Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Virus M4L45

Ada ubatnya tak, ya?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Mummy doakan agar Amir senantiasa diberkati dan dirahmati Allah, semoga dikurnia kesihatan yang bagus-bagus, kebijaksanaan dan keupayaan seorang pemimpin, dan sentiasa disayangi & menyayangi.

You may not be living with me at the moment, for whatever is being arranged right now, I believe, is the best for you. Mummy will always, always love you. Always.

Happy Birthday, Sayang. And here's to many more years to come, insyaAllah.

Love you much,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Of the Blame Game

I can't remember my style of writing in my blog anymore. I haven't peeked through it for occasional house-cleaning, let alone updating it.

I blame the new office. Things can get so unpredictably hectic that spending time even to draft an entry seemed like a guilt-trip, nor attempting work can make the load a lot less. It’s a neither here nor there situation. At times, going to work makes me feel useless – nothing’s achieved total completion. More bureaucracies, more red tapes. Even a slight decision (but a very important and urgent one, nevertheless) needs to go through processes that reading JR Tolkien’s trilogy would seem a breeze. Oh ya, logging-in the blogger page would also make me surf my blogrolls till no end. Hence to abstain myself from such sinful indulgence one must not indulge oneself in things one know one can lose out. Kira macam blog-celibacy jugak lah ni kan.

I blame the new house. I love it so much, that updating blog seems like a blegh activity to do once I’m home.

I blame my in-anonymity (‘sthere a word?). I’ve so many things to let off my chest, and when I do, I get asked, questioned, probed, interrogated and pressed for things I prefer not to dwell into or answer. This is my space, I am what and who I am, yet I’m made to feel guilty of the things I decide to fill this space with. That, made me just bored & tired & frustrated to death. I’m just not free to be me, The Roti Kacang Merah, the alter-ego I’m known for. I used to enjoy readership, but over a period of time I start to feel so rimas. Maaaaaaaaaaaacam la celebrity sangat, karn. But yeah, that gave me a wee bit of insight to the kerimasan of being a celebrity *muntahijo*

I blame the blardy BukuMuka. The trend of what it is today. And how, using my brick-fone (instead of the ‘Berries, iPhones or the likes), accessing FB from just about any corners I am at at that particular mo be it the mamak stall, the car on the way to work or the throne for some gut-cleansing rituals, posting comments and updating status is a hell lot easier, faster and cheaper on FB. My FB status-es warrants a blog of its own and kind -- they are long and ‘historical’ to me, equally recording events like my blog does. So, anybody knows how to automatically update my blog entry everytime I update my FB status, by the way? Tak yah ajar aku tang kalau aku update blog automatic masuk ke FB… tu aku tahu. Aku nak tang kalau aku update FB status, automatic it’ll update my blog entry.

Apa lagi nak blame. Lemme see….

That’s it, I suppose… for the time being that is.

Yes, EVERYTHING else I should be blaming for, but my own kemalasan. And, God I pray that dear husband would not seek my assistance should he decide to register a blog one day since these days dia sangat rajin put up entries on his FB. Aaaaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiin. haha

Oh ya I am SO GLAD that I'm yet to be addicted to the FB's quizzes, farmstuff, petstuff, barnstuff, restaurant stuff, mafiastuff and all the jadahstuff in there... EXCEPT updating my status and checking out other people. Alhamdulillah, hope it stays that way, la kan.

Good gawd, I actually planned to write the time I accidentally locked Labu in the bedroom for 3 days and 3 nights, but now it’s getting late. Hence tah bila lagi aku akan update. Haha


Friday, September 04, 2009

Of Ramadhan Moon

Kalaulah dapat aku pinjam barang sekejap dari petala langitNya, akanku masukkan dikau dalam botol untuk ku nikmati kecantikanmu kala dalam dakapan tersayang.

14 Ramadhan 1430H.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Of Redang: The Journey Home

We're now on the hi-way dah masuk sempadan Temerloh.

Strange how it feels like it's still 4.30pm, when it's already 6p (I tell you this Sani Ekspress Executive Coach driver is SO berhemah on the road, we highly recommend you the co.)... where as back on the island, it felt like it was already 5.30pm when it was only 4.30pm.

Welcome home to reality, ey.

Driver said we'd reach KL by 9pm. With 'kesopanan atas jalanraya' like this, I'm not surprised if it'll be at 10+pm instead!

Sian Adi, Labu and Labi.

Of Redang: Goodbye



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of Redang: The Deep Blue Life

Isn't this the life.

It's only 4.30pm, felt like it should've been 5.30pm.

Depa tak dak PBT ka on the island. Kot aku buleh apply ke. Macam tak nak balik, arr.

Will write more. I hope!

Of Redang: Arrival @ KT

Alhamdulillah, safely arrived at KT an hour ago, around 5.20am. Baru lepas Subuh di surau stesen bas. Our resort minibus to jetty is at 7.30.

Man it just feels great to just be out of West Coast. I'm so tired of the fast-pace in West Coast.

In fact, masa dalam bas while dozing off, I took pains trying to decipher the conversations between the driver and his co below, so thick with 'Ganuan accent (and i SO failed in it). To me just the sound of them was lullaby to my ear, lulling me to La La land. We were still not out of KL back then, but they already made me feel like I was about to arrive 'Ganu. Rather blissful feeling I'd say.

(You know, macam budak yang kadang hanya boleh tidur bila dengar suara orang. I dig those babies. The distant voices definitely made you feel secure somewhat.)

Some of you may wonder what happen to the 3 orange-furred boys while we're away? Well, this is our 1st time leaving them all alone at home rather than sending them for boarding. I've cleaned their trays and put the sand quite full, and we managed to get food and water dispenser for them. So we'll see how they fare nanti. If they succeed, then masa away for Raya pun we'll just resort to methods as such. Saves us boarding fees of rm20/cat/day.

Ok, nak cari breakfast. Will periodically update both FB status (which is a lohhh-hot easier) and blog.

Rindukan the furkids di pagi hari. Hope they're well. Kalau boleh call diorang, kan best.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of Being Thankful for Not Giving Up

Adi dah discharged, and Alhamdulillah he seems way so much better -- when he heard my voice, from his treatment cage, dia terus keluarkan his paw to reach me so that I would belai-belai him (which he NEVER does, the paw-reaching gesture), and he behaved to his treatment far better than before. Alhamdulillah.

I also met Dr. Jonathan, now managing the vet's Ampang branch, who was there visiting. DocJon was the 1st vet who treated Adi's colon problem two years ago, and when he saw Adi he recalled treating Adi before. DocJon highly recommended surgery on Adi 'coz he said he's done loads of colonic surgery on cats, including on a 12-year old cat who had colon problems the past 5 years and the surgery was successful in putting away the problem for good.

Unlike Adi who has to keep coming back to the vet every 2,3 months for troubleshooting, with his owner teary-eyed, torn between decisions.

We'll see lah kan?

In the meantime, malam ni Adi akan tidur dengan Kak Lin, Abg Zul, Labu & Labi... full-house again, yeay!!

Syukur Alhamdulillah that I didn't play God on him.

Note to self:
Told to get PROPULSID for Adi from pharmacy. It should contain 10mg of 'cisapride', in tablet form, to be given 1/4 tablet twice a day after food. It helps to give Adi's colon some motility. BUT, if Adi tak beyak for two days, then must stop give the medicine or else will rupture colon 'coz colon tersumbat with faeces tapi colon still nak do the teran action. Enema to still be administered 3xs a week.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Of Making Life or Death Decisions

Adi sakit lagi. Last dia uk-uk pepejal was friday 24th july (and so banyak. Like, the entire length of his colon). I've been administering enema every night the past week, tapi keluar liquid je. Yesterday, upon vet's consultation via phone, I administered enema using half a bottle of contact lense's saline solution and urut-urut bahagian usus dia so that taik dia jadi lembut... but he vomitted gastric juice instead, a couple of times. The day before, he had tummy cramps. Aiyoh, kesian sangat kat dia. Terlepek dah 2 hari sebab tak boleh makan. Kesian sangat.

Tadi the vet told me, with his current sufferings, she gave me an option -- to go ahead with treatment, or put him to sleep.

I told her I'm not ready to let him go just yet.

Please pray for ease of his suffering. He will not be better, but if he dies, let it be due to natural causes.

Oh, I don't know. Which one would make him easier to go...? :"-(

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Of KoncoZunar's 1st T-shirt

Abang's company's first t-shirt. I wore it to the clinic last Thursday morning, and made the lady doctor smiled widely. Hehe

Go to for more info!

Of Being Ill

Bulan chantik malam tadi.

(dust dust the sawang in the blog)

Dah lama sangat tak update blog. Have been updating the FB status instead, coz it's easier (and cheaper) to check and reply comments through the handphone.

Office these days? Ya Rabbi. Kadang tak sempat to even have lunch. Kena pula ramai yang bersilih-ganti sakit. Now, my immediate boss i.e TP, tengah on his 2nd-week m.c, still hospitalised in Serdang Hospital. No, not due to H1N1, alhamdulillah he's been cleared of that. But due to his fluctuating blood pressure and sugar level sejak demam last week. Kan bahaya tu.

Last week pun, aku demam dari Isnin petang til Khamis. Jangkit dari TP la. Hari Selasa malam Rabu was the worst -- I still had to go to work on Tuesday coz macam-macam meeting plus nak kena siapkan organize a Green Building Forum on Wednesday which I was also the emcee.

