Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lolling Tongue II

Have been both physically and emotionally occupied and challenged the past week.

Hence the silence.

It’s going to be a really, really long journey hereafter.

Really long one.

Am just glad I’ve got Allah, and Abang to accompany me. My current main pillars of strength.

Praying for more (pillars) of strengths to come… aaaaamiiiin.

I just don't understand how some people can be so downright stupid and foolish to be doing mistakes that not only ruin their lives, but also the entire support system. Really really breaks my heart.


That said, went for a 1-day Project Management course last two Mondays in a prestigious hotel in the middle of the city center.

Four distinguished speakers, all specialists in their own rights – one a local Chief Operating Officer, one a foreigner with a doctorate in Quantity Surveying (who is also a Head of Department in the University he’s attached to), one a local registered Architect, and one an English Architectural Professor who’s also a specialist in K-Management.

I particularly enjoyed the last speaker. He was funny, witty, spontaneous – no wonder the organiser put him to be the ‘bait’ of the day, at 4pm! ‘Nnaaatey demer.

Now, if any of you who have read my “Lolling Tongue” entry previously, this is anotherLolling Tongue” story to record.

The second speaker, say, Dr.QS, is a very experienced/seasoned speaker from what I read in the intro notes given to the participants. He’s presented papers worldwide, was a consultant to this and that, now holding the post of a Head of Department in a certain Uni in Asia.

Tak kisah la tu kan. Aku memang tengah beriya sangat nak tahu apa dia nak kongsi, ’else I wouldn’t have applied for the RM950/day course.

And then he started…

“Good mornings, ladies and gentlemens.”


But then I thought… alah, tu sikit je laah. No sweat lah -- extra ‘s’, no ‘s’. Smoh (small) matter, maa.

And thench, after a wee bit of introduction on himself and the subject of his presentation (which was, shall I say, legible to the hearing lah... Can’t say it was perfect, but understandable nonetheless), he began to read through his notes:

“Yada yada yada…

Agains, if an issue is perceivted as urgents, it’s signifance must be analied and a certain fret analsis must be divropted immediantly, so that the potenshur impact on the project would not be lapted, neveress…. yada yada yada…”


"perceivted"? "signifance"? "analied"? "divropted"? "immediantly"? "potenshur"? "lapted"? "neveress"? "Fret ANALsis"???

Apa mamat ni cakap, weh???

I reached out to the notes given infront of me, scrambling through to what he’s just said. Then I found it:

“Again, if an issue is perceived as urgent, it’s significance must be analysed and a certain threat analysis must be developed immediately, so that the potential impact on the project would not be lapsed, nevertheless….”

Oooo, habaq laaaa.….


Sat-sat lepaih tu, apa dia baca aku pun baca sama kat notes tu. Kalau dak, tak faham!

Tapi yang magicknya, during the Q&A sessions, he was all fluent – with only minor lil smacks of pelat which is very forgivable. So, me thinks that only when he reads through yang jadi major screw-up… terbalik pulak,kan?

tergeliat lidah akewww

Moral of the story???

Please, please practice first should you need to present papers in languages other than your own mother-tongue. Bahaya nanti kalau tersalah bunyinya, woh. Macam cerita my first “Lolling Tongue” story tu lah.



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Malam Ni Udi Nak Sate II

Ahy Udi Abg Zul.

"Malam esok Udi nak sifud lak, bleh tak Mi?" si bongsu menanya.

Plenty money your mother?

Dia lupa la tu dia dah balik for good, haha.

Malam Ni Udi Nak Sate I

Ayah Umi Celi

UDI (who's back for good!) & ADI (who's not well)

Mulai malam ni, anak-anak Umi Ayah akan semua berada di Malaysia.

Udi balik for good!!!

I'm FREE!!! (from Udi's Facebook profile)

Entah-entah dah touchdown dah by the time I post this.

Umi cerita tadi, Abang Ahy dia siap basuh segala cadar sarung bantal vacuum bilik kemas almari keluarkan butter untuk buat cookies segala -- all sebab nak sambut adik dia balik. Dia pun ikut sama dengan Umi Ayah sambut Udi di airport, tu.

