Monday, February 02, 2009

Tag 16 Dalil

Menyambut sahutan mesra dari Abg Shah and Zetty Etty, here are 16 dalil tentang RKM:

No. 1 - 6:
Nak ngelat boleh? Hehehe. Here.

No. 7:
I was hospitalised for asthma at 11 months old, and had intensive allergy test and medication in Manila in 1978 when Ayah was doing his Masters @ AIM. Umi had to take me for weekly asthmatic jabs (and later on, once fortnightly when I complained of tremors and trembling hands, hence difficulties to write and draw at school), not without first having to take rides using a cab, bus and jipney to and fro. I was also told that back then the M'sian medical field was still lacking in asthma treatment. Yang paling aku tahu, I hated the needles here in M'sia -- rasa besar dan sakit sangat everytime kena jab. So, the specialists in Manila (a certain Dr.Rosalind) supplied us a year's worth of syringes+needles AND dials of ubat injection (also, a list of pharma-jargons and records) to be kept by my personal doctor in M'sia, Dr.Ng (of Kajang's reknowned Ng Clinic). Alhamdulillah, I'm ok and way better in my adult life, since I know how to control the onset of an attack... insyaAllah. So far, I haven't had any attacks in 2008, Alhamdulillaaaaaaaaaah ... touch wood la kan if aku capui sangat.

No. 8:
From the allergy test, I had (and still have for some of it) 36 allergies, marked between a '+' and '3+' -- '+' being mild, '3+' being the strongest allergic reaction. Some of the allergies that I still remember are spicy food, banana and some fruits, a type of grass, pollens, mosquito bites (a '3+'!), food colouring, penicillin, house mites and dust, animal furs (yeahhhh surprise surprise), tapai and extreme hot+humid weather. But I think out of those, only Penicillin, mozzy bites, tapai and the hot+humid weather that could still elicit inflammation to my lungs. Oh that reminds me to get myself an allergy-tag chain lah, for the Penicllin. Mana nak buat, eh?

I don't eat tapai. Yuks. Reason? Perhaps it all started with Dalil No. 8.

No. 10:
I was a 'normal weight' child since born till I was, about 9. At 10, aku 'putus ubat', and gained a whopping 9 kilos the entire year. By 11, I was considered a fat child, 4' 10" - 11" and 49kilos. I was so embarrassed, but somehow my folks never assisted me back then pertaining my weight issue. Lagi shumbat makan, ada la. But what I did the entire year getting into 12 was that I skipped dinner (not knowing back then that skipping dinner was a sure fight against weight-gain!) to my parents' chagrin sebab anak-anak semua kena kumpul kat meja makan waktu dinner but I refused to join them. The results? I gained only 1 kilo that year, and 1 inch taller -- I was so happy. But of course, that never last, that 1 kilo-a-year thing. I have, since then, gained God knows how much. I blame it on hefty laughter and screwed-up thyroid = screwed-up metabolism. Haha. Alasan la ni.

I can swim 40 non-stop lapses, or cycle 10km, but never ask me to do running or climbing (stairs included). Those latter two would trigger my asthma. Still do. I think. Heh heh. Alasan la ni.

I can stand extreme cold weather. That's why I never had weather-triggered asthma during the 5 years I was in Scotland, the coldest and wettest place in UK. After coming back for good in September 1999, I had a 5-week attack due to the hot and humid. Since then, I've lost count of the attacks due to the M'sian weather. Ceh, macam blagak kan. Mulut dah la bau belachan.

When I was 22 and doing a 2-months' stint in an architectural office in Bangsar, the office had this pretty (yet temperamental) 32-year old lady as the receptionist. Kak apa tah nama dia. Lawa wo dia. Slim, specky, rambut pendek... kira anggun la jugak. Yet still single. Bagi aku, pelik betul kakak secantik ni still single. But that actually gave me some 'foresight' that I may myself marry at 32. So, when I had my first boyfriend at 23 who was a year older than me, I told him that 'foresight' of mine, and he of course took that lightly, laughed it off and told me he doesn't think he could wait that long. We broke off due to the distance (he was in S'pore) and 'different agendas' (but still remain fast friends, though. He even came over for my wedding with his lovely wife and two beautiful kids), and when I got together with my own best friend at 24 and got engaged at 26 to be married at 27, I thought hey this is great I was totally wrong about me getting married at 32! But, that engagement lasted only 6 months... yup, boo hoo. Cut story short, after tremendous amount of roller-coaster rides, Abang 'came back' into my life unexpectedly in January 2005. That July, I turned 32. We got married on Xmas Eve 2005, when I was 32, of course :-). My foresight was correct after all, ey.