Balik keja petang tu, aku dah tak larat. By Maghrib, all possible cavities on me felt like they were spitting fire. Abang tolong basahkan tuala to lower down my temp, tapi aku rasa tak cukup. My sendi-sendi rasa terbakar panas nak tercabut, I was coughing like mad. Abang quickly took me to the nearby clinic to have me checked. Alhamdulillah, doc kata I was clear, but my temp was on a high side -- 39.2 deg. Since I could not find a replacement for the emcee part, I requested to be given a really strong antibiotic that could help me kebah cepat.

The doc gave me what I asked for, plus an m.c just in case I wasn't getting any better. Balik bila tidur, by midnite aku terjaga sangat dahaga and in need to pee. Aku terkejut bila bangun macam ada orang bilas air atas aku. Rupanya aku kebah sampai lencun baju tidur and cadar katil. Alhamdulillah, by then temp aku banyak kurang.

At 4am, I woke up to prepare my script. In English la, since all five papers for the day will be presented in English, including one by a Dane. So, standard arr kan, emcee in English. Nevertheless, I reminded myself to ask the head organiser about the language of emceeing later on.

Which, of course, as God would've planned it, it was supposed to be in BM... which I only knew 15mins before the event started.

Orang semua gabra terbeliak bijik mata ternganga mulut untuk aku. Aku, dengan on m.c nya tapi still kena emcee, kata rilekkkkkk. I'll just translate bit by bit whenever there's a break... Like when there's a speech, or presentation, or tea break. Rilekkkkk. Kalau tak rilek, nanti aku pengsan kat situ karang.

And that was what I did -- rilek, translate bila dapat ruang masa, and it went on smooth-sailing Alhamdulillah.

Balik tu aku terus koma and ambil m.c lagi untuk total rest esoknya tu.

Petang aku habis emcee tu, my dear granduncle, Aki, who was once the longest reigning Imam Besar Masjid Negara, passed away mengejut in KB. Anak-anak pun tak sempat jumpa. Umi took the 1st flight back to KB that Thursday morning to send Aki at 11am.

Kat sana, Umi pula demam teruk, and when she came back midnite Friday (malam Sabtu), she was burning like fire sampai Ayah tak tidur malam jaga dia.

After breakfast on Saturday, I went back to Bangi and took Umi to the clinic, where the doc referred Umi to Serdang Hospital for lung screening just to be safe. Panjaaaang lagi cerita kat hospital tu, we were there from 12.00pm til 8.30pm. X-ray, ecg, blood tests all managed to be carried out, and Alhamdulillah Umi was cleared of H1N1 or any symptoms related to it.

By the way, the male nurse told my mom just after the doc cleared us at half 8, that there were 900 patients at the emergency from 7am till 8.30pm that day. No wonder lah the emergency staffs had been so apologetic and kind to everybody. They were under-handed rupanya.

Ok gotta go. I'm still coughing phlegm. Tired of it really.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Umi Ayah Melepak

Yesterday. Umi, Ayah and I reached Pt.Dalam at around 4.30pm after the berubat appointment in Kuang at 2.30pm. After what was supposed to be a brief minum-minum petang and short evening nap, Umi Ayah ended up having dinner of nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah with us and continued lepak-lepak till quarter past 10pm.

In normal circumstances, jangan harap Ayah nak melepak till past maghrib. "Air mandi angsa tak tukar, pokok tak siram, makanan kucing-kucing mendatang and burung-burung tak kasi..." Ayah would say.

So kiranya aku bertuah semalam that Ayah agreed to stay back. Aku seronok tengok Umi rilek-rilek macam ni, and Ayah main-main dengan Adi. Seronok sangat. Aku yang tengah demam pun, terus rasa sihat sikit.

I asked them to stay for the night. "Nanti Kak Lin buatkan breakfast," I said. But alas they had to go home 'coz noone's around to set the house alarm.

Esok I will be the emcee for the whole-day GBI conference, with 5 speakers presenting their paper from morning till evening. I hope I will be better tonight. Skrip pun tak wat lagi. Yet my temp is escalating, bila batuk rasa nak pensan.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Al-Fatihah: Yasmin Ahmad

"The world is multi-racial. That is a great blessing from God, and I don’t understand why some people treat it like a curse."

I didn't know she was gone until I read Kak Dinz's (DinaZaman) comment on FB this morning.

She's been my favourite director (though not Abang's), apart from Khabir Batia. Though her films evoke controversies, but, let's face it -- compared to, say, Remp-It or yang seangkatan dengannya, I'd say her films have way higher moral values, hands down. Let's not forget her much awaited commercials every Hari Perayaan. No more of those after this, I reckon...

I was such an avid fan of hers, that aku pernah pujuk Abang to run an interview with her for one of Suara Keadilan's 'Seni' Column. Unfortunately, she politely refused the interview. I think that was when Abang's indifference towards her escalated than ever, haha.

Nevertheless, it was a real pleasure to have bumped into her at KLPAC two years ago.

From left: Ahy, Kak Min, RKM, Abg Yuz

25th June: the passing of King of Pop, at age 2 months shy of being 51.
25th July: the passing of Queen of Film-making, at age 51.
Gone too soon.

My deepest condolences to Kak Min's family and friends.

May you rest in peace, Kak Min. Thank you, for the wonderful wonderful experience you've shared with us.

Love & Misses.




1 - DSAI's tribute and "Bila Anwar Tengok Gubra"
2 - her anak angkat's tribute
3 - jeff ooi's tribute
4 - Malaysian Insider's Yasmin Ahmad Dies
5 - Tributes for Yasmin Ahmad
6 - Yasmin Ahmad in Wiki
7 - my entry of Kak Min's colour-blind adverts
8 - Kak Min's personal comment at the end of my entry here


1 - Singapore MCYS' Think Family Campaign: "Funeral", directed by Yasmin Ahmad

ps: I could almost swear the lady at 2:40 looks like me without my specs!

2 - Here In My Home, directed by Yasmin Ahmad

3 - Pergi, by Aizat, an OST on Yasmin Ahmad's Talentime

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A&W Drive-in

A vewy late lunch/vewy early dinner of A&W mozza burger and float, with Jackson 5 on air.

Last I had a A&W drive-in was 31 years ago, with Umi, for dinner, and the A&W Bear greeted us by the car window. Ayah tengah buat Masters di Manila masa tu. Umi drove me all the way from Taman Mesra Kajang up to PJ Old Town. She was 29 back then. I was Umi's best friend.


And with my mozza, root-beer float, fries, and Abang, I'm a vewy happy woman wight now.

Jemput makan semua.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Of Fatwa Pegang Lilin in Vigils

From Sinar Harian dated 23rd July, Tok Guru Datuk Nik Aziz commented on Nizar pegang lilin in the memorial vigil of Teoh Beng Hock:

"Zambry (MB Perak) orang politik, bukan orang kaji Islam. Apa kena-mengena dengan fatwa agama, fatwa demokrasi pun (beliau) tak pakai, itu pandangan saya. Dia orang politik, saya jawab cara politik lah".

HAHAHAHAHA, classic betul. Best!

DUSYUM BESAR satu kepada Zambry!

Anyhoos. Jangan lupa,

Sinar Harian 23 Julai,
muka S32-Seni Sinar,
'Kartunis Anjur Kursus Melukis'.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Of Feeling ANGRY and also Blessed

1. On an angry note. VERY angry note.

This is probably a reminder to us all.

If, by any chance, you have or once had people putting their world on hold and on the line, sacrificing their time, energy, mental, physical apart from monetary just to save your a$$es from the troubles and problems you've put yourself and your family into... then let it be known that you have NO bloody rights to act your shitty, crappy and foul mood & temper to these people. You better pray that before you or these people go meet The Maker, you're able to apologize and minta halalkan segala-galanya yang dah mengalir dan jadi darah daging dalam tubuh badan you. If you think that by hurting these people, you feel your life would be more blessed, happier and more fulfilled... then, go ahead, and try to live. All the best to you then, 'coz in all honesty? People like you should never given a second (let alone third, fourth and so on) chance at life at all.

I just never learnt my lessons. I don't understand why my husband&I or anybody else for that matter have ever cared to care about you, blood ties or no blood ties. Seriously fedap dengan kekurangan hajaran engkau yang tahap cemerlang.

Aku setuju cakap Abang ~ orang-orang macam engkau sepatutnya TAK DA HAK PUN nak be selfish tentang hidup engkau when other people's lives and worlds pernah crumble hanya kerana engkau.

2. On a happier and more blissful note.

Now that my anger is out of my system, the pics below show my most favourite part of the previous weekend.

Catching a breather from the house chores, I stole some moments watching my husband at his drawing table while Labi accompanying him, chirping alongside with the birds perching on the trees just outside the study-room window.

Abang: Labiiiiii tolong kasi AbgZul ideaaaaaa, kalau tak AbgZul cucuk dengan pensel ni kanggggg
Labi: Kak Lin, Kak Lin, tolong Labi, Kak Liiiiiin!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Of My Birthday This Year

The eleven of us - Umi, Ayah, Abang, Celi, Nazim, Ahy, Hasrul, Udi, Qia, Amir and I - went for a dinner at Bangi's Yankee's Hut last night for my 36th Year yesterday and Ayah's 62nd today.

To me, a get together like this with the immediate family memang sangat best. Lepas makan, makan cheese cake yg Ahy beli pula, and buka hadiah.

We bought Ayah a watch a la Rolex cut (of course sans Rolex price!) and Umi a handbag yang dia boleh bawa kulu kiler macam casual handbag.

