Monday, March 02, 2009

Our Dating Anniversary

This morning I had the holter monitor hooked up from HUKM. Must wear this 24hours. Obviously, mandi tidak dibenarkan. Esok 8.30am kena pi cabut the monitor, and then do stress test pula. So am taking leave tomorrow.

In the meantime, Happy 8th Anniversary to Ilush & Serigala Manchester! Twas exactly 8 years ago too that Abang and I went on our first (and only) date...that's right, Abang was my chaperone to their akad night. Hahaha, some 1st date, ey. Second date only followed suit 4 years later -- in January 2005. Why the 4-year gap?? Saja la, akak kau kan pemalew orangnyia. Haha.

Aku ada cerita terbaru lagi pasal that 24-yr lady yang nak tackle adik aku but urat mak aku instead. Lagi cringe cringe punya story. Bukan aku nak cakap buruk pasal dia, tapi nak suma orang ambil iktibar. Umi dah baca my last entry, and Umi takut je if the girl baca sama. I said, well, good if dia baca so that dia boleh tukar tactic, kan? Some more, let it be a lesson for other girls not to be too forward as such! Kan?

Nanti aku cerita. Ni nak pi meeting. Sakit leher bawak natey holter monitor ni. So la inconvenient.



nik awin said...

itu pompuan manyak saiko lorrr...

Jumper said...

So you have your heart being monitored. So stay away from those people & things yg menyakitkan hati.... I hope things are well with your system.

kay_leeda said...


Hope you are ok. Jangan stress-stress sangat yezz :)

Take care sis.

Kak Teh said...

roti, kak teh played the song that you requested untuk pak cik2 sailors - nanti kak teh letak dalam blog - once i find a way to do it.

Naz said...

Kak Naz been tenggelam timbul this last week because of the cuti sekolah. So now beta nak baca itu cerita from your previous post. Suspense jugak!

Eh why are you wearing those? Heart problem? You stress sangat ke?
Take care tau.

cakapaje said...

Salam Alin, ni kan, den sorbo salah dibueknya. Kalau ado aweks yang minat kek den, biorlah dio mulokan (ponat torkojar kojar cam cite hindustan ;) ) - komen ini patut pada dipaut pada entry perigi dan timba tu :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

tunggu kak lin story cerita terbaru... LAGI saiko!

deghian meloncat
aiseh, came across your advice a wee bit too late -- had a really sakithati meeting with a current contractor who is so not performing and at the same time manipulating a lot of things at site... adai...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak kay
thanks for the wish, kakak!!! sebenarnya dah tak berapa sakit apa pun... ni cuma follow-up treatment je... insyaAllah ok! thanks again, kakak!!!

kak teh
taksabar taksabar taksabar!!! GRINS

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak naz
itu lah, rindu tau kalau 'tenggelam' lama sangat!!! pengubat stress tau, reading your entries nih! ;-D

bro shah
alaaa tak rawk la mudah give-up nihhhh.... bukan ke guys like doing the hunt and chasing?? ;-D

d'Frog Prince said...

occay, first off, take good care, ppl says health is wealth, i think, health lagi penting dari wealth, ye tak? badan kalu dah sakit, duit berjuta pun can not help, boleh tolong berubat, still need to suffer during the recovery, betul tak?

now, the not so nice part - you gotta start exercising and watch what you take sista!! kita orang ni makin hari, makin berumur ler katakan. so, all the favourite food, kena jadi luxury food lah, have it once a while, bukan once a while selang sehari, once a while selang sebulan! because all the nice food biasanya lah, is not so good for health, kakaka. macam goreng cempedak, cucur udang, gorpis, cheese cake, butter cake, laksa santan, rendang, kari ayam, etc etc, sheesh, making my resolve to control food jadi goyah plak.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

thnks for your advice!

when i read your list of foodies -- man, i can't remember the last time i had all those! in fact, kalau nak compare dengan your venture-self yang suka venture into new eateries, we both (zul and i) are so on the opposite spectrum as you are!

can't say we both are healthy eaters (like, makan low carb, high protein kinda thing), but we're not big eaters to begin with either.

the one thing we're lacking (or slacking) is the exercising part. aiyoh, sunggggguh malas. haha

F Manchester said...

Happy aniversary to you too! Take care ok. I've been away from reading your blog and doing catch up now.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
i saw a glimpse of prettyshadah foto in spain on your FB!!!! bestnya! will definitely catch up on the album once a bit freer!


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