Like Zetty, akak pung tak suka lelaki berbulu dada. Kalo sikit-sikit yang jarang-jarang tu, tak pe. Yang bergentel-gentel and bercarpert di dada -- euw, geli la. Maybe sebab terbayangkan kalau dia berpeluh, it's extra busuk. Or dada dia ada dandruff.

Yeay, lagi 2!!!

I don't like shopping. Oh wait, I hate having to go out shopping. I only go out shopping when there's a need to shop, like, baju dah buruk and ketat, kasut dah hancur, beg dah putus. So, if you're talking about this shop sells cheap this, that mall sells great that -- sorry kalau akak rupa manusia paling bodoh di dunia, blur tak tahu apa-apa. Hence, with that, I'm not brand-name conscious. I only buy high-end items only if I have to, like, kasut, sebab it's more comfy for my small feet that have to withstand my weight, and also tahan lama.

When I was 10, I wanted to be an animator and work at Disney 'coz I watched way too many of the Disney animation movies on the then SBC (S'pore Boradcasting Corporation). But when I was 18, I filled in '1. medical, 2. advertising, 3.architecture' instead in my borang UPU. Dulu mana ada kursus animator, maah. I missed the final interview by Petronas to be sent somewhere for medical 'coz we were away in Kelantan. Dulu mana ada handphone, kan. I missed JPA offer to do architecture 'coz they implied that they prolly wanted to send me to France, and I didn't sound as keen in the interview. Ok I can be that obvious if I don't think I like something, ok. And so, I accepted doing Architecture by MARA in the end. And I married a cartoonist. Okkkkaaaayyyy la tu, dekat-dekat la dengan cita-cita nak jadi animator. Hua hua.

Pant Pant Pant!

Nah, I tag these 16 people plak....
Ahy, Awin, Kak Aie, Dijji, D!ikzura, Raha Qisstina, Iron Butterfly, Khemy, Miem, Durian Meloncat, Kak Ngah Myra, Kak Naz, Nuni, Shabar, Abe Tommy, Kak Ummi Lina.

Buat eh...? Easy way to know you guys a great big deal. hehe

Eiii esok dah kijerrrrr.

When I was 4 or 5, I wanted to marry Dahlan Zainuddin. Dia hensem woo masa tu, suara pun lazat gila.



nik awin said...

ehmmm..ehmmm (berdehem dulu sebab byk nak ulas nihh)
salam sejahtara wahai umat muhammad

1. waaaaahh..ceria meriaaah blog nihhh..

2.kene tag???
(tarik rambut..tarik rambut..)

3.nampak banyak lagi space blog nih..boleh muat byk hal lagi kat column kiri kanan tu

4.saya rasa akak ni boleh jai malaysian version of 'bubble boy'
cite pasal budak yg kena tinggal dalam belon besar sebab dia takder antibodi...huhuhu jgn marah..tu citer lama,kan??

5. memang lelaki bulu dada mcm karpet tu mmg menakutkan.ntah-ntah ada flea ke..
ntah ntah jelmaan werewolf tak habis nak morph


Roti Kacang Merah said...

ekkkhemmmmm. Salam sejahtera ke atas kamu juga.

1. timakaceeeeh. peluh akak membuatnya! tobat!

2. yeaaaaaaaaaaar awak kena taggggg, buat jangan tak buat, bwahahahahahaaa!

3. eiii tak tahu la akak nak isi apa lagi kat column2 ni! pelan-pelan la kot...

4. yeaaaar sebab itu bulat macam bubble, hehe

5. yaaa kalau ada kutu ka, sarang burung ka... kan ke susah nak cium dada! huish 18XL!

gedek! said...

