Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Lil Man At 4 Months

  • My lil man turns four months old today.

this evening, lepak dengan Tok Mi tengok tv

  • He's getting really attached to Tok Mi. Nak tidur, cari Tok Mi. Nak minum susu, cari Tok Mi. Nak makan nestum, cari Tok Mi.

  • He gets inquisitive whenever a camera's being shoved at his face.

  • He loves being in Ibu and Cu Di's company [dia takut sket dengan Ayah Ahy dia, haha].

  • We thought he loves Garfield...

... but we think, him liking bright colours is more apt.

  • And oh how he loves sucking fingers! No, not his, though... but Che's...


...and Pak Ngah's, apart from Mummy's and Cu Di's.

Mummy tak sabar nak balik Bangi lagi this weekend. And it's going to be a longer weekend than usual 'coz Maulidur-Rasul. Yeayyyy.



F Manchester said...

Ok... is there adopt one get one free deal here? Can I have an Amir too? or is he just one in a trillion?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
i wish there is such deal!!! i would've taken more! haha

we're just lucky to have found Amir...Alhamdulillah.

You'd be surprised of how many babies there are out there (especially from shelter homes) yang diambil angkat, coz a lot of them are very young mothers.

atiza said...

part paling best masa feeding babies would the time when he/she stared at your face..as if trying to remember the contour of mama's face..the colour of mama's eyes..

and if you are angry while feeding him/her, believe me..the baby knew and refused to be fed..

dah belikan meinan gigit2 tuh? nak start tumbuh gigi nampaknya..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak aie
amir's tok mi told me... looking at a baby asleep is like looking at the entire world presented infront of you.

Shabar said...

Faszt, sekali pandang je an, aku dah nampak mulut si Amir tu macam mulut kau! Hehehehe....btw, true...i like looking at my baby when feeding her and when she's asleep...like heaven on earth!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mulut dia macam mulut aku??? itu la jodoh namanya...heh heh

d'Frog Prince said...

hehehe, rkm, orang tua2 cina cakap, bebudak especially, kalau dia tengok muka kita selalu sangat, muka dia pun ikut iras2 kita tau.

sama gak orang cakap kalau suami isteri tu dah lama bersama kan, muka pun kekadang boleh ada iras, I rasa it's the "expression" lah kot, just like indons, bangla etc have a certain expression - whereby, an indon amongst malays, you still can spot him even though he would looked the same.

in fact, if you are overseas, you group chinese from malaysia ngan chinese from other countries, chances are, you will be able to spot them even at one glance, all look alike but tengok betul2, you can tell them apart, they will have the "malaysian expression", tak kira lah which ever group under the "cimb" kan, kan? that's the beauty of staying under same langit, kan?


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