Oh ya we didn't get Umi anything for her 60th birthday last month the 12th coz sangat sibuk preparing for CeliNazim's reception on the 13th, so kiranya ni delayed prezzie la.

Me the birthday girl? I got my Perfume Tetek dua botol, a pair of beauuutiful copper-tooled 'Allah' and 'Muhammad' from Umi Ayah, cards and cake and dinner from adik-adik... lebih dari cukup dah tu Alhamdulillaaaah!

It was, however, my most peaceful birthday in what seems like ages for me. Why? 'Coz it fell on a Saturday, which means I don't have to work on my birthday; Abang is around unlike last year when he had to go to Manila; and there's this unexplained contentment and blessed feeling for surviving one hell of a turbulent year, Alhamdulillah.

At one point just before my birthday, as I was reflecting on the past one year I've survived, I swear that if my ajal dah tiba, aku redha pergi. I was feeling that contented.

I may not have the life that I dreamed of or fantasized way back when I was younger and naive, but I thank Allah nevertheless that He has been very kind to me for protecting me against the things I have feared for my entire life, and given me just the right amount of strength and resources whenever I need some... in fact, everytime, without fail, walaupun I have failed Him way too many times... *hangs head down in shame*. Semoga lindunganMu terhadap hamba-hambaMu yang hina-dina ini kekal berpanjangan Ya Allah... Aaaaamiiiin...

My life may not be as perfect as a lot of people my age out there, with things they have achieved even before they reach 36 -- money, houses, cars, kids, travels. But I know, in my own lacking life, I've achieved substantial amount of success, albeit small and unsubstantial to some -- a husband who loves me unconditionally, a car, a house, my cats, my job, my family albeit in its imperfection... so, I'm thankful for all those nevertheless, Alhamdulillah.

Oh ya, not forgetting, this year Celi and I have managed to give a lil boy a lease of a far better life than he's probably destined to have. Our lil Amir Mu'az, our lil sunshine. We're certainly blessed with his presence in our lives.

I'll certainly remember these feelings, the day I turned 36. Semoga perasaan ini berpanjangan, Aaaamiiin.

And I thank you all, the well-wishers, through Facebook and smses. God bless.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Of Being Caricatured

RKM to the eyes of Mr. SS Hew.

I may be married to a cartoonist, but never had a caricature done by him.

Coz it's FOC, that's why. Haha

The pic, however, is a sketch by one of my six Timbalan Pengarahs while I was presenting my ISO Procedure to the room. He is a Structural Engineer by profession, by the way. Not an architect. This is only the 3rd done in my lifetime -- a paid Vietnamese caricaturist in Paris, my EO at my old office, and now him.

My 1st memorable event as I'm turning 36, heh.

Abang lagi best -- one of his caricaturists was DSAI himself, who did the lil sketch on a lil square note when he was still in detention, which Abang had been looking around for it for ages yet it was I who accidently found it lying right on the topmost step of the new house last May, jatuh tah dari mana, like as if sengaja making a grand appearance for me to pick it up and almost mistook it as rubbish! Phew. Kalau tak da duit esok, leh auction tu, sebab siap ada sign woh. Haha

On a side note, two of my TPs have the same birthdate as Ayah's, which is this Sunday. That's a rather nice coincidence, kan.

Hadiah apa nak beli untuk Ayah, tah. All I know is, I was perhaps his best birthday present ever, entering the world at less than three hours before his 26th birthday. Like, how can anyone top THAT, kan? Haha


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Of Babies on Rollies

I wasn't sure whether this advert should freak the bajeeziz outta me or should I just laugh of their cuteness...

...until I saw the making...

...hehehe sangat lah tiyut, otey...


Monday, July 06, 2009

Of NTV7 Breakfast Show

Can somebody please explain, what telah happen to the daily 7a.m NTV7 Breakfast Show since last week??!

It's been axed, is it?? For being a bit vocal and intelligent on their commentaries (yang tak semestinya opposing, by the way) and no kipas buntut or mengarut-ngarut macam M@zidul on TV3 Breakfast Show next door??

Oh please lahhhh. For once lah Those At The Helm -- grow blooming up will ya???

It's with this attitude that you get interviews done with questions like "So, how do you find Malaysia?", expecting answers like "Ohhh, I like it. The people are nice and friendly" when the truth is far from it... or "Jadi, apa pendapat awak tentang demo yang diadakan?", with stupid answers like "Tak patut arr kan. Kita patut guna saluran yang betul, bukan demo". Bodoh. Buat malu kita punya education system je, kan Awin?

Aieee pagi-pagi akak dah ngamukmak.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Of Being Infected by A Virus

Aku tengah diserang virus.

Virus M(4)L(45). Otherwise known as MALAS.

Malas nak update blog or FB or Twitter, even check my main email inbox (though Lyana, I have read your comment through my blog-email inbox from my hpcekai about my award at your blog that I've to go pick up!! Ohhh tenchewww! Nanti I go pick otey??)

BeeTeeDoubleyou, gambar reception Celi&Nazim dah siap. That calls for an entry on the Do actually. In the meantime, do have a peak at nazreyphotography.wordpress (I think), now that I'm typing this from the hp cekai and I can't link up the site here. I just LOVE that last photo of Celi & Nazim dalam kelambu. Teaser tu. Ngeee.

Pagi tadi lepas breakfast, Abang&I went to the Pet Exhibition in Midvalley, and bought Adi Labu Labi a food&water dispenser that we reckon can be used should we need to go for traveling and leave them at home instead of at the vet, a playing furniture as pictured, and pasir litter yang wangi that will clump their pee and poo nicely on the surface of the pasir for our easy scooping, rather than mendap ke bottom of the tray like the typical clumping sand would. Things you would and get for your love ones, ey ;-).

On the MJ front, Abang&I have finally fallen into the trap of mengayakan lagi Sony. Yes we bought his two-CDs Essential Collection which was RM29 before his death but now costs almost RM50.

Abang's new favourites are Rockin' Robin and Man In The Mirror apart from Billie Jean and Thriller. I, of course hafal the songs (if not the lyrics) in the collection, which in some ways amazed Abang yang tengah baru nak suka his songs. "Macam mana baru dengar tapi dah boleh hafal semua?" Abang tanya. Lerrr, I have his cassettes ler, and I grew up recording his music videos on the VCR and watched them over and over till the tali jadi lunyai... I told him. Tah mana tah pi semua-semua tu, the cassetes and the music videos.

We both would now like to try find his video performances zaman-zaman Jackson 5 and The Jacksons. I'd prolly just download them from YouTube, when I can find the time ofcourse.

Tapi, ye la, dia dah mati baru orang tahu how fantabulous he really is, and how he had actually really suffered in his life, ey... Dah mati baru tahu the real MJ. Baru tahu how irreplaceable he is. Baru faham why he was how he was.

Esok-esok kalau kita mati, macam mana la pula, kan.

Oh, by the way, korang pernah tak tertengok Lil Champs -- the kids singing competition from India on Astro Zee ch.108? On Saturdays, it'll be 7.30pm til 9. Best woh. Say babai je la kat bebudak AF. Walaupun the program takdak translation, which is just too bad coz the two kids yang jadi pengacara are just way effing adorable and cute that you don't even need to know what they're talking about, Abang and I are hooked nevertheless!

Gaaah. Ngantuk la pulaaak.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Al-Fatihah: King of Pop, II

I would like to think that I was only a small speck among million others staying up really late last night trying to catch up on Michael Jackson's life & death as much as possible from the media.

I surprised myself (and Abang) for still remembering the lyrics to much of his songs from zaman Jackson 5, The Jacksons down to his solo albums. Ye la, since married to Abang, he never sees me with any MJ albums but yet hafal hampir semua lagu MJ. That's because I had them in cassette tapes rather than in CDs, and they're all somewhere in Bangi.

Abang, too, is now mesmerized by him -- his politeness and humbleness off stage (amid his extravagant and eccentric lifestyle), yet his energetic and creative alter ego on stage. Abang even plans to get MJ's compilation of music videos. Yeay! Hehe

Dah mati baru orang nampak his legacies, kan? For someone who was the loneliest being when alive, yet is mourned by the entire universe in death... he definitely has done and achieved a loo-ot of good things in his lifetime. One would not want to live life like his, but leaving life like that would be nice, no?

As Uri Geller rightly put it, MJ's now in a much better and happier place, insyaAllah. And can now smile at the amount of love he actually has and realise that he has never been alone.

I better stop now. I think I'm beginning to sound like a die-hard fan, which I am not.

May he now gets his much deserved rest and finally at peace with himself.



Friday, June 26, 2009

Of Tetek Sale Separuh Harga

I have been wanting to get this the past decade.

Yup. TEN years. My present one dated way back from summer of 1999. Aku guna sikiiiiit la sikit. Perhaps, like, two stingy squirts every 3 months ke apa. Gila jimat.

Entah la, the price has been too bloody expensive for my liking, though I've bought more expensive stuff for other people la kan. Aku rasa macam tak berbaloi nak spend RM300 for a perfume untuk diri aku sendiri.

And so I been eyeing and eyeing and eyeing. Traipsing to the counter everytime I find one in the malls, with Abang beside me of course. Bleter bleter bleter about how I just LOVE this perfume and yang botoi kecik pekat sket and kuat sket bau dan yang botoi besaq cayaq sket and lembut sket bau and every summer depa keluaq Summer Collection and yada yada yada yada. And then ciao from the counter, much to the kemeluatan of the promoter. Tau pasal perfume cek men terra ka pompuan ni (aku la tu), belinya tidak.