Alhamdulillaaaaah... Udi balik dengan M.Eng in Design and Innovation. Alhamdulillah.

Aku korek-korek sok-sek sok-sek dengan Udi kat YM aritu, dia ada 'aweks' to boot, too. Dia kata Umi Ayah dah jumpa, cuma Umi Ayah tak perasan je mana satu. Ye la, mamat tu kalau layan pompuan semuanya dia layan adil dan saksama -- semua layan dengan romantik dan gentleman. Mana la Umi Ayah nak perasan mana satu gugurl dia.

Ish... dah besaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar dah adik bongsu aku nih. Rasa macam baru semalam aku salin lampin dia rebus botol susu dia jaga dia masa sakit tolong dia buat school assignments bawak dia pi exams and interviews segala.

Ni dah gatal nak kawin dah. Heh heh.

Mat Bunga Ripseed

So malam ni lepas Maghrib Abang & I will drive down to Bangi for a complete family dinner.

Udi the alien

Adi tak sihat lagi. Sabtu aritu I went to fetch Adi from Bangi setelah tak yayak for a week. Well, tak properly yayak for 2 weeks+ already, tapi bila dah balik Bangi semakin-makin dia tak makan sebab dah tak sihat from Cheras. Puas Umi bagi dia low-fat milk, low-fat yoghurt, air gamat untuk tambah selera, and Ayah even bought enema for kids for Adi (which, I later found out is a BIG HUGE NO-NO for Cats 'coz it could be toxic for animals. But hey, Ayah was really concerned, okay...), pun dia still tak nak yayak and makan.

He was vomitting, and also passing really smelly brown faecal water from the anus.

Vet did x-ray on him on Saturday noon, and his colon dah dilated to 4cm dah. So Vet had to put Adi to sleep to pull out the faeces. Malam tadi aku ambil Adi, mak aiii busuknya dia, kesian sangat ke dia. Aku terus mandi-mandikan dia -- 3 kali syampu pun tak ilang-ilang lagi bau.

Vet said Adi didn't even touch any food while being admitted. So this morning I fed him a few syringes of low-fat milk, which is highly recommended by the Vet of Adi tak makan. Vet also recommends to stop giving Adi dry food 'coz the colon has lesser muscle-stretching properties dah.

So, I'm putting Adi over at Cheras till weekend and see how he's fairing, eventhough Ayah keeps asking me about his other son -- "Bila Adi nak balik...", "Bila Adi boleh balik...".

Okeh, gotta go. Busy busy busy weeks ahead.

Aku nak comment on Ayah Sialful yang bodoh tu. And nak put links. Tapi belum jumpa masa. Boleh google sendiri and read, especially on why Pak Anwar refuses to give his DNA. Baca pre-emptive sebenarnya on the matter from Suara Keadilan keluaran 22-Julai.

However, some readings on Cat Megacolon:
1. Cat Megacolon
2. MegacolonCat website
3. Constipation & Megacolon
4. The Manx Syndrome
5. Treatment
6. Cat Food in Wiki

self explanatory

The scale of the megacolon.
Labu cuba cium bau.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Arrest

Wot a load of rubbish, this anjing-anjing yang arrested Anwar this noon.

Really lah depa-depa ni put Malaysia on the Joker-of-The-World Map.

Dah la semalam they sent a less-than-competent match to debate with The Orator. And that match is the INFO MINISTER of M'SIA pula tu. With a stooooopid Vice Chancellor of some Ulu Universiti as his sidekick, siap ada pangkat Datuk Seri pulak tu. Aiyoh, sapa la yang kasi pangkat Datuk dengan Datuk Seri kat depa dua orang niiii... I would just strip their titles in a speed of light. Memalukan the institution aje!

Hari ni, kalau kau Google 'anwar arrested', berita ni keluar kat Reuters, CNN, AL-Jazeera, AFP, BBC, ABC... even the IRISHTIMES and OREGONLIVE!!!!

