Sunday, January 04, 2009

Old Long Since...

I'm sorry for the long absence.

Tis been a rather full weekend for me. I took leave last Friday, and invited my parents and Udi to stay over at my condo for the weekend and just enjoy doing absolutely nothing. And they really did. Absolutely nothing. Seronok sangat aku!

Anyhoos. My New Year Day was spent reminiscing, feeling melancholic, sinking-in some bitter realities, thinking of deaths, thinking of newborns, reflecting all the good ones along the way, and yet being thankful all the same.

Also, YouTubing Edinburgh's Hogmanay, looking for the 2009 fireworks by the castle; Robert Burn's Auld Lang Syne for the much-missed New Year tune; and Billy Connolly for that old taste of scottish vulgar jokes. He's indeed my all-time favourite stand-up comedian [sila dengar joke dia tentang the Wildebeest, the Old Woman On The Bus, the Scrotum, the Prostate, among others. F*kn Hillarious!].

I'm rather okay now. Pretty optimistics that 2009 will bring hope on things that I yearn for, or who I am lacking to be, or who I hope to become. The much improved me, I guess. Spiritually, emotionally, physically.

Rasa macam tak sabar nak masuk kerja esok and start off my life at work on a cleaner slate.

Not that the slate's been all dirty, but I'd like to do things at work I have been neglecting the past year. Initiate new projects, you know. Like, a new dedicated website for the department [which kena get all the other g'ment departments involved. nak bukak official dedicated department website bukan macam bukak blog, kau. Banyak akta and pekeliling kena adhere to. Especially if it's going to be the first department out of the 27 in the organisation to do as such]. Monthly half-day technical site visits/study trips for the technical staff. Yada yada yada. Apart from the quarterly monthly trips to the Pusat Derma Darah.

And as of last Saturday after a half-day Green Building Forum in KL Convention Center, I think I'd like to add a couple of paperworks this coming year to visit the BCA Singapore and/or City of Melbourne Council's Council House 2 (like, their new DBKL Building gitu la) and apply the knowledge to my current projects.

Semoga aku dapat melaksanakan yang terbaik buat semua.

In the mean time, maybe I'd want to go back for a bit and read Abang's old jokes as the start of my first working day in 2009.

And for you lot, these YouTube vids. Auld Lang Syne.

click for larger image of lyrics

Selamat Tahun Baru 2009

semua. Semoga persahabatan dan persaudaraan yang terjalin akan kekal selamanya.

Love and thoughts,

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F manchester said...

I love your positive outlook for 2009! In the UK its pretty grim, what with the economy and all. So much so... that I didn't even set any NY's resolutions! (more like forgot to set any). But I am happy to report that I finally attempted to cook chicken rice for the first time last night (never knew how but always wanted to try) and though it lacked a pinch of salt or two- Shiddin tambah 3 kali, so it couldn't of been that bad.
I guess you can say, I'm sticking with the simple stuff this year.


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