Bukan, bukan untuk aku hint ke Abang yang aku nak dia belikan aku perfume tu, tapi saja nak tengok kot rega dia ada jatuh ke tak.

Also, aku ajar Abang to call it "jay pee jee" coz dia dok tergeliat lidah nak sebut nama panjang dia. Dia dok sebut John Pol Gletir. Haha

Last-last dia panggil the "JayPeeJee For Pompuan" as "Perfume Tetek". Mudah crita.

Atunya, last night, we singgah Sogo nak carik barang sket. Amboi kak, sale kat Sogo semalam sampai 5hb ni cekmen kaaaa. It just proves how bad the economy really is, and that they would like to make customers spend more.

Anyhoos, up on the level yang jual barang-barang letrik & office tu, ada sale handbags, accessories and perfumery -- which I just assumed were perfumes yang cekai yang guna 6 jam teruih tak dak bau tu.

So tak pa lah, aku pun pi la tengok bahagian accessories -- tiga anting-anting for RM10, with pilihan yang agak banyak juga.

Tiba-tiba, among the din of the background music, I heard Abang shouted my name : "Alin! Alin!"

I looked up, almost across half the floor. I gestured to Abang with my mouth miming, "Ander?"

He shouted back: "Cepat mai sini! Perfume half price! Cepat!"

Aku teruih buat muka makna "Tak mboh ah!"

He kept shouting, "Eiiii copekkkk, ah! Perfume tetek separuh harga wohhh! ", siap dengan tangan buat dua bonggol depan dada dia okay! Boleh tak??! My God.

Semua orang truih pandang ke aku... Akak sungguh malu, ok!

Aku terus angguk-angguk tanda ok ok Alin datang, to save myself from further embarrassment. Eager sangat dia ni sampai tak sedar termelucah macam tu, mesti perfume ori ni!

And yup, rupanya, perfume betul bukan 6 jam bau punya, coz depa nak clear-out stock from last year's Summer a.k.a outdated corset design on the bottle, dari RM300 turun jadi RM90!

[Errk, that's more than 50% discount, innit??]

So there, setelah sedekad aku mengushar harga kot kalau harga jatuh, akhirnya harga jatuh juga, terlentang-bongkang jatuhnya!

Abang terus decided that that should be my birthday present, and so dia offer nak bayarkan. heheheheheheheheee.

Dia kata hari ni dia nak singgah pi beli lagi satu untuk aku, supaya aku tak perlu puasa sedekad lagi for the same perfume. Aku buleh pakai 4,5 squirts everyday now if I want to.

Yes altogether now... Awwwwwww. Cheapskate kan kami ni? haha

Sampai rumah, aku suruh Abang simpan dulu perfume tu. Aku suruh dia tunggu aje tiga Sabtu lagi, beri ke aku ala-ala surprise gitu -- two bottles of JayPeeJee 2008 Summer Edition for my 36th Birthday. Nanti aku pun buat-buatlah terkejut surprise sama, kan. Of course la he's more than happy to do it.

Senang aje nak satisfy aku ni, bukannya susah. haha

Tapi... 'Perfume Tetek', hahahaha. Klasik.


Al-Fatihah: King of Pop

This morning at 7am, the first news I heard from my daily NTV7 Breakfast Show was Zaini's announcement -- "Michael Jackson is dead".

Confirmed dead at 6.50am 26th June Malaysian Time, 2.21pm 25th June LA Time.

Innaaalillaaahi wa innaaailaihi raaaji 'uun...

The King of Pop is a mortal being after all. At one point, really, I never thought he would ever be dead.

As an 80s-baby, I grew up with his songs, mesmerised by his aura, bought his collections, looking forward for his music videos. Like, who could forget Michael Jackson's dance moves?

The ironic is that, he claimed he's never had his childhood -- having to grow up performing with his brothers and 'mature' before his time. At 50, I don't think he's ever fully grown older and mature even. One never hears him swear, or raised voice at taunting comments thrown at him. It was like he refused to grow old, like Peter Pan (and his sold-estate, Neverland), so as to make up to the childhood he never had. Yet he was part of my childhood, and, I bet my bottom dollars, a million other's too.

Farah Fawcett's death seems to be over-shadowed by Michael's.

I think this is the biggest death ever after Princess Di's on 31st August 1997.

To Michael "Mikaeel" Jackson... semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh beliau dan memberi keampunan, dan segala kebajikan yang beliau telah lakukan di dunia ini akan membantu beliau di alam sana.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adam Lambert's Iron Lungs: II

Those who followed Adam on American Idol would know how delicious the performances of this young man's were.

I've to say, after the deteriorating performances of Anoop Dogg Desai, I have become one of Adam's mature No.1 fans (harus sebut itu, 'mature'. Sebab aku sedar diri aku ni dah pakat tua dah nak minat orang muda nyanyi, kan. haha).

Silap-silap kalau dia mai buat performance kat Sunway macam David Archuletta aritu, ada jugak orang tua buang tebiat (tua tak tua sangat laaaa... lagi 4 tahun menjelang 40 jaaa) pi attend concert dia! Akan ku henghet orang tua hat satu lagi yakni suami aku untuk jadi my chaperone. Akan ku tipu dia kata Iwan Fals mai ka, some penyanyi Indon punya concert ka, just so dia boleh teman aku. haha.

(Shhh, jangan bagitau laki aku plan aku ni. Dia pun bukannya baca blog aku pun. haha)

And so, I came across this on youtube of his Studio Recorded "No Boundaries" (the one that I blogged about here), that final song he sang on AI.

Meeeeowwwwwww sangat, kan?

Despite the fact, as Simon Cowell had rightly commented also, that the song reeks cheesiness with all that mountains and bridges and hurricanes (lyrics here), his voice and charisma on stage masih sangat melazatkan, even Kara the co-writer/composer of the song pun pakat nak nangih jugak la dengaq Adam nyanyi lagu dia. Yummy, kau.

Oh, his live performance here.

Imagine kalau dia masuk musabaqah Al-Quran with that kind of lungs.... fuhhh. Pengsan.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Of Adi and Of Being Late

My niece, Amira, whom I've a couple of occasions written about her in my blog (please search for Rosmaria Razak, who is her late Umi) asked me yesterday when I met her at her Nenek's house: Cik Lin, naper dah lama tak update blog???

I never knew my 13-year old niece is a follower of my blog.... Ohhhhh *one back of hand on dahi, another hand on chest, ala drama*

So sayang, ni Cik Lin waves at you *hai Miraaaa!!!*

I have been administering enema to Adi every other day.

The 1st time I did on him, he wasn't that cooperative. I mean, would YOU be cooperative if someone shoves a tube and squirts liquid up into your a$$?? (Kepada pembaca perverts, SILA JANGAN JAWAB soalan ittew, ta a bunch)

Tapi aku perasan, 3 saat lepas aku berjaya masuk sedos ubat enema dalam buntbunt dia, dia terus pi teran teran teran sampai keluar taik koreh (keras) dua tiga ketul -- I assume tang dah tercompress 2,3 hari punya.

Aku pulak yang rasa lega bila tengok Adi yayak.

After a while, administering enema to Adi becomes less struggling. I think maybe he knows that the thing I'm squirting up in his ass every other day now is doing him a hiyyyuge favour.

Tapi harini, the enema did him too much favour -- dia ada sedikit ceret-tak-sempat-naik-atas-to-his-litter-pan, so dia pi pelepas kat lantai bawah sekali and atas tilam bilik bawah dua kali. Mengamuk mak jadinya akak. Apa lagi, akak hangkat dia, pi sua muka dia kat taik-taik dia and jentik jentik jentik tinger dia to let him know that those were not the places for him to poopoo!

He listened to that awrite, coz the next pulasan perut attack, dia lari naik atas tapi pi terpelepas luar tray dia in the toilet sebab tak sempat nak cakar cakar the pasir.

Eiii sabar je la. Nak marah, dia dah beyak kat tempat betul, cuma tak sempat masuk je.

Satni aku pakaikan pampers Amir ke Adi, baru taw.

Tapi Alhamdulillah lah dia yayak... Kat mana-mana pun, asalkan dia yayak, aku dah lega banyak sebenarnya.

I hate it when my period is very very late like now. Like, almost two weeks late. And I'm never late. Not like this late at least.

(Oh ya if I'm late b'coz I think I'm pregnant, I'll definitely share, ta a bunch. But no, I'm not preggers, much to my disappointment ok.)

I get weepy. Like, REALLY weepy.

Laki tak peluk masa tido, aku nangis. Teringat Amir dah makin besar, aku nangis. Laki tak boleh anta aku pi keja sebab ada hal, aku nangis. Laki tak dapat temankan aku pi cari barang kat kedai, aku nangis. Apatah lagi kalau fikir laki tak ambil berat yang aku nak sangat a baby of my own, LAAAAAGI aku nangis.

Not just that, my lower back just kills me with pain, kaki aku bengkak, peha kiri aku sakit habitey, kepala aku denyut-denyut.... apart from rasa nak nangis je and rasa nak majuk lama-lama dengan abang.

Tadi I wanted to see the doctor at the clinic behind our house, kot dia ada ubat to keluarkan and percepatkan apa-apa yang patut. Tapi, dia tutup la pulak, dalam banyak-banyak hari.

Any ideas to help my P? Of course, non evasive and not as painful as makan nenas or minum ais banyak-banyak please. Tak larat, siut.

