Friday, January 16, 2009

saiyaaaaAAAAaaang korang

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Okay. I'm glad that this article came up. I been advocating the use against this to my family and mates for quite a while now.

Kalau ada pembalut kertas (yang warna coklat tu) or even plastic makanan yang boleh digunakan to tapau your food, please ask your vendors to use that instead. Not that the plastic is any better itself, but at least in my book it's way better than using the polystyrene containers.

Imagine lah kan, banyak tempat guna the poly-containers to put hot food like telur dadar, nasi goreng, tauhu bakar, nasi panas and other really and fresh-from-the-wok piping hot stuff directly onto the polystyrene containers! If you notice, the foam under the food would change colour and mengecut lain macam.

I also notice that rice from polystyrene containers would end up keras lain macam. Like as if a thin layer of foam is formed on top of the rice while being in the containers.

So you know, try, as much as possible, to avoid using this stuff. Either bawak your own tupperware, macam Cik Zetty kita (1 million points for her for being Green!!! tepuk tepuk tepuk!), or insist of using other than polystyrene container. Usually these vendors ada plastics for food. Hangpa letak nasik and lauk-lauk dalam tu pun, apa salahnya. Balik ofis, rajin-rajin la sikit tuang dalam pinggan ke apa. Sila jangan malas, eh. Bukan sahaja untuk kesejahteraan kesihatan anda, tapi juga untuk kesihatan Ibu Bumi (read: Mother Earth?).

Lagipun, sebab aku saiyaaaaAAAAaaang korang suma, tauuuu....


Public should impose ban on polystyrene containers
Athi Veeranggan | Jan 16, 09 1:57pm

The public should refrain from using polystyrene-made containers which have been discovered to be a cancer causing agent, the Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) said today.

Besides being a health risk, CAP president S M Mohamed Idris said polystyrene was also detrimental to the environment since its disposal generates huge amount of garbage.

"Research reveals that polystyrene takes about 500 years to degrade in the environment," he told a press conference in George Town.

He said since the government would not institute a ban, the public must self regulate themselves.

Like cigarettes, alcohol, gambling and gaming machines, Mohamed Idris said, the government had shown a lukewarm attitude in banning polystyrene products even though the World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified styrene as a cancer agent.

"The government will not ban polystyrene products because of the all powerful business lobby. Therefore it is up to the people to ban it themselves," he said.
Authorities must assist

Referring to the coming Thaipusam and Chinese New Year festivals, he called on the relevant communities to avert using the polystyrene containers to serve food and drinks.

He also urged the relevant authorities should assist the public by banning the use of polystyrene containers at religious functions.

WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified styrene as a Group 2B carcinogen or cancer causing agent, possibly a human carcinogen.

Styrene is also a mutagen (that causes genetic changes). Mutagens in turn may have a cancer risk and may also potentially cause reproductive damage.

Studies have shown that exposure to small quantities of styrene can cause low red blood cells count.

Women exposed to low concentrations of styrene vapours in the workplace have a variety of menstrual disorders.

Polystyrene packaging can sometimes be identified by the number '6' surrounded by chasing arrows or letters 'PS' usually moulded in the bottom of a food container.

Polystyrene packaging normally contains some residual styrene because the manufacturing process is not 100% efficient.

Chemicals from polystyrene can migrate into food when it is new (because they have not fully polymerised or become part of the plastic) and when it is old because it breaks down from heat, sun or wear.

"The styrene migrated into food will end up in the body and eventually affect our health," said Mohamed Idris.

In Malaysia, cancer is the second biggest killer after road accidents, with some 40,000 new cases detected annually.

According to the National Cancer Registry, one in four Malaysians is at risk to contract cancer in his or her lifetime.

"Cancer has become like an epidemic now. Eliminating styrene in the diet would help reduce cancer risks among Malaysians," said Mohamed Idris. end.


ubisetela said...

If i'm not mistaken in USM penang they already ban the polystyrene pack use on campus. Students have to bring tupperwares to tapau.

nik awin said...

uh...x mau tapau dah...
baik masak sendiri..jimat pun jimat. kita punya attitude ni malu nak bawak bekas tupperware ke kedai dan suruh tukang masak boh makanan dalam tu..
konon tak bila dah sakit...hilang lah macho tu kan...

~tukang tulis ni salah seorang darinya..

Jumper said...

Apart from tupperware and tipuware, other alternative is to use metal mangkuk tingkat bangla style...
Betul tak?

D said...

ye ye.. betul! sayang nyawa sendiri pun cukuplah kan? paling tak pun, kita lebih kurang boycott je lah kedai/gerai yang gunakan polystyrene containers tuh. camni, masuk, order-order, pastu the moment dia tarik keluar container tu je, kita terus jerit: 'oooooop!!! stop! tunggu dulu. saya cancel sebab cik pakai polystyrene container nih. mintak mahap, bila pakai yang 'sihat' sket saya datang balik. tata!'

amacam, faszt? boleh? I'm sure you can pull this stint easily. CONFIRM kalau 5 orang je buat dalam sehari, diorang sure kelam-kabut pergi beli the right sort of containers for tomorrow!!! ;)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

miss ubi stella
that's what i heard, too. good for 'em, kan?

kami berdua sini memang biasa buat perangai camtu... sebab memang tak reti tau malu. haha. nak wat pedulik apa orang ngata, kan? ngeee

Roti Kacang Merah said...

durian meloncat
iyyyeaaaaar, vewy goody idea!

nanti nak beli la satu.

i pernah buat "oppppps tunggu dulu" tu! tapi bukan nak boikot la, cuma i insisted on using kertas or plastic food. hehe

Zetty said...

one million point tu boleh redeem dapat microwace tak?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

microwave tu, bukan not-so-green appliance ka??? hahaha


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