Tuesday, February 03, 2009


This is Amir Mu'az, our own little Jonathan Lipnicki.

I am Amir's Mummy, and Celi is Amir's Ibu. Mummy and Ibu fell in love with this lil man instantly the moment we got to know of him from Ibu's new work place, an NGO Shelter Home. Since early of the year, Mummy or Ibu have been fetching Amir back to Mummy's place almost every weekend to accompany Mummy while Pak Ngah's away at work. Amir's young Mak doesn't mind, 'coz she has started classes in some nursing school.

Amir is 3 months' old today! Oh how he loves Pak Ngah to bits, laughing at Pak Ngah's silly faces, and twittering at Pak Ngah to come back chatting to him once Pak Ngah turns away to go somewhere else. Cheeky boy, this Amir. I'm sure he'll be Pak Ngah's best buddy on the soccer field one day!

Even though Amir's more attached to Ibu since Ibu sees Amir everyday at work and insists on bathing him clean every morning and evening, they said Amir's face looks more like Mummy each day... especially the nose and mouth. Yeay!!! Tapi kulit dia pulak cerah, menenggelamkan Mummy yang sebenarnya cerah ini. Heh heh.

Tok Umi, Tok Ayah, Pak Ngah, Ayah Ahy, Ayah Cu Di and Che Nazim love Amir to bits too! And Tok Umi has been relentlessly giving Mummy and Ibu tips on taking great care of Amir... tenchew Tok Umi!!!

Next week, Mummy is planning to take in Amir for good, perhaps leaving Amir in the good hands of Tok Umi during the weekdays and coming back to Mummy's place in the weekends. We'll see how the arrangement is like, since Mummy also doesn't think Ibu would want to let Amir go either, too! hehe. Oh how you're loved, lil pumpkin! He's just so adorable, charming, a fast learner... and kuatnya dia minum air! Alhamdulillah! Not seeing him for even a week (like last week when Mummy had to go up north to Pendang) makes Mummy so restless and fidgety. Mummy would keep smelling Amir's baby-smell wafting in the air. Eiii seksa Mummy, tau.

This morning Ibu has taken Amir back to the shelter. InsyaAllah, if all is well, Ibu would want to seek permission from Amir's Mak and the shelter to take Amir out of the place soonest possible, and live with Mummy or even Ibu, happily ever after....insyaAllah.

Mummy f~


Thomas Mok said...

he does look like you.

i hope he stays permanently with you, he will gives abg zunar a run for his money, kakakaka.

nothing lightens up a place more than an adorable cuties.

DocYana said...

He is adorable!!!!! I know what you mean about missing baby smells. Babies just have that certain fragrance about them regardless of the type of bath gel or powder you use, kan?

Good luck with Mu'az....and keep us all posted, ok?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

insyaAllah, Amir would limpah more rezqi to us all, including perhaps babies of our own ;-). He IS adorable... suruh "Smile, Amir..!", and he would never fail to smile!

tapi ini budak kalau tak letak bedak, bila bangun tidur pagi bau jadi musky, woh! macam budak beshar! hehe. Thank you for the wish, definitely will keep you guys posted, insyaAllah!!!

elisataufik said...

Masya-Allah.. so comel!!!
and I would percaya if you say he's really yours.
I think Ibu cannot officially adopr Amir coz she's not married yet, kan?

F manchester said...

This is Great News!!! Insya'ALLAH I doakan untuk the both of you! I'm a bit teary eyed actually reading this- so happy for you both truly.

nik awin said...

geram kan?
secomen tu...uhhhhhh nak geget geget je pipi tu..

bila tido tu,kan..isk isk..rasa cam nak gomol je kejut-kejutkan suruh bangun..sebab bila baby tido..muka dia innocentttt sgt..paling suka tgk baby masa tido..sebab masa tu la paling besh nak cium-cium..


Roti Kacang Merah said...

he is indeed so, so comel!

we haven't sorted out whether his Mak would allow us for a full adoption or partial... so, can't tell just yet. But I do have a good friend who is single who has adopted a 2-mth old baby [who's now perhaps 5 years old] and at this moment turut ikut ibu dia buat Masters in London. No matter, we'll see who Amir is more comfortable with since we both love him to bits, coz it's been celi who has been looking out for him and do most of the hardwork daily for the past month, while his young Mak is away most of the time!

As long as Amir can be a part of us and grow up to be a great Amir / Leader! InsyaAllah!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
oh, he's SUCH a gem, truly..!

aieeeee SEBIJIK apa yang kita rasa, woh! Lagi dia tidur, lagi kita nak kejut, nak gomol-gomol dia, nak shium-shium dia, nak suruh dia kebil-kebil mata tengok kita dengan muka mamai-mamai dia... terus dia nangis nak mintak shushu. hehe

Ummi365 said...

he looks so much like you.. and so adorable.. haha ahy dah dapat gelaran ayah ahy?

good for you dear.. hopefully you can take care of him forever.. best of luck

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ummilina
eff why eye, ayah ahy even has anak sedaras yang sebaya2 on our dad's side! yes, ahy's THAT old, ok? haha

hopefully Allah akan mudahkan perjalanan kami untuk pelihara Amir sebaik mungkin, coz he truly deserves the happiness!

Ummi365 said...

tag dah siap dear.. i ngelat hehehe

Zetty said...

awww...he is so adorable. am very very happy for you, hope everything works out well. labu ngan labi tak jeles kah? hehehe.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alaaaaaaaaa lupa lah dia dah pernah kena tag the same thiiiiiiiiinnngggg! ish, sunggoh tak aci... nak nyusahkan orang, tak jadik pulak plan. haha

insyaAllah, kalau niat baik, Allah akan permudahkan! insyaAllah!

Labu & Labi? Labu and Amir -- ok ok la. if I put Labu's face infront of Amir's, all the two of them do is stare at each other... cute sangat! Labi pulak? Pantang Amir gerak sikit, Labi melatah terkejut. Pengecut betul.

Countess Miem said...

OMG Kaklin. Comelnya. Cubit pipi sket. (I mean Amir :P)

I always have this ambition to adopt one day. The feeling is so calm and peaceful, rasa mcm dpt penuhi satu tanggungjawab. Of course Im gonna have a few(a team) on my own, insyaallah. But if not, I'm gonna adopt several children and live happily ever after. Hehe

Countess Miem said...

Btw, mulut die besharrr cam taklin. :D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

murninya niat anak sedara kak lin, ni... hug hug. kalau kita berjaya didik dia jadi bagus, itu satu bonus kurniaan Allah, and dengan izin Allah juga kita dapa beri dia one extra hope in life...

mulut Amir beshar macam kak lin his Mummy??? kuat bercakap pun macam Mummy dia jugak, haha

.::c!kzUrA::. said...

comel sgt2 amir nih!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

SANGAT comel, rasa macam nak buat masak kicap aje!

Sanity said...

argh he's so cute! I wanna meet the lil man too!!


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