Umang aiiii. Wot a joke!

Huiiii kalau pasal roadblock, nak sekat demo, arrest warrant of Pak Anwar.... cepat sepantas kilat, zup zup zap at the word Go!!!

Tapi, cuba kau baca entry ni... pasti kau akan geram yang lebihhhh lagi. Dari situ you just know this country is just not safe for ANYBODY -- kau, anak kau, bini kau, laki kau, mak bapak kau, tok nek kau, kucing kau, angsa kau.

Unless kau adalah jerung-jerung besar yang ada cukup duit untuk beli maruah.

Like Patrcik Teoh says: You want to get away with things do them BIG.

Eh, apa punya negara, ni???? Zimb@bwe ka, haa???

Aku dan keluarga (bermakna suami dan keluarga suami aku, mak ayah aku, adik-beradik aku, aunty uncle aku, cousin-cousin aku, kucing-kucing aku, angsa-angsa aku... dah berapa ratus dah jumlah tu!) berdoa agar segala kekuatan dan perlindungan diberi kepada Pak Anwar dan keluarga Pak Anwar, dan semoga segala kebenaran mahupun kejahatan dan kelaknatan akan diberikan segala kemudahan untuk didedahkan apa yang benar... Aaaaaamin...

And Abang's flying in from Manila tonight... yeayyyyy!!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anwar vs Shabery: No Match!

Oh my God, I just have to say this, in ALL honesty...

Abang's Big Boss just SO FCKN ROCKS!! i SWEAR akan ada ramai orang anut agama Pakatan Rakyat lepas ni!!!

Aku yakin ni semua kerana doa rakyat jelata. Sebab tu depa-depa BeeEnd jadi terbodo pi hantar si Stroberi Cheek and Nordinkodi -- tanya soalan bodo, attack personal, kasi fakta bangang, dan yang paling utama... tak menjawab soalan!

Itu dah dipotong time dari 90min jadi 52min, tu. Lagi lama akan pasti lagi ketara kebodohan si Stobewi.

Dia sedar ke tak DSAI tu a very very well-read man?? Dia ibarat budak STPM melawan seorang Doctorate!

Aiyoh, memalukan!!! Enuff said!!!

Anyway, aku nak ambil kesempatan to congratulate DSAI's team, including Abg Zul Sulong for portraying a world-class intellectual image... as compared to the other team, including si Nordinkodi. Camana dia boleh jadi Naib Chancellor of UUM ntah!

No, no... camana si Stobewi Cheek boleh jadi Malaysia's Info Minister, hah????

Nevertheless, my hats off to Stobewi Cheek sebab sanggup jadi kambing sembelihan BeeEnd. At least dia ada teloq. So, he deserves a wee bit of my respect la ok.

By the way, my aunty just called. Her office handled all insurances pertaining IPP and what not, and she confirmed that all infos churned out by Anwar are true. So there.

Do read Abang Anil Netto's transcript (and all comments) here! Aku kira, comments at the end of the entry are all spot ons!

Cerita Si Bapak Hanjeng

This morning, I read with grrrrreaaaat amusement and awe on Syed Hamid Albar's revelation about his decision on yesterday's city-wide annoying roadblocks, that:-

"the information included blog postings and the SMS sent out inviting people to gather at Parliament yesterday. The blogs calling for people to turn up were and"
~ The Star page N10.

Wow!!! Off-hand aku tahu itu blog Abg Fudzail and Abg Zul, two of Abang's closest friends.

Aku terus hantar ucapan tahniah pada mereka for the free publicity and promotion, and cc-ed the sms to Abang in Manila and Din in Manchester, one of Abg Zul's site moderators.

Hahahahaha, goli ati den.

Pak Syed Hamid Sir, you baca sendiri ke tidak blog-blog ni sebenarnya??? Tiap-tiap hari I buka and baca blog ni, tau. Tak ada pulak, seingat I, ada sebut langsung pasal any gatherings taking place around the city whatsover.

Lagipun, itu bukan kerja diorang lah, Sir, nak organize any rallies.