I wanted to write about CeliNazim's wedding reception last week, tapi gambar nor slideshow tak dapat-dapat lagi. Wanted to do a Picasa album on my Amir, tak terbuat-buat lagi.

So, tunggu je lah ya. Malas betul nak buka laptop bila kat rumah. Bila kat ofis pula, tak cukup masa to even check my personal emails. So, tunggu je lah ya.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Of Amir,BIL,Tak Sihat & A Bit On The Do

I told Umi the other day that when I see Amir biting his lower lip, I know I've drawn/sketched Amir somewhere before.

And I was right. I found a copy of my trial sketch of a baby biting his lower lip that I did prior to the annual Art Exhibition during my 1st year 'A's. The sketch dated way back in 20-Jan-93. 16 1/2 years ago that I first had a glimpse of Amir.

Jodoh, no?

A week before the Do, my BIL asked Umi, " Mi, Umi rasa tak pa ke Nazim kawin dengan Celi?"

That question took my mom aback.

Ah sudah, my mom thot. Dah nikah dah, ada 2nd thots ke?

Umi put down whatever she was doing, and slowly asked Nazim back, "Kenapa Nazim tanya macam tu...?"

"Ya lah..." Nazim began to explain, "Celi kata masa dia kecik-kecik dulu Umi kasi dia minum susu SMA. Nazim pun minum susu SMA. Boleh ke kawin macam tu, Nazim + Celi sama susuan? ngee"

Hehehe. That's my BIL. He's so quietly funny and witty like that.

Prior to the wedding, tak sudah-sudah aku doa -- if ada apa-apa negatif nak berlaku pada aku, let it be AFTER the Do, Dear Allah. Please protect me and keep me healthy coz my Umi and family need me for The Do, Aaaamiiin.

Malam habis The Do tu jugak my throat became unbearably sore, dry cough + kahak aching to be let out but won't, my voice slowly diminishing to almost non-audible... up til today. Perit.

Oh ya, dalam dada gatal-gatal macam tickled by feathers. Ugh.

I took an m.c yesterday to rest my voice and rest me. But masa tu la jugak calls kept pouring in for project infos apa bagai, kepala aku terus sakit lepas bercakap coz had to exert extra extra effort to give air to my sentences. Plus the dry cough, my oh my.

At 3am last night, the tickling cough got worse. So I took the ubat cair kahak, plus my last sleeping pill, put lozenges at the side of my tongue and continued sleeping.

I woke up this morning at 6am with the sleeping pill still hasn't worn off. Groggy gila.

I even slept the entire study-trip bus journey from my office in Kg.Baru to Les' Copaque Production House in Shah Alam this morning. Huiii syioook. Both the nap in the bus and the Les' Copaque visit, that is.

You must be wondering how The Do went by last Saturday.

Overall, it was alright -- great food and all. Also a GREAT but TIRING experience for me at least -- coz 1st time buat kat Hall (and a HUGE BUILDING at that, too) AND a joint event PLUS Amir yang tak nak orang lain except for Celi+Nazim, Umi+Ayah, and me.

Akibatnya, I ended up running around like mad with Amir in my arms eventhough my gramps dengan baik hati lent me their maid to help me jaga Amir.

THANK GOD for the creation of walkie talkies too that made it a whole lot easier orchestrating and delegating jobs among my six brothers (Ahy, Udi and four of Ahy's friends yang dah macam anak-anak UmiAyah). I tell you, without the walkietalkies aku maybe dah lebih pancit dari sekarang ni.

Aku tak ambil sekeping piang gambar pun that day, but am trying to collect some for a dedicated entry on The 13th June Do.

So, nite nite everyone.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of Abang, My Pengarah, Adi, Mak and Djin

Last week's Suara Keadilan was Abang's last. This week's is under different entity.

I am so so glad that Abang rejected the offer to continue under the different management and get out of the political scene. Aku siap sujud syukur berapa kali last weekend. I finally get to see Abang to concentrate doing his art stuff - his no.1 passion. And most of all, I finally get to have a husband (and a happier one at that, insyaAllah) on weekends.

Thank you, dear political backstabbers dan tamak kuasa. You guys are real Godsent to me, really. Thank you.

My current Pengarah has this magnificent attitude that he has made himself promise to be.

He says, he has promised himself that in whatever negative situation he's in, he will try to be eagerly positive about it. He says, negativity (which what he was quite known for before being a Pengarah) attracts negativity, hence, to attract positivity one must always try be positive even in the most trying position.

For example, once we caught him saying, "Eiii I tak sabar nak pegi presentation dengan Big Boss ni and listen to what he has to say. Tak sabar nak see the kind of challenge he will put us into. Mesti kita dapat belajar banyak nanti, ni!", when all of us know clearly that he would be grilled way overcooked in his meeting with The-Big-Boss-Who-Had-My-Unit-Closed-Down.

Or when we (my ex-Ketua, ex-Timbalan Ketua and I) went to pay him a courtesy visit after we were abolished just to brief him on the number of staffs from the Unit that'll be joining his department and also the number of projects that he has to take over from us, his reply was "Masya-Allaaaaah, syukur, syukur. Dapat rezeki staff, dapat rezeki project. Apa lah lagi rezeki yang I akan dapat lepas ni! Terima kasih terima kasih!" when in truth he has to think of reshuffling of his Architecture Section just to fit us in apart from the 'taik-taik' projek that he has to clean up from us.

I just think my Pengarah reads the book 'Secret' by Rhonda Byrnes.

I kinda like the attitude though, and I think I'd like to try improve myself with that.

I checked Adi in into the Vet Hospital two Saturdays ago after he tak beyak for a week. Kesiaaaaaaaaaaan sangat kat Adi, kau.

At the vet, he got really agitated and garang when surrounded with unfamilliar sound and smell, hissing even to me and all. I had to apologize to the vet, for having to make her attend Adi untuk kesekian kalinya.

When I finally had to leave Adi, I told the orderly to be patient with Adi and try his best to treat Adi gently amid Adi's garangness. Soon after I said that, aku terus termenangis depan orderly tu. Hehe. Drama, kan.

And the tears kept flowing sampai ke kaunter outside where I had to pay the usual downpayment. I think the vet saw me crying from inside through the one-way glass door, coz the next day when she called to report on Adi, she was super gentle and super concern with me, hehe.

Talking to the vet on the phone the nex day, I confided in her about other alternatives than having to put Adi down - at which I cried again dengan tak malunya. I was grateful that she understood me, and she asked me if I'd like to try do enema on Adi myself as the next alternative. She said she would teach me how to do it when I come by to get Adi, and I was just so glad to hear that I could finally do something else other than having to put Adi to sleep. That made me felt so much relieved, really.

Adi was finally discharged 5 days later -- the longest he's ever been warded. Doc said this time Adi memang parah -- he's suffering from obstipation. His colon's not working at all, he needs to eat in small amount 3xs a day, he needs to eat only wet food with fibre (and costly,too!! But Adi didn't like it - he hardly touch the food. Buat bazir je), he needs to increase his 'pelawas berak' i.e laxative intake from 2-3ml twice daily to 5ml twice daily (which would make him throw up) and I need to do enema on him 2-3 times a week.

Aku sanggup buat semua tu InsyaAllah, rather than giving up on him easily.

Adi now lives with us at Pantai Dalam. Mudah nak observe him, rather than having to drive all the way back to Bangi and then to the vet in Cheras. Tidak lah aku perlu lagi susah-susahkan Umi Ayah tolong jaga Adi, though they have been fantastically great and supportive in that department.

Cumanya, with Labu Labi around, susah nak tahu if Adi beyak ke tak, coz the three of them now use each other's litter boxes, boleh? Though Adi and Labu Labi are not really chummy chummy, but they could live under the same roof same room just fine, Alhamdulillah.

Well, things one could do for a cat ey.

Mak and Bibik Bani came from Pendang last two Fridays the 30th May and went back last Sunday 7th June.

I just love hanging out with Mak and listening to her stories. This time round, she shared tales of orang-orang kampung yang bela hantu and jin, of the cat 'Putih' who died in labour with the babies still inside her, and other chats and talks while I did the buah tangan VIPs in the living room till it was time for her to retire.

With Kak Bani around to assist Mak, it's nice to come home from work all beaten-up and stressed-out at the new office, to find your porch swept off dried leaves, your plants watered, your laundry done up from the line, your kitchen cleaned-up.... and home-cooked meals, the way Mak likes it, terhidang atas meja. Best, kan?

When Kak Bani first arrived with Mak, I was quite peeved with her audacity to loudly sympathize my so-called condition of not having kids (she has a total of 7 in Acheh, mind you. With a set of twins to boot). Her eyes kept looking at me with this "oh you poor, poor thing. The things you are missing in life" look. Ugh. I resented and hated the look, and back then how I wished she could just go away.

When I finally told her, "Kak Bani, jangan dipersoal dan disimpati apa yang Allah tak kurnia pada Alin. Mungkin Allah mahu Alin kecapi kebahagiaan yang lain dulu, seperti pekerjaan, wang, kereta, rumah...baru ada anak. Lain orang lain bahagiannya, Kak Bani," barulah dia terasa and stopped looking at me with that sorry eyes! Gahhh. And there she was, 5 years older than I am tapi berfikiran cetek. Tension gak aku.

Nevertheless, Mak and Kak Bani managed to meet Amir for the first time, and they were head over heels with Amir! Alhamdulillah.

