Monday, January 12, 2009


Wolf Moon from Level 5

The fullmoon is dedicated to...

... the people of Gaza. The beautiful Arabian moon certainly doesn't mean anything to them right now, with bombs and shells showering their sky every moment of the day.

... my 79-year old Ma (Umi's mom) in Kubang Kerian, who's been really ill the past 4,5 weeks. Ma has not been eating, nor sleeping. Badan dia lenguh-lenguh and sakit-sakit. Umi's siblings have been taking turns taking care of her. Umi herself has been there since last Friday on the 9th, and will be coming back to Bangi with Ayah on Thursday the 15th. And I know, I have not been a great grand-daughter -- the first grand-daughter at that, too. Abang has been kind with kind and soothing words whenever I cried with guilt for not being able to go visit my Ma. Abang kept reminding me that my family in KL needs me to take care of gazillion of things, while Ma has a lot of other family members taking care of her... which is, in a way, is true. I just hope Ma knows that I think of her every second of my life here, and that I love her so much...

... Abg Tommy, Nuni, Nuni's daddy En. Naim, Kak Lina Ummi and Dik Na for the lovely fullmoon pics which they've sent me in my email a fullmoon month ago!!! Eiii retaaaaard! Nanti I upload in here, haaa? :-)

Also to Amy for alerting me about the moon tonight! Mwaks! [see her own photo here!]. Amy also alerted me last Saturday that the moon was the biggest in 2009! Alas it was quite cloudy, I didn't manage to get lunatic that night.

... you guys out there yang pastinya teringat akan diriku inniew di waktu bulan ngambang! ohhh, makaseh! retard, ni.

In the meantime, go visit Miss Ubi Stella here for her magnificent fullmoon photos! Gila jeles rabak akewwww.

Ada kenal anybody in Alaska dak... rasa macam nak tengok gambar fullmoon in the Alaskan landscape lah...!



D said...

hehe... alo cik faszt retard (panggilan gurauan manjaaa yeea?!),
when i saw the moon thru my bathroom window, i quickly opened it and had a peek. waah!! terus teringat aruah because everytime we saw a full-moon, he thought of fishing, and i thought of ketam! BUT, after that, i teringat kat u... so, ok jugak la yek? *wink

Naz said...

Hello! You've cast a spell on me too. Tiap kali tengok bulan, teringat kat you padahal I've never met you in person pun...hehe!
Bila lah agaknya kita boleh bersua ya?!!

ruyom said...

Malaysia two million Indians make up less than 8% of the population today but have been the victims of the NEP policy since 1971.

Today after 51 years of independence, the definition for "Indian" has become a metaphor for backwardness.

Even though the median family income of Indian Malaysians according to official statistics is higher than that of malays, certain segments of the Indian Malaysians population live in with hardcore poverty and form part of the lowest strata in terms of economic ownership.

The official statistics show that the national wealth owned by Indians is only 1.2% of traded equity since 1971.

And according to Hindraf, 15% of Malaysian juvenile delinquents are Indian while 50% of all convicts in prison since 2004 and 41% of beggars in 2003 were Indians.

The percentage of Indians in the civil service fell from 40% in 1957 to less than 2% in 2005.

According to official records, 30 to 35 Indians per 100000 commit or attempt to commit suicide annually as compared to 10 to 12 Malaysians per 100000 in 2006.

In education, the Indians make up less than 5% of the university intake of over 45000 annually.

The Indians in the country are seeking equality after 51 years of independence and what Malaysia needs now is a sacrifice of the rich and super-rich of all races in staying clear of the NEP to allow the poor of all races to move up and progress.

ubisetela said...

that's gonna be my last full moon from here :(
rasa macam bulan tu dekat sikit over here, ye ke tak entah.

Naim Y said...

Dear Ma'am,

In the above entry, pls link to my website which is definitely more interesting, complete with moon and feline pics (for e.g. see the Al-Khobar story), rather than to the family album. :D

Naim, Dad of Nuni

Roti Kacang Merah said...

so now, apart from dearest abe, you can add me faz the retard also in your lil moon-book, kan? hehe. mwaks!

kak naz
kita jumpa masa tengok bulan la, otey? ;-D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ms. ubi stella
noooo, really??? your last moon there in NZ??? ish, mesti sedey, ek...

tak pe lepas ni kita moon-hunt in m'sia sesama, k??

ok, changed! and bookmarked!!! thanks you for the thoughts!!!


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