Easy as that, daripada trusting machai-machai bodoh engkau tu.





Makan belachan.

Kelabu asap.

Macam HANJENG mengejar bayang.

So, Pak Syed Hamid Sir.... Resign, please!!!

Or... just go commit hara-kiri or something, will ya???!


Some readings:
1. What a f**ked up day! by Patrick Teoh;

2. Road-blocking BN's popularity in Malaysiakini;

3. Fitnah Ke Atas Anwar: Ulama’ Dunia Sepakat Menolak, Ulama’ Malaysia Bila Lagi? by Shamsul Iskandar (note: so, Mr. Sialful, where are YOUR international support... and from Ulama'-ulama' dunia at that, too???) ;

4. YOUR SAY: Ezam and the 'dark secrets' in Malaysiakini (note: i SO concur a certain Paul's oppinion!!!).


Monday, July 14, 2008

Cerita Bergambar Untuk Udi di U.K

Ak Udiii!!!

Semalam masa kita chat, Kak Lin dah janji nak post entry on the birthday dinner for Kak Lin & Ayah's birthdays last Saturday night, kan?

Nah, malam tadi I spent until midnite putting these pics together for you.

Well, we had our dinner at BBB's Yankee's Hut. Fortunately Kak Lin managed to spot a hut that was half-used (the hut had two compartments. Sebelah ada orang. Sebelah lagi kosong)... so it felt like a semi-private party for us.

We had to sit bersila on the floor. Your eldest sister, being a 'big' gurl, found out 5 minutes after her first seating that all her joints dah karat dan daging berlipat-lipat, hence find the arrangement rather uncomfortable, hehe padan muka akew.

There were 7 of us -- Umi Ayah KakLin AbgAhy KakCeli AbgSaid and AbgHaswol. Hanya Udi dengan AbgZul je tak ada. Also, KakUda Bt.Pahat pun tak dapat hadir sebab ada tahlil. 'Else it'd be quite a full house for Umi & Ayah!

Kali ni Kak Celi sponsor capuccino sponge cake... sedaaaaaaaaap. Semua orang suka! We also cut a few big slices and shared with two other groups of customers sharing the other half part of the hut.

Click for larger viewing
Kak Celi the Durian Queen. Dia dok mengaaaaaadap aje durian that we brought from home even before the dinner arrived.

Umi & Haswol. Gambar ni was taken later on during the dinner, lepas potong kek. Umi and Haswol sharing the last piece of cake yang Kak Celi belikan.

Anak angkat kesayangan Umi Ayah... si Abg Said. Lama tak jumpa dia, sebab very busy undergoing PTD training and courses.

Another anak angkat kesayangan Umi Ayah... Haswol.

Udi nak tau, birthday Abg Said is 24/10. Birthday Abg Haswol is 22/10! Macam mana la Abg Ahy buleh carik kawan birthday rapat-rapat macam tu, kan? heh

Abg Said and Kak Celi. Macam seswaiiiiii gitewww *winks*.

Ayah buka present dari Umi... EDT from Paco Rabanne, Ayah's fav dari zaman muda-muda.

Click for larger viewing
I bought Ayah this hp some 3,4 months back. So, for the night, Kak Lin pinjam balik hp Ayah and mintak tolong Umi balut dengan ribbon...

... and Ayah purak-purak terkejut konon-konon dapat hp baru. Haha

Ayah buka present dari Kak Celi Abg Ahy and Udi... grooming set from Argos.

"Acano nak guno nih? Tak ghoti, den..." Ayah tanya.

Farhi: Macam ni la 'Yah, meh Pahy tunjuk...

Farhi: Ayah leh cukur bulu idung... macam ni...
Ayah: ooo...

Farhi: Ni buleh tukar-tukar ni, untuk cukur rambut pun boleh...
Ayah: ooo...

Ayah: Acani ko guno...?
Farhi: Haaa camtu pun boleh...

Yeayyy Ayah dah pandai guna grooming set....