I wished Mak and Kak Bani could come a-visit after the 13th June instead. For both weekends, I had to leave Mak and Kak Bani at home with Abang while I had to attend the preparation of Celi's do. Mak was supposed to go back (or rather, Abang send her halfway to Ipoh and another ipar would then take over from thereon) yesterday, but something cropped up into Abang's schedule that he had to send Mak on Sunday morning instead. Berlari-lari aku balik dari Bangi pagi tu just to send them off at the gate at Pantai Dalam. Mak requested that I should join them to Ipoh, but dengan berat hati I had to resist coz there were still so many things yet to be done in Bangi. Mujur she accepted my reasons. Lagipun, Umi bekalkan Mak with nasi lemak bungkus, and I included a few buah tangan for her, Bibik and those kat kampung. I think that somehow lembutkan hati Mak in some ways, hehe.

Mak & Kak Bani
I'm on leave starting today till Friday for Celi's Do on Saturday.

This morning though, I went for berubat at a perubatan islam in Kuala Selangor. It was supposed to be for Abang, but I decided to join in, kot aku buleh 'cleanse' mana-mana yang patut.

It was a really interesting and intriguing experience for me. I can't really tell why I arranged for the appointment or what telah happened, but if you don't believe in Perubatan Islam yang boleh communicate with the djins, then you better start believing now, 'coz Abang & I just been through that this morning!

I felt 'lighter' somewhat, but very very exhausted and badan sakit-sakit macam seolah-olah kena urut 2,3 jam padahal ustaz tu tak usik aku apa pun. Afterwards, I slept from after Zuhur till 6, the longest I've ever had my nap for in such a long time! The ustaz (who apparently also holds a doctorate in atomic nuclear) departed quite a bit of ilmu with us after the sessions. He told us to observe between 7-10 days, and if masih terasa macam ada 'gangguan', we would have to do a follow-up. So we'll just see what happens in 7-10 days' time.

Okay I'm off to do the dzikir 100x that the Ustadz had requested to do before retiring. Esok pagi nak balik Bangi dengan Adi.



Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hadiah Pintu

On the right, is the VIP gift. 80 done, 20 more to go.

On the left, is the typical doorgift, 3000 of them. Apparently, perhaps 800 done, 1200 more to go, insyaAllah. Said and Azhar, both are Ahy's friends, datang tolong harini di Bangi, bless 'em both. Ahy pula bawa 1000 of the gift + gula-gula + plastik + stapler + tags + dawai to be done in Muar di rumah Hasrul.

Oh ya ada 100 kuntum bunga telur tak pasang tag lagi.

So, InsyaAllah sempat suma, kot...?

Oh, by the way, the day before the sanding will be Umi's Six-Zero Birthday...ada idea nak wat kejutan apa tak...? Hmm *garu-garu dagu*


Adam Lambert's Iron Lungs

Just heard Adam Lambert's 'cleaned-up' rendition of that final American Idol song, No Boundaries from MixFM.

Goodness gracious that boy, where does he hide his lungs ah??? Must be damn big i'd say! Suara dia deeleecious pulak tu!yumyum.

Could someone google the vid of him singing that song and link it up in here please?? Aku malas nak cari, la...or rather, takdak masa! Tapi aku naaaaak sangat4 tengok dia nyanyi!

Ni kat parking depan PKNS Bangi nak cari riben and plastik untuk gula-gula.


Friday, June 05, 2009

Help Needed

Acclimatising myself administratively in a department that controls 225 staffs with five Timbalan Pengarahs and the clericals are two levels above mine, as opposed to a Unit that had 32 staffs with 1 Timbalan and the clericals only 20ft from my room, exhausts me like hell.

That, coupled with the prep for Celi's sanding next Saturday with 3000 numbers of buah tangan that Celi is currently doing all by herself during the weekdays. Last weekend we (Celi, Nazim, Udi and I) managed to complete maybe 200+ of them, with me also in-charge of the 100 VIP items that I've only completed 60 thus far. Kesian betul kat adik aku. I really really hope that someone would PHYSICALLY come forward to help in Bangi. And that's not a hint.

Man I feel so burnt and bummed out. And I'm typing this whilst trapped in the usual Friday evening crawl on Syed Putra. Yes, while driving too. So sue me.

Malam ni nak bawa Mak and Bibik for dinner at Umi's in Bangi. Can't wait! Mak pun tak sabar nak jumpa Amir!


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Amir at 7 months

My lil bunny is 7-mths old today.

Kejap betul masa berlalu.

He's been crawling the past 2 weeks, and now hoisting himself up on his feet! I anticipate that he'll prolly be walking in a month's time. So so proud of him. Owe it to Umi and Celi for looking after him so so well.

We all love you loads, honeybun.


Friday, May 29, 2009

A Room With A View

The view from my room -- the clear segregation between the new village and the city center. That's the elevated highway in the middle.

Did I mention about my internet connection at the new office is WAY SUCKER than at the old office? Checking my project emails and reading malaysiakini seem like daunting tasks these days, what more reading my own blog.

Last night was the last of the removals of furniture. Am so glad. I just need to hibernate for re-energising, which could only happen in july the earliest. That said, looking at the weather looming over Abang's office, there might be some huge adjustments in line, and I foresee another 'penghijrahan' coming. Adai. I pray it'll be a good hijrah though. A better one for both Abg's and my lives to say the least.

I went back to Bangi last night to see both my babies -- Amir and Adi.

Amir has this bad rashes on his front and back due to the heat... Sian anak Mummy.

Meanwhile, my 5 1/2 yr-old boy Adi hasn't been better even since discharged from the vet early this month. He was moaning and moaning while his back arched in like his perut so sakit. He hasn't beyak proper stool, tak makan...he's getting thinner, less active...and I'm getting sadder 'coz deep down I know he's not getting any better.

Umi and Ayah keep suggesting to put him to sleep since I've spent quite a bit on his treatment (like, close to rm5k since the past 3 yrs), but, how could I? He was there when I was lonely and sad. He filled up my void when I felt empty. He was my first love -- feline wise. I keep shedding tears everytime I think of putting Adi to sleep. I've even shamlessly cried infront of Abang a couple of times. Putting him to sleep feels like an act of betrayal, like I'm giving up on him so easy.

Like, do you know what or when the limit is like to let your pet go?

Sometimes I pray that if Adi were to go, let him go when I'm not there. Asalkan Umi Ayah ada masa tu, ok lah.
Aiyoh wot a silly entry about a cat, ey. Adi's JUST A CAT. A stray cat at that, too. But he's no ordinary cat to me. He's my first cat, and he was the one who really taught me unconditional love and forgiveness.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

internet kat m'sia memang sucks

i think la karn.

streamyx and haier read my blog.

streamyx called me yesterday morning, apologizing for the delay and explained the reason. but by evening around 5pm, everything's solved.

haier called abang yesterday too, and made appointment with abang to see what's wrong with our ac unit. by this afternoon, haier contractor came and found out that a couple of the refrigerant cooler (or whatchamacallit. heck am an architect, not a mechanical engineer) didn't work 'coz the aircond's being 'over-gassed' by the previous contractor who installed the aircond. ala what ever la kan sebab musababnya yang penting aircond ni dah agak sejuk sekarang, hanya kena test malam karang aje. my next door neighbour also uses haier 1hp aircond for the master bedroom, and told me that theirs is not brand-new and yet they only use a minimum of 20 degrees every night instead of 16 like us. and by 3am they would switch their aircond off. so we'll see if we would be doing the same tonight.

since today's abang's second day off of the week, i took a pre-planned leave to settle quite a bit of things from the condo, and to 'kutip perabot' from bangi and amanputra tonight in conjunction to my sis&bro in-law coming on friday for their daughter's touch-down from Jersey on Saturday morning, and another sis&bro in-law dropping-by with Mak&Bibik on Saturday evening i presume before the sis&bro in-law continued down to Malacca for a wedding or something.

i'm glad i've practically completed my tasks for Mak's arrival -- tikar getah personally laid in her room, langsir dah lama dipasang, stand fan dah dibeli, selipar untuk pakai dalam rumah dah dibeli, tong gas baru beli tadi, bilik air dah dicuci, also got her a bidet-chair so that she could go while sitting instead of squatting on the pan, cermin muka and sidai tuala in the bathroom dah dipasang, abang dah beli tilam queen size baru. just need to get the towel rack aje.

rangka katil will arrive tonight insyaAllah -- umi insist of giving it to us coz tak tahu nak letak kat mana dah kat rumah di bangi tu. along with the dining table and two sofas that we've temporarily placed both in bangi and amanputra.

esok, pi beli barang-barang dapur pulak.

i just wished mak could come after celi's sanding do on the 13th of june so that my time could be focused on her better. have told abang about it. but mak still insists on coming down with my in-laws. aku tak kisah, as long as she'd understand that i'll have my weekends full to help umi ayah and celi on the preparation towards the sanding do. as it is we are pretty much panicking. alhamdulillah aku sempat belikan celi bunga telur and beg kertas buah tangan just last monday. weekend ni nak kena isi gula-gula and tags. for 3000 guests, i was told. tu dia.

oh i've also 'melapor diri' at the new office yesterday (Tuesday). i've no complains about the new port, which was also my old office where i was placed for 6 months when i first worked in the organisation before being instructed to assist two other seniors to open up the unit yang kena bubar baru-baru ni. so, it's like, 'sireh pulang ke gagang' la -- familliar faces, familliar jokes, familliar surroundings. i'm lucky in such a way that it was from this same office some 4 years ago that i brought the laughter and easy-going atmosphere along with me, and managed to set the atmosphere at the bubared office in such manner. then, fresh new staff came pouring in to fill in the posts, and the atmosphere was what they knew -- easy-going, happy, no boundary, no age-gap. ada la yang ambil kesempatan on the lenient ways, but can still be whipped to toe the line.

