Tuesday, March 03, 2009

De-stressing Over A Stress Test

Catching up with GUIT that I bought, err, I wrote here "12 April '08, MPH 1-Utama", while sitting in the middle of the corridor on the floor of the Level 6 CCU@HUKM, waiting for my turn for the stress-test.

I'm nervous. If I were to do some running in the test, this will be, what, 17 years since the last I did some running, like, REALLY running.

Last was in 92's Kolej Banting marathon. I wouldn't even bother to participate if it were not for my then athletic ex-bf's coaxing and challenge to get at least a 'Markah' for the Rumah Kuning. I managed to get a two, which was a proud moment juga la considering that people thot I may just get a 1 or 0.

Ok, nak sambung baca. Bila lah agaknya GUIT ni nak dijadikan film, ek? Macam Kite Runner tu. Or at least, comes with audio CD ka, macam Pok Ku has been doing for his blog entries since early Feb. Baru la best dengar the Ganuspeak real life. Aku ni dah la lembam kalau nak perabiskan membaca. I've 3 others at home that I've started reading since 2007, sampai la ni tak abih-abih. Kalau ada audio CD, boleh la pasang sambil menjait beads ka, edit photos ka, do drawings ka, vacuum rumah ka, long-distance driving ka, cooking ka. Multi-tasking gitew, kan.


nik awin said...

sambil layan blog, sambil bagi makan labu labi, sambil tengok tv...

multitasking jugak,kan?
fuh..susah tu..boleh shed few kg tak,agaknya? (kalau buat sume serentak,mungkin boleh,kan?)

Jumper said...

I recommend you to relight the torch, pick up your plimsolls, tie them and run baby run. Some old flames, old affairs should be snuffed dead and not worth the rekindling effort (what they say...membazir karan?!); but give your running a shot! It'll serve you with great benefits if it's added as one of the things that you multi-task.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


deghian meloncat
in fact, i HAVE asked my husband if he could get me a treadmill once pindah rumah baru. takut la nak jalan/lari sorang-sorang kat KL ni...


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