah siap kemas di Bangi (whilst it took us almost two weeks during my Do in 2005), and Abang came to fetch me back to Cheras last night.

Letih woh. I still need, maybe, a week's worth of total rest, 'coz that's just me -- I work and toil damn hard, and then I need to rest equally hard right after.

Terasa sangat dah tua, woh. Tah bila nak dapek rest tah. I plan to sleep in the car after I post this entry. Bersorang le Abang, menyanyi-nyanyi lagu Indon dia.

Oh, nanti aku update la gambar-gambar sekitar persiapan and the Do itself. I've got all the points (including cerita stress test aku aritu, tu) all written down so that I won't forget.

Hey, it's not everyday one would get what she dreamt of to come true. Oh didn't I mention before that sometime back in January 2007, I dreamt that Celi and Nazim got back together since their break in Dec '05, and that I woke up that morning with tears 'coz deep down I knew that was what I wanted to see -- to have my baby sis and Nazim to live happily ever after together? Well, I did. I even texted Umi and Celi when I woke up that morning in January.

It was only in October last year that I had the guts to muster my courage to approach Nazim about this, knowing that Celi masih lagi sayang dia. So, you know, I wouldn't want to miss out on details of my preparation for the most anticipated union in my life thus far.

And I know if Allah were to take my life after this union, I'd die a happy soul 'coz it's not just MY much awaited union, but my parents' and Nazim's parents' too *waves to Umi, Ayah, 'Aunty Mami' and 'Uncle Abah', haha*

Ok, akak nak lelap jap, noks...


cakapaje said...

Salam Alin,

Selamat berehat :)

Amy said...

Hadoihhh tak sabo nunggu citer and picturess

kay_leeda said...

Alah hai..comel nyer baby Amir :)
Rehat yah...lepas tu cepat-ce[at update, story, pics et all :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro shah
aiyoh REALLY need that 'selamat berehat' yang belum didapat-dapat lagi!

biaser ar dengan blog kak lin ni, kena tungggguuuuuuuuuuu. haha

kak kay
ok ok nanti kita try update cepat cepat untuk kakak, otey? ;-)


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