so, i'm kinda lucky that my two assistants and i are still in the same 'atmosphere', albeit back to the bureaucratic ways. i do feel rather guilty and sorry that the rest of the upht staff yang tercampak pi merata-rata departments told us that tempat baru diorang dah la membosankan, keja banyak, meja tak cantik, ada gap between higher and lower rank staff, also the age-gap pulak tu.

aku simpati sangat-sangat.

tapi ada juga yang aku simpati by saying, "iya....???? ala kesian dia, tapi.................... HAHAHAHAHAHA PADAN MUKA DIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!". ini for those yang selalu degil cakap boss masing-masing and tuang keja masa kat upht la. hahahaha, baru diorang tau langit tinggi rendah.

ah well.

oh ya.

my net connection in the new office sucks like nobody's biz. hence i couldn't be bothered to check my blog or reply comments.

but i do read the comments through the email on the handphone cekai, though!!! so keep 'em coming! eceh ceh ceh....

just an hour ago, i tested thy streamyx. ughhhhhhhhh sucks like mad, too.

we've also just registered maxis broadband instead of celcom. well, we actually HAVE registered celcom3g with the usb modem and all that jazz last Friday, until we found out 2,3 days later that both of us are blacklisted for some phonebill yang dah bengkrap pun companynya some 10 years ago, hence celcom3g department decided to reject our application without even checking our other payment performances between then and now! blardy 'ell. bodoh punya celcom. kan dah hilang customers.

so, with the new usb modem harga rm299 that we couldn't return (but we were compensated back with our RM68/month advanced bill payment), we went to maxis and voilah, they had this new product just launched 3 days earlier to cater cases like ours -- registration kena reject tapi modem dah dibeli and tak boleh pulang balik.

talk about lady luck smiling on us or what.

so here i am, guna maxis bband. BUT, with the new product, we have surfing limit of 2Gb per month and they'll slow our speed down once we've reached our limit, like, whadahunk kan.

but at least it's way better streamyx, man. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER!

you may ask ngaper tak guna wimax P1 and segala mala yang baru tu. laju gila-gila babas and all that.

well, thing is, kalau boleh kami bukan nak pakai kat KL/S'ngor aje. kot bila travel, say, ke p.d macam hari tu ke, or balik pendang, pi penang, or pi holiday memana, we want connections. and all those new wimax haven't covered as far as celcom3g or maxis just yet.

satgi bila dah cover 1 malaysia, DAH PASTI kami akan tukar!

ok i download pics of my moving-office last saturday samabil tunggu abang balik from his meeting in kelana jaya at 3pm tadi. malam karang nak pi pungut perabot pulak, kan.

have a good hump day y'all.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Aku tak faham kenapa line streamyx masih tak ditransfer lagi ke rumah baru aku, padahal line telefon dah masuk seminggu dah. Aku dah bagitau saing dengan minta line telefon.

Kalau part kita terlupa bayar, dan-dan tu jugak dia gantung. Kalau part dia lambat, tak da apa-apa extra pun dia nak bagi kita tanda sorry. Padahal kita bayar fixed unlimited, bukan as per connected macam tmnet. Seriously baghal punya sistem Streamyx.

Habis aje contract jun-july ni, memang aku tak sambung. Pakai usb-mobile broadband macam Celcom lagi bagus.


Apart from streamyx, jangaaaanla beli aircond jenama Haier. Aku rasa kalau aku hembus bilik aku tu pun lagi sejuk dari hembusan aircond jenama Haier. Pasang SIXTEEN DEGREES all through out the night pun, kami rilek je tak pakai selimut! Konon nak beli murah sikit, now terus rasa rugi banyak. Haram jadah punya Sen Heng Permaisuri. Pikir komisyen je. We were so ill-advised about the product. Bila Abang bagitau member-member kat Fomca about aircond Haier, semua kasi reaction "haiyaaaa a/c haier memang tak guna laaa". Bila komplen kat Haier Hq, no one call us back, tak macam Panasonic...sehari lepas komplen, terus call.

Seriously, DO NOT EVER BOTHER TO SAVE $ BY BUYING HAIER. Really worthless punya jenama.

Aku tengah tunggu dalam keta ni, depan Merak Kayangan Felda, sementara Abang catch his 40 winks before masuk for a wedding dinner. Semalam dah pindah ofis. ALHAMDULILLAAAAAH Allah permudahkan segala-galanya bagi aku semalam. Save for one architect-character yang sangat poyo yang sangat memfedapkan aku. Aku nak cerita tapi kuku aku dah sakit dok menekan butang hp. Lagipun, ada gambar nak ditunjuk.

Ok Abang dah bangun. Aku sangat sangat sangat letih. Just when I thought I'd like to have next weekend to myself while helping out Umi with Celi's sanding do on the 13th, Mak pula nak datang berholiday di KL for a week. Mujur Mak bawa Bibik, boleh aku guna-gunakan sikit untuk tolong aku kemas-kemas rumah....hehehehe.

Ok, da.


Monday, May 18, 2009


Apparently, my blog is not so secret anymore.


No lah. I mean, I never thought there are quite a few (like, loads jugak smenanya) in the organization who followed my blog. Like, should I feel scared? Logically, I should lah. Looking at how leftist and opposing (towards the ruling party) the blog is. But then again, I know I shouldn't be scared of my colleagues (including those in Bahagian Tataterib, Bahagian Perkhidmatan, Bahagian Pentadbiran atasan, etc) reading my blog, because I know I've done my work professionally... Alhamdulillah. I've struggled keeping lopsided instructions to be fulfilled, but Alhamdulillah, so far, Allah masih pelihara aku lagi in keeping my path as 'clean' as possible. I pray that it will stay 'clean' and manageable sehingga ke akhir hayat aku serve this Organization.


Letih, siut. Letih letih letih. I'm taking a hell lot of 'burden' with me back to my old Department in the form of boxes of project files (perhaps, 40 of them), drawings, presentations, documents, models (2 huge ones and 4 small ones), assets (huge plotter, scrolls and drawings folders of all sizes), material/product brochures&catalogues library, among others. Ni tak termasuk my own personal boxes, almost 15 of them. And my two assistants haven't gotten a place at the new office, so I'll have to think of dismantling two cubicles here (a combined size of 2.4m x 4.8m) to be chucked in in the middle of somewhere in that office yang tengah senak penuh. And I've to arrange for transportation and a few Pembantu Rendah Awam (AGAIN!) for the full transfer next Monday.

Orang lain pindah bawak kotak and bontot masing-masing ke tempat baru. Aku dan 3 orang lagi kena bawa sekapal penuh barang.


I'm sorry. Really, forgive me. But please allow me to say F*CK THE 'MELAYU BERLAGAK' for not even coming down to see the chaos he has put us all in in his hasty decision membubar kami! GRRRRrrrr!!!!

Up till now, masih ada lagi department yang tak tahu kami dibubarkan. Imagine that? Even the HR didn't even have time to c-c our 'surat pembubaran' to the respective departments that our staff are now being placed at (a minimum of nine departments).

I made a joke to my new neighbours (who are my colleagues, by the way) last Friday. I told them, make sure your respective departments tak perform as well as ours -- two years ago, we were at the bottom 3 of least performing from 27 departments. Last year, we were #1 Top Performing Department with 92% spending to our allocated budget (which my Boss had diligently cut to almost half at the end of the 1st Quarter of 2008). And look where we are now. Ceased to exist.

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

A bitter joke it was, mind you.

Oh ya. Talk about being bitter.

I know some people in the organization who are eyeing for this office read my blog.

So, to you people eyeing the office -- Do you know that this office is haunted?

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

Ini aku tak tipu.

Alhamdulillah, so far, aku tak pernah kena ganggu lagi lah, walaupun masa tunggu Abang sampai pukul 8 malam tu, boleh rasa remang-remang bulu tengkuk. Budak-budak lain, ada yang dah kena -- tapak kaki budak-budak berlari-lari, lady in white apparition at the back area of the office, bunyi ketuk-ketuk dinding in our one-and-only oval meeting room in the organisation, etc.

In fact, mak si Intan yang boleh 'rasa' benda-benda ni, told me that memang ada 'orang tunggu' pejabat ni, especially at the back office where it was once a Cold Room for refrigeration. The Cold Room had long being demolished during the renovation of this office back in early 2006 and there stand two praying rooms at its place.

Aku pernah sekali aje kena gurau-gurau -- satu hari ni sebelum aku balik (I'd always be the last one out anyways), I'll check to switch off all the lights, including the toilets'. The lights to the gents' were on, so I switched it off. Then aku balik semula ke bilik aku to get my stuff. On my way out, I passed by the gents'... and I saw the lights were back on again.

Aku biarkan aje.

Takut? Masa tu, tak terasa lagi. Aku cuma terdetik, "Haiiii 'korang' ni, nak gurau ya...", and terus keluar and locked the main door. But while on the escalator on the way down, baru terasa takut.

Hahahahahahaha *gelak sewel*.

Ok, aku dah ternyata jadi sewel. I just can't stand these pindah-pindah anymore. I'm just glad the unpacking in the new house is mostly done, save Abang's stuff in his Study Room that he's supposed to do (eh takkan SEMUA aku nak buat, kan ;-p).


Friday, May 15, 2009

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

Hari ini Hari Lahir Abang.

