Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Fea

I'm typing this from my cekai hp while on the ferry from Kola Kedah to Langkawi.

Above is a picture of Kak Roih holding Baby Fea, while Aesyah plays peekaboo with Fea from behind bantal peluk Pooh Bear that Pak Ngah bought for Fea.

Kak Roih, Aesyah, Abang and I visited Baby Fea yesterday evening at the Gleneagles Medical Center's Paeds Ward in Penang.

For a 5 1/2 mth old baby (turning 6 mths this 22nd), Fea certainly looked so fragile for her age. She had her op last Thursday -- tutup lubang, luaskan artery yang sempit, and tutup dua saluran yang terbuka. She had a long incision from her breast-bone down to top of her navel, and then across from her rib area to the back, including a few stitched-up small holes that were probably where scopes had been inserted.

When we came, she only recognised her Mak Anjang (Kak Rose) who had taken care of Fea a couple of times at the hospital (bless you, Mak Anjang). Fea cried when she saw unfamilliar faces. No, more like, whimpered. You know, like a lil kitty in pain, her voice barely audible, but her tears streamed down her cute face. You just knew she's got all emotions bundled up into one -- the stitches that still hurt her, she was hungry (yet the doc wanted to measure her intake and her output, so she was put into very strict feeding measures) and she was scared that strangers would take her away and prod her endlessly.

My heart bleeds. She's just too tiny to be taking in all the pain... Bila compare dengan Amir, subhanallah, bersyukurnya Mummy that Amir dikurniakan kesihatan yang bagus, Alhamdulillah...

We also got to meet Fea's surgeon when he came in to inform that Fea's echo looked great and that Fea could go back tomorrow i.e today, Thursday.

We were ecstatic with the news. Means that she could go back to a more 'secure' place - no more strangers in white jackets to take her away, and she could eat to her heart's content - no more measuring of her urine or faecal matters.

One thing tho, Fea loved the liquid medications! When the time came to give her the ubat (3 types), she willingly sucked the syringe while the mom, Ipah, pushed the ubat gently onto her tongue.

She's such a fighter, that wee girl. While the other babies who were operated almost the same time as she did, contracted infections or even had to go back into the CCU, she faired really well and considered fit to be discharged within a week of her major op, Alhamdulillah...

Semoga Allah kurniakan kekuatan dan kesihatan buat Fea and family...Aaaamiiin.


Naz said...

Kak Naz doakan baby cepat sembuh. It's a question of time before those chubby cheeks make their appearance!

F Manchester said...

its official... I've found my new super hero- Baby Fea!

What a feat for such a small tiny person. May ALLAH panjangkan umurnye and murahkan rezekinye.

Jumper said...

I feel like doing my colour blindness eye check when I'm reading the text in your blog. Maybe it's my aging eyesight, but really I have to do a lot of guesswork when the text are typed in yellow against your yellowish background.

My prayer is with yours for Fea.

Finally, I dah siapkan your tagging assignment.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak Naz
hak ah, we're hoping and praying for that to come soon, too. in due time we would forget that she was once a very sick baby, kan...?

kak ilush
she's such a strong baby, kan...?

deghian meloncat
when that happens with my blog, just refresh the page until you get it right ;-)

yups, read the tagging...tak sempat nak mengomen just yet! :-D


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