Alamak! Macam menarik je ayat ni? Boleh panjangkan lagi tak Nombor 13 lepas ayat "Abang 'came back'.....?. Ini 'the other side of Zunar' yang rasanya ramai member dia yang tak tau... 'kah kah kah'! ( pinjam gelak Isham)

-g! (menunggu dengan penuh debar...)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Abe G
cerita 'itu'??? Tunggguuuuuu. Long overdue, actually. Tapi tak tercerita-cerita...! Sebabnya, dia kata if nak tulis, kena kasi dia baca dulu baru boleh post entry. Adddaa ka mau control media laidat? hehe

D said...

babe, BANYAK nya nak tulissssss!!! awak ngelat, kita pun ngelat la ek?

btw, LURVE the new template - superb! berpeluh eh? padanla ada masham sket (tho tak leh beat the smell from the hairy man! LOL)

ok, cukupla merapu sini.. kena merapu 16 dalil la pulak!

Saya said...

replying alin...nak tulis kena yr abang baca dulu? hahahaha you dont get kebebasan media your husband is so so so passionate about hahaha....sorry la its my moment to gelak hihihi. cakap tak serupa itu bikin? gurau la ALin.

btw, love the new layout, ceria. Not that I didnt love the old layout...I mean you know bulat bulat what IS that?


NJ@goboklama said...

eyyyyyyyy,cantiknya blog!!!! sukerrr giler!!! nak gaksss!!!!

and I sukerrrr gak dgn nama Raha Qistina tu,wakakakaka!!!

bout the tagging, lmbat sket eh? ;P

Iron Butterfly said...

Kak Lin, here's the url tapi ader satu je gamba i think. yang lain gambar diorang tgh sakan pose. anyhoo.. tag tu nanti yer... can't think of anything interesting to write. oh well, maybe i'll just list some boring stuff. heh.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alaa ngelat of survival, maah! hehe

suka the layout? tenchuuuu!!! i pun suka! hehehehee angkat bakul masuk sendiri... or, is it another way round..?

kak saya
yeaaaaaarrrr tell THAT to your brader!!! I told him EXACTLY the same! i bengang woh...hehe

glad you like the new template, kakak!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

pn. raha qistina yang comelz
best kan nama ittew?? hehehe

ok, lambat pung tak pa, at least you ada bahan nak update your blog selalu!!! winks!

kupu2 seterika
got the links, thank you!!!! best giler!

yes yes write aje lah so-called boring stuff... you'd be amazed that the boring stuff you thought it was might be incredibly amusing to your readers!

.::c!kzUrA::. said...

humang ai..panjang jela2 la tag ni..hehe..nnt zura bt eh..tunggu free dl..kang bos npk kene piat lak..ahai..

*uik, blog ni da tukar baju la.. :)

Khemy said...

wah, berwajah baru..nampaknya nak baca kak lin nyer blog kat opis kena la kecikkan skit window tu pasni sebab kaler itu sungguh riang ria ok..LOL

tag tu nanti saya buat okeh..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

tak peerrrr, take your taing [time]!!!

ya la dah lama sangat pakai baju yang sama sampai bau kepam! hehe

hahaha sampai gituk skaley nak kena baca blog kak lin??!

Zetty said...

wah wah wah....chantekkk nya kaler blog ni.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mood tengah suka kaler oren terracotta! nak tengok berapa lama mood ni bertahan, haha!

Jumper said...

Wow! Silau bijik mata tengok your new blog layout. Meriah and sangat happening!!!
Kena tag?! I tak pahamlah the concept behind tag2 nie; but let's me see kalau senang nanti I buatlah apa yg disuruh..[macam homework pulak?!]
Have a nice day!

Naz said...

Dahlan Zainudin? Hmmm....nasib baik tak M Daud Kilau with his
*senyum lah...senyumlah....ahai cik mek molek!*
ps:I'm working on my 9th!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

deghian meloncat
sudah balik dubai kaa?

cepat, cepat, i tunggu! :-D

kak naz
m daud kilau??? Na'udzubillah ~ nanti kena compete dengan laki pulak dalam bab gelek menggelek, haha

eiii tak sabar ni nak baca tag kakak! :-D


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