Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biarkan Roti Kacang Merah dengan Layoutnya

I think I'm gettin' a lil bit ambitious here.

I been wanting to change the layout of my blog since the beginning of the year, even had some sketches inspired from the many samples I obtained from the 'net. What I know is, the new layout has to be a 3-column layout, with circles and/or vines as theme, earthy colour, with tabs on top for "Home", "Adi", "Labu", "Labi" & "Other Labels". I've even designed the buttons and *.gifs that I'd like to have on my blog. Yup, I'm that ambitious to memperindahkan and inject a wee bit more life to my blog.

But I'm a Building Architect, not a Systems Architect. I looked at some of the layout samples, uploaded the xmls and tried tweaking their htmls... and my head just goes topsy-turvy. Hell. Unless I pay someone to design the sketches I have, kan.

Arrrrrgh. Buat hilang mood akak aje, dek non.

Eventually, from the hundreds of sites and templates, I came to fancy this:

...and this:

Unfortunately the template's not for free. That's how the world works, innit. What you like just don't come for free.

However, yesterday evening, I came across this Retro Orange:

Macam... my taste lah gitu, kan. Dot-dot ada, vine ada. Earthy coloured la jugak -- earthy terracotta. So, aku pun upload la the template. Needed a wee bit of tweaking, of course. Celi pun siap tolong aku lagi pilih font segala. She likes the layout 'coz it reflects my "kacang-merah" katanya, heh heh. No wonder la site ni 'gitu-gitu' dengan jiwa aku. Macam sehati gitew. Kacang Retro gitew, kan.

When Abang came home from work last night, I showed the new layout to Abang. Dah agak dah -- Abang tak suka. He prefers if it were to be 'cleaner'. But I argued -- but, but, what difference would that make to the existing dotted blog I'm using? Boring giler dah, seh.

Nevertheless, I showed Abang my next best choice, the Dilectio. He likes it better. I do too actually.

So aku pun reuploaded the Dilectio's xml for Blogger Template, and practically toiled my way to customize it further, until 4.45am last night, kau! Dah orang bodoh, kan.

Kau nak tahu kenapa sampai lewat? Sebab the comment box just cannot work! Harrae betul. By 4.45am I just gave up, tak tahan kepala akak.

Pagi tadi aku bangun dengan satu misi: I need to come up with one layout by today since esok dah kerja. I am adamant that I would try and learn to understand a wee bit of the scripts.

I decided to go ahead with the Kacang Retro layout. Abang ada commented that the background was a wee bit too bright and distracting. So I'll try learn to do something about that. And I also planned to tambah gambar Adi Labu Labi to the header. I will try to baggle memana patut dengan seto'et ilmu aku yang sesungguhnya tak sebanyak mana ni.

Ihhh gila rasa macam orang bodoh, kan. Memang bodoh pun, heh heh.

Maka, jadilah ini... RKM Test page. Ok la kot? Aku still belum baggle perabih lagi, belum tambah the tabs I wanted, to be put on top of the middle column [hence the middle column tu will be pulled down a bit].

Siapa-siapa yang boleh tolong aku perkemaskinikan lagi the layout and also tolong ajar aku cemaner nak tambahkan [or buatkan, haha] the tabs like how/where I want them to be... alaaaa bestnyaaaaaaaaa. Aku akan sayang korang dengan leeeeeeebih lagi! Ngeeeee....



Jumper said...

I can't offer any help, for I'm not bright (malap + malas) in the blog design & administration. But I must say the new layout is super cool!! Like sand dunes, sunset and oren sunkist. Labu Labi pun mesti suka sebab ala2 colour dia orang.. Talented betul lah you ni, Madam Roti Kacang Merah... Boleh tak design for me lepas ni?... the concept that I like is green, thorny, manly, hot, hard and tasty like durian, of course!! Boleh?

nik awin said...

kite pun suker..
yg ngantuk pun x jadi nak tido..

saya pun setakat nak komen boleh..nak ajar, saya pun x gheti..


Roti Kacang Merah said...

deghian meloncat
aiseh segan ar org kata kita talented padahal kita ni crappest ever!!! *maluuu* ni bukan kira talented woh, ni kira art of survival!!! haha. ish segan la nak design layout untuk orang... kita bukannya pandai pun! sungguh ni!

okeh okeh, kerana awin, konpem kita guna layout retro tu!! tenchu!!! :-D

D said...

Alaaa..udi leh wat dienyer header ('biarkan.....labinya') as images..then pandai k.lin lar nk letak cemane...but i need pics of labu labi separately berdiri from the side and need some weekend..okeyh?
But then u have to tell me any preference u 1 later...email je kat udi.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kak lin dah buat dah header camtu... kat sini, tapi kak lin tak reti nak 'off' kan the blog title from the script itself so that it wont appear on my header, 'coz asyik dapat prompt as non-recognized script! fedap akewww.

last-last kak lin pakai header kosong ni balik!

kak lin nak insert tabs atas main entry column aje. kalau udi reti buat, ajar kak lin eh??? mwaks!

D said...

leeee...tewh k.lin kena jadikan the title as image...dlm bahse photoshop, k.lin kena 'rasterize'...i think..i.e, the tittle wont be as a font entity...instead it'd be image entity...
(WTF was i talking about??Am i talking in English??)but hey, hope u understand..hehe..sorry....
Coz certain website wont recognised certain font type since there are, if not billion, gazillion of font out there...ok x??paham x? u think i can be in technical service department?hehe..


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