Friday, February 13, 2009

Hopelessly helpless

There's a wee lovely black 'teenage' cat, meowing incessantly outside my doorstep the past hour.

Don't know how it found our door, ok. There are 12 units on every floor, and we're on the 6th. Other units have cats too, but it chooses us.

Tadi, while Abang was taking his shower, I heard some gentle taps and scratches at the door apart from the loud meowing. I opened the front door a wee bit, planning to peer through and see where this cat would be and how it looked like. And in came this black teenage cat, bursting in looking for food I presume. Labu and Labi were already near the door, but they scampered back like as if the kitty was some angel of death or something. Labi climbed ontop of the dining table, while Labu crawled back slowly towards the kitty and hissed back right to the kitty's face.

Did the wee kitty back away? No sirree.

It kept meowing, asking for food.

And that's when I noticed its ears penuh dengan bekas scabs, by Gawd! God knows what else ada underneath the beautiful shiny black coat. It had a white spot down at its belly, though. Adorable.

"Okay small guy, you need a shower before I give you food and let you contaminate my other boys, mkay..."

I took the kitty to the master bathroom, and Abang was just finishing his shower. Abang didn't seem to fancy the fact that the kitty was inside. "Kasi dia makan kat luar! Not inside, satgi dia tak nak keluar, kan susah kita!"

More like, 'satgi aku yang sedih nak bawak dia keluar balik' to me. I think Abang knows me better than to let the kitty in.

So, Abang took it out, bentang suratkhabar near the lift and poured some cat biscuits.

But it came right back. Calling us from underneath the door. Menggamit gamit. Macam tangan Amir.

Still calling us from underneath the door.

Arrrghhh, Abang.... siannya diaaaaa..... I said.

Abis nak buat camner... kalau kita kasi dia masuk, nanti kita kena bela dia! Abang said.

Arrrghhh, lil kitty.... go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

picture chilok-ed without permission from this blog



nik awin said...

uh..memang belas kesian..
saya tau apa perasaannya..tu pasal sy ni menahan diri dari bg kucin makan kat area rumah..nak bg makan jauh kat bawah pokok kari belakang rumah..

pastu cepat-cepat lari takut konon dia tau rumah kiter..pastu asking for some more food.

tak sanggup kalau tak bagi
tak smpai hati

d'Frog Prince said...

happy valentine day.

if mampu, just take the fella in, after all, you guys luv furry and furballs generators.

Naz said...

Post mai sini...Kak Naz jaga dia!

DocYana said...

Alaaaaaaa...part yang dia masukkan tgn dia di bawah pintu tu yang tak tahan tuuuu.......poor kitty!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kat rumah Umi Ayah Kak Lin kat Bangi (rumah bawah / landed), kami pun buat cam ahwin gak. Tapi kat apartmen, terpaksa la kasi kat lif. itu pun dia ikut balik... hwaaaa

abe tommy
happy val's day to you too!!!

insyaAllah if ada rumah landed, leh lah buat camtu, kan. Ni kat apartmen, tak muat makhluk, lah..hehehe

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak naz
eiii kalau dapat ku postkan even ke DocYana pun, akan ku post tucing ittewwww!

i IMMEDIATELY thought of you tau...rasa nak call rescue 999 je ke you! hahaha


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