Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Brief Saturday With Amir, and other thoughts

Budak tak mandi lagi and tengah lapar

Mummy had a brief Saturday with Darling Amir yesterday in Bangi.

Cu Di was in Bangi too, arriving home from Melaka the night before at 1am.
Amir holding Cu Di's pinky.
Look how gebu and healthy you are!

Apart from spending time with you, Mummy also took the chance to start doing Ibu's hantaran. Tok Mi taught Mummy how to use the 'mesin jahit tepi', Mummy was indeed ecstatic! Gila senang! Naper la Mummy tak pernah guna the machine before this, ntah. Mummy managed to cut and sew all 11 alas, Alhamdulillah, while feeding you, talking to you, dance and sing with you, ganti your nappies and baju, and dodoi you to sleep.

Ahhh, such bliss, ey Sayang.

Unfortunately, belum puas Mummy spend time with you, Pak Ngah texted Mummy at 4.35pm to pick him up at 5 instead of the usual 8pm on the weekends. Hmph. However, Mummy told Pak Ngah that Mummy would like to start the journey at 5pm, just to spend that 20 odd minutes more with Amir. Pak Ngah said ok.

This is Amir this morning. Tok Mi mms-ed Mummy. You were all geared-up to go for a drive back to your 'rumah'. Your 'Nek and other sisters there are missing you, eventhough your Mak has long gone up-north for her nursing course. Look at you, so happy handsome-handsome gitu early in the morning, with a blue cap that Ibu found at the 'rumah', and a pair of dainty shoes that Mummy bought you some time back. You've grown up so fast, Mummy thinks the shoes look rather tight by now. Note to Mummy: get Amir new pairs.


Mummy saw these, and remind me of Amir. Amir besar esok, nyanyi sesama dengan Mummy, eh? Semoga Amir membesar menjadi orang yang berbakat, dan laksanakan bakat Amir di jalan Allah s.w.t...


On a sadder note, your cousin, Sofea Zahra (Pak Ngah's youngest sister's youngest baby. Also Pak Ngah & Mummy's god-daughter, bestowed upon by Tok Pendang), who is only a few months older than you are, is not well. She's just been diagnosed as having a hole in her heart. Aunty Rose wrote about Baby Fea here, and so did Aunty Rose's lovely daughter Aesyah here. Mummy and Pak Ngah are planning to visit Fea this very near future, God Willing. Mummy sedih sebab her surgery costs RM40k. If only Fea's my baby, Mummy could use Mummy's insurance (or EPF, maybe?) to help Fea... Allahu a'lam.

Semoga Amir membesar sihat walafiat, Ya Rabbal Aaaa lamiiin...

This is Mummy's dedication to Baby Fea...

.... semoga dipermudahkan kesihatan Fea oleh Allah s.w.t, aaamiiiin.

Amir tolong doakan Kak Fea sihat juga, ya...?

Mummy f~


atiza said...

doa for fea...

hug amir (plus cubit pipi yer) on my behalf plz.. :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak aie
...tengok gambar amir pung dah leh bau baby dia... windu nih...


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