Monday, January 19, 2009

Tahun Gaji Buta?

Study model, development @ Kolam Air

Since the new Boss took over the helm of the organisation, keja kami asyik sediakan bajet aje w'pun bajet dah terang-terang ada dalam buku bajet the past 3 years.

Elok tu, elok la. He intends to scrutinize every sen spent. But spare us in the Unit la kan. Dah la projek tak sebanyak jabatan lain.

That said, jabatan lain ada beratus-ratus projek, ranging from rm30k to juta-juta. Kami? We only have less than 20, but not less than rm10j each.

Like my project above, obviously it'll be in millions. But helo, with lokasi tanah seberang jalan dengan pwtc and orang berebut-rebut tanya bila nak siap, they the Super Admins still think the project cannot sell, hence, plan to k.i.v it. And we're talking about earthworks and piling job dah 100% completed on site dah, tau! The french-u-connection-k, kan. Ibarat nak buang air besar kena tahan -- ta*k dari perut dah suku keluar, yang lain dipaksa tahan tak kasi keluar.

Anyway, The New Big Boss and all Pengarah jabatan are going for a budget retreat this beginning of Feb. My Ketua says we'll see how it goes.

I've four housing projects like this on my plate, all waiting to be built supposedly by March this year. If from the retreat, it's decided that budget for my projects kena cut and put to k.i.v...? Well, aku datang keja untuk menjait manik or buat alas-alas hantaran adik aku le gamaknya.

And while we're at that, I'd prolly hide under my desk so that all 21 of my Building Consultants Team couldn't find me.



F Manchester said...

Its all down to who's head goes on the chopping board if things go wrong. Looks to me like your boss lacks the bussiness 'risk taking' sense hence why he's being carefull. Its only the lucky few who brave that leap and not all leaps are that risky- more like calculative risk.

But to have invested in earthworks and piling and not proceed seems a bit daft- couldn't it be developed in phases? looking at your model- it is a possibilty worth considering.

d'Frog Prince said...

it is so malaysian right? we can do crooked bridge, halfway. we can do double tracking, on / off / on / off / on again, depending on whether the crooks needed the money or not.

coming soon, another airport? it is so typical, right?

anyway, the project looked grand, central some more, sure got buyers, why delayed? stupid heads deserved to be chopped.

probably, if they proceed, tak dapat lah nak pergi retreat, betul tak? probably retreat ke overseas kot?

and also, if the things are self-funding (ie, after built can sell, get funds back) - what kind of budget are they worried about? something fishy always happen to and in our government, huh?

sunshine said...


atiza said...

at least you still have a job that you could cling to..I have a friend who had just been laid off by Intel..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak ilush
i was told that The Big Boss was a risk taker,who made profits for a certain development corporation when the corporation was on the brink of a collapse.

so we in the Unit are all hoping that he'd take risk on us.

it's THE REST OF THE PENGARAH JABATAN yang being soooo pessimistic with us -- a few of them even openly suggested that our unit is pure redundant!

yup, project looked grand, central location, affordable price... and yet they all so scared we may just guna duit tanpa pulangan balik. dorang ingat kami ni kaki goyangkaki agaknya.

mujur dorang retreat kat PD aje!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

right back atcha!

kak aie
so so so true. alhamdulillah that i still have my job even though i may just be clinging to it and pi keja jait manik.... insyaAllah...


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