*mwaks mwaks*

Pagi tadi aku hanya sempat selit kad birthday dalam laptop dia aje. Aku tak sempat lagi nak belikan dia hadiah. Mungkin belanja dia makan malam ni. Mungkin di mana-mana kedai Melayu, sebab dia tak suka makanan fastfood atau italian atau japanese atau western atau cuisine. Untung aku, haha.

Hari ini juga Hari Lahir Boss aku (or rather, 'ex-Boss' aku?) yang setahun tua dari Abang.

Abang dan ex-Boss hanya punyai satu persamaan -- 'hyper'. Satu hyper pengemas, satu hyper tak pengemas. Satu hyper organised, satu hyper disorganised. Satu hyper logik, satu hyper artistic. Satu hyper active bersukan, satu hyper tak active bersukan.

Tapi dua-dua hyper baik hati.

Semoga Allah memberikan mereka umur yang panjang, rezki halal yang berlipat-ganda, memelihara mereka dan keluarga mereka, serta dikelilingi kasih-sayang senantiasa.

Hari ini juga hari terakhir kami di Unit ini.

Aku rasa sangat stress. Kami semua berasa sangat stress. Kami tak mahu berpecah. Kami masih menyimpan harapan agar ada keputusan terakhir yang menyatukan kami semula. Kalau tak hari ini, mungkin minggu depan, mungkin bulan depan, mungkin tahun depan. Mungkin di satu hari nanti.

Atau mungkin tidak sekali-kali.


So stressed-out I am, that I'm 'late' almost a week.

No, I'm not pregnant. I know I'm not, so don't ask me how I know ok.

Semoga Allah berikan kami semua kekuatan, dan keberkatan dalam melaksanakan tugasan seterusnya di tempat yang baharu.

Aku rasa macam nak pi sorok menangis kejap sebelum habiskan kertas-kertas kerja dan sambung packing barang.

My 7 boxes out of, possibly, 15 in total.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pindah pindah; Mu'az here Mu'az there

final morning in Permaisuri, Saturday, 9th May 2009.
View from Master Bedroom.

Alhamdulillah, lega dah pindah.

Masya-Allah, kalau buleh, dah tak moh pindah sampai pencen...

Masa jabatan organisasi yang bekalkan lori tanya aku, "Puan, kami kasi Puan lori 5 tan, cukup tak? Ke, kena ulang-alik?", cepat aje aku balas "Huiiishhhh cukup lah tuuu! Barang kami tak banyak mana aih!!!"

Sungguh chapoi mulut ini. Tak muat, kau. Bukannya banyak barang besar, pun. Yang barang cenongeh-cenongeh ni yang banyak.

I tell you, it was chaos from the morning.

It was Wesak Day, hence public holiday, hence Management Office of the condo tak buka, hence tak dapat bayar deposit pindah RM150, hence lori tak boleh masuk ke dalam compound condo.

Adui la, ngaper la buat last minute, kan.

Deal punya deal with the condo-Management people via handphone, depa kasi dengan syarat. Still can put the deposit, get receipt from Guard House, turun-turunkan barang habis, baru lori boleh masuk. Coz masa hari cuti, orang semua ada kat rumah, so, tak nak ganggu the condo neighborhood.

We said ok lah. Cemana caranya nanti, later kita fikir.

The lorry, driver and 3 helpers were supposed to arrive by 11.30am. By 11-ish, the driver, A, called, telling me that the 3 Pekerja Am Rendah who were supposed to be helping us move the things were nowhere to be seen. In fact he even wasn't told about any helpers joining.

Aku punya la bengang. Semalam, orang kat Bahagian Pengangkutan (nama T) tu dah janji dengan aku yang dia dah carikan 3 orang helper and they will join the driver to my house. My mistake was that I did not take T's hp number, and instead only took the driver's phone number. Dah aku menggagau. Aku call Boss si T, Boss dia pun tak da no. hp orang tu (Bahagian dia besar, woh). I was alone at home; Abang at work. When I called Abang, Abang dah bising-bising. Barang dapur tak habis pack lagi. Rasa macam nak pitam.

Mujur A sanggup nak carikan. After a while, A called back saying that he managed to get help dari his two friends bukan orang organisasi, tapi kena bayar lebih sikit. Like, what choice do we have, kan? Rembat aje la.

So, at quarter to 12, depa pun mai. Sorang si Driver A, sorang adik baju itam yang agak kurus (macam tak caya aje dia ni boleh angkat barang), and sorang adik seluar bermuda. Adik seluar bermuda ni nampak macam malas tak ikhlas sikit lah. Hidung pun dah srut-srat-srut-srat -- tak leh habuk agaknya. By 12, Abang dah sampai rumah. He took half-day that day.

Lat 20 minit, adik seluar bermuda was nowhere to be seen. Siulan betul. Mujur tak bayar dulu ke apa, kan?

Bro A pun call lagi kawan-kawan dia. Ada sorang kawan dia, rupanya jiran aku kat blok sebelah. Botak bersubang emas dua-dua telinga. Punk gila woh. Muka & badan macam bouncer pun ada. Tapi hati baik la kan, sanggup tolong aku. Dia pun call sorang adik dia. Dua-dua agak berisi. Ada confident la sket dorang dapat tolong, kan.

Bila banyak barang dah dibawa turun, Bro A pun bawa masuk lori. Ada jiran aku ingat aku kena sita sebab ada lori organisasi nak rampas barang lagaknya.... hahahahaha. Anyway, mujur juga sorang kakak ni (my neighbour) was away in JB, so aku pun call dia untuk pinjam carpark space dia yang betul-betul depan tangga. Dia kata ok sangat-sangat. Fuh, lega kau.

So, depa pun masukkan barang-barang -- tak muat!!! Ahhh sudah. Adik bouncer ni pun bukak baju blenggeng, terus tolong re-organize barang-barang dalam tu sampai muat-muat melimpah-ruah macam budak gemuk pakai baju ketat, know whot I mean! FUH! Respect lah dengan dia.

Itupun ada lagi barang-barang dapur and study room yang masih kena tinggal tak muat nak letak dalam lori.

By then, Udi dah hantar separuh barang-barang kecik dengan MyVi ke Pantai Dalam, and Umi Ayah Ahy Hasrul dah tunggu kat sana.

By 4 something, the lorry and I made our way to Pantai Dalam, while Abang waited for Hasrul and Ahy to come over to help transfer barang-barang selebih into Hasrul's Stream. ITU pun masih tak muat...aiyyyyooyoooo....

But Alhamdulillah, by 6.30, semua selesai memunggah ke Pantai Dalam. And Alhamdulillah, dalam keributan and ujian Allah turunkan untuk duga, it was THAT DAY that Allah decided for the matahari tak keluar. Reduuuuuuuup dari tengahari. Sampai kami ingat macam nak hujan. Tapi tak hujan hujan. Maha Besar Allah, kan? Alhamdulillah.

My bros have been of GREAT HELP despite their busy schedules. Udi balik dari Melaka just to help me. Later on, Celi came to help a bit. Umi Ayah pun tolong-tolong.

And that Bro A and his friends??? W'pun duit aku berterbangan dua kali ganda bayar upah diorang, tak pa lah. Aku nampak diorang bersungguh buat kerja.

On the confirmation slip that the driver asked me to sign that he's done and delivered his job, I wrote "Pemandu ini telah melaksanakan tugas beliau dengan SANGAT cemerlang! Terima kasih!", hoping that could help recommend him for a quarters he's just applied, so I was told by him previously.


Rupanya, duduk rumah bawah ni, panas, kan? Tingkat atas rumah aku, bahangya mak datuk. Pasang aircond kat bilik 16 degree all through out the nite pun, temperature bilik only goes down till 28 the lowest!

Nampak gaya kena pasang insulation sheet right on top of the ceiling, lah. Abang dok ngamuk-ngamuk yang bilik panas. Dia dah la tak suka guna kipas. Hmmm.


Intan & rakan-rakan bujang, 2 days before due

Nama baby baru Intan (my Matchmake No.2) is Khairul Mu'az bin Khairul Hamadi. Berat: 3.6 kg, kussemangat. Despite saiz Intan and Chot yang renek-renek kecik chomey.

Aku terus gelak-gelak masa aku dapat tahu dari Intan about the new baby's name when I called her last Friday night.

"Naper Kak Lin gelak?" Intan tanya.

First baby Matchmake No.1 Kak Lin dulu pun, nama nya Mu'az.

Baby Kak Lin yang Matchmake No.4 Kak Lin tengah jaga ni (Celi la tu), nama Mu'az juga.

Let's hope Matchmake No.3 Kak Lin bila kawin and dapat anak esok, letak nama Mu'az juga! hehehehe

Really nice coincidence, ey??? Ngeeeeee.

Amir Mu'az, 10th May 2009


Kotak kami baru beli tadi di kilang off Jalan Kuari. 100 buah, free 10. RM2.50 per box. Saiz 1.5 of the yellow photostate-paper box. Esok gotong-royong kemas ofis. Semua orang tengah sedih. Kami dapat tahu, satu organisasi terkejut yang kami dibubarkan, knowing how agressively hardworking we have been with our projects. Such is life.


Dah berapa lama aku tak enjoy the fullmoon. Pagi tadi pukul 6.45am, Celi mms bulan terang dari Bangi. Subhanallah. Banyaknya fullmoon aku miss, rasanya. Sampaikan aku perasan, aku kadang lupa nak tengok the sun shining every morning, or whatever silver lining there is behind every cloud.



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