Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bulan Penuh Yang Tiada Erti

If blog ni kekasih buah hati aku, dah pasti aku kena dump. Kesian blog aku, kena neglect betul! hehe

Truth is,'s this Gaza thing. Really made me tak da mood nak blog. It just felt... wrong, to be happy, or celebrative, or even just plain funny, when that part of the world has only fear, sadness and anger.

Even to enjoy the fullmoon pun rasa macam just not right when that part of the world may not have even the time of their lives at this particular moment to be thinking other than their own fate of even seeing the next day's sun.

Feel like I need to do something, but tak tahu nak buat apa, apart from doa dari kejauhan.

Aku pelik... Islam & Yahudi ni, bukan asalnya "agama kitab", ka? Awat yang kena gaduh teruk-teruk sangat, ni???

Both religions pray to one and only God. Like us Muslims we have the Surah Al-Ikhlas, and the Yahudi also have an ayat of almost the same stature.

Sebagai nak menghormati Allah, kita tak bawa barang-barang ada tulisan Allah ke tempat yang tak suci dan bersih. Contohnya, bilik air. Yahudi pun sama macam tu.

Islam ada daging halal; and dia ada daging kosher.

Perempuan Islam perlu mandi hadas lepas habis datang bulan/nifas. Ajaran Yahudi pun amalkan yang sama.

So, see??? Both religions have so many things in common if compared to others, yet dua agama ni lah yang bergaduh paling dahsyat.

Also, aku yakin sangat, tak semua Jew jahat. Ibarat tak semua Moslems or Hindus or Protestants itu terrorists. I mean, if we don't like the 'outside world' i.e non-Muslims to 'generalise' the Muslims as being irrational, emotional and violent lot, I for one think that it's only fair that we should not be doing the same to others.

Hence I tried doing some homework.

I learned, that those fightings for the "Israel" are called Zionist. And Zionist is actually "an international political movement" rather than, say, a sect, or belief!

In fact, there are so many websites that explain tak semua Jew sokong this movement. Like this Jews Not Zionists, The anti-Zionist Jew, Jews Against Zionism to name a few.

You should also read If Americans Knew, a " non-profit organization that focuses on the Arab-Israeli conflict and United States foreign policy regarding the Middle East", plagiarising directly from Wiki [mati la mak karang masuk piahzadora! ya ampun!]. Tengok the graphs and studies, you'd be surprised and astonished to learn the size of the US Government's part in the conflicts in the Mid-East... HUGE!

And to learn that most of the pemimpin Arab izinkan the kezaliman terhadap rakyat Palestin to happen because they need the Hamas to be rid off once and for all [go read Suara Keadilan Bil. 163, dated 7-14 Jan 2009, DSAI sharing his story from his trip to Turkey]... Masya-Allah. Apa nak jadi dengan dunia Islam???

Abang's take on the mid-east conflict

If they can buy Manchester City, Arsenal and Fulham Football Clubs, they sure as hell can buy the world, practically!!!

Apa-apa pun, if you feel like contributing directly [monetory or physical-wise], you can contribute to Aman Palestin which my uncle and aunt help running with their friends, and also the Islamic Relief Malaysia, which DocBubbs is actively being part of.

Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan & kemenangan akhirnya kepada rakyat Palestin di bumi Palestin, tidak kira apa agama. Dan semoga Allah melaknat pejuang dan penyokong kekejaman rejim Yahudi Zionis, juga tidak kira apa agama dan bangsa.

These people kan, these zionists... depa tak rasa segan or gerun kah that the entire world is rallying against them, eh?

Allahu a'lam.



atiza said...

dah termaktub dalam Al-Quran...dah tersurat dan tersirat..


Kak Yin said...

diorang tak rasa segan or gerun kak lin,siap berdemo pulak para Zionist ni supporting the Israeli goverment and the war dekat Manchester.Tapi kitorg pro-Palestinians buat counter-demo and of course kitorg lagik happening hahaha. BBC kata Zionist crowd masa demo tu approx. 3000 people and pro Palestinians dalam 100 something je, which is a total lie.The media are biased,thats why loads of people are still supporting them and condemning Hamas and Palestinians who elected them.Sadly, they got the whole mainstream media under their dirty and bloody hands.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak aie
antara petanda Imam Mahadi nak turun, kot... Allaahu a'lam.

kak yin
that's what i read on the net, that the western media so biased on their reporting on the Hamas and Palestinian issue, hence tertubuhnya If Americans Knew, tu. Kejam betul -- dorang tak tengok ke gambar-gambar women and children yang mati and takr asa sedih ke??? they REALLY think that is justifiable??? ish ish ish.

patut kat FB letak gambar-gambar demo pro-palestin kat machester, boleh kak lin cilok! hehe

kak yin said...

memang nak letak,tp tunggu fotograper send pics dia jap huhuhu

Udi said...

Udi x sempat nk post nih and x sure k.lin have read or heard dis b4:



All about the lies and deceptions within the zionist millitary intelligence on the information they have gathered!what a pr*ck!
Kalau k.lin boleh spread this in ur blogs n let ur readers aware bagus not to trust zionist at all!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ok nanti kak lin baca and perhaps post them on my blogs! mwaks!


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