Click for larger viewing
Dari kiri: awek cun Birthday Boy, Birthday Boy dengan 1st baby comel Birthday Boy.

Kami, The Homesters I.

Ayah in denial, tak mengaku muncung anak dia dari gene dia.

Kami, The Homesters II.

At the end of the night masa nak balik, Ayah sua Kak Lin duit secara senyap-senyap, suruh Kak Lin pi bayar cepat-cepat ke kaunter before Umi pi bayar.

Sepatutnya Umi yang nak belanja, tapi Ayah nak say 'thank you' ke Umi sebab banyak belanja ke UK, kot.

So, sedang Kak Lin nak turun dari the hut, Abg Said pula sua duit ke Kak Lin, suruh Kak Lin top-up kalau tak cukup.

Eh apa plak ni Said??!!! Kak Lin kata.

Kak Lin tolak duit Abg Said, tapi Abg Said degil suruh Kak Lin ambil jugak that dia tolak masuk dalam handbag Kak Lin.

Habis, kalau orang dah paksa, apa buleh buat, kan Dik? haha.

So, Kak Lin ambil separuh aje duit Abg Said and pi bayar senyap-senyap together dengan Ayah's money.

When I returned back to the hut and ajak semua orang balik, imagine Umi's surprise when she got to know that it's all being paid for!

Priceless, gitew.

Ini la lebih kurang apa yang Kak Lin bawa balik dari Bangi... birthday presents handbag yang sangat sangat praktikal, Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, momento from Lake District, Beryl Chocs (from Qia) and wafer chocs from UK.



Sistem Penuh Durian

Ada hikmah Abang kat Manila. Aku kena pi keja naik LRT. Maka, tak perlu tersekat in the massive roadblocks all over the city this morning.

Pengecut tahap dewata diorang ni. Dengan Anwar (& penyokong-penyokong dia yang berapa kerat tu) pun takut, ka???

Kalau takut dengan kebangkitan rakyat, cakap aje la takut dengan kebangkitan rakyat. Tak payah guna alasan nama Anwar, lah dey.

Aku suka apa Kak Susan wrote in her blog about this, 'nuff said.


This was Umi's and my breakfast yesterday morning.

I had 6 ulas of 'em, which, in my book, is damn lot mkay. Yummy Ya Allah... macam ada gula ditabur atas durian! Tak tipu, ni!

Ni pulak Umi kopek fresh durians yang baru jatuh dari pokok untuk Qia dan rakan-rakan. Note the Queen of Durian (Celi) tak leh tahan daulat ~ sambil kopek, sambil ngap ke mulut.

Note also Umi chopping the pangsa/kulit durian. Aku tanya, Umi nak wat apa chop pangsa durian kecik-kecik macam tu? Boleh dimasak, ke?

Kan lebih mudah nak dispose kalau pangsa ni di 'chop' jadi kecik-kecik... replies Umi.

Bijak gila Umi akew.

Ini pulak the sepuluh ulas durian I had after my light lunch with Qia and her friends.

Addddaiiiii. I've never had this much durian in my system in my entire half-past 30 of life, yo. Yo. Yo!

Sixteen ulas (apa 'ulas' in English, ah?) in a day... too much ah. Need to take some detox tea ke apa today.

Ayah sampai call aku kat Cheras malam tadi to check whether I'm alright after consuming so much durian.

Tapi yummynya durian Ayah aku, Ya Allah... macam ada gula ditabur atas durian! Tak tipu, ni!

Punya la sedap, sampai Umi sanggup miss her BP pills for two days sebab nak makan durian instead!

Ok nak 8.30am, gotta go back to work.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Durian Ayah dan E-mail Ayah

Still in Bangi, waiting for Qia & friends to hop over from Shah Alam by commuter to makan durian Tok Umi & Tok Ayah.

Pagi ni Ayah pungut tujuh biji durian dari belakang. Pagi-pagi lagi aku dengan Umi dah makan deghian.... umang aiiiii manis macam tabur gula!!!

Alhamdulillah tahun ni durian Ayah semuaaaaa menjadi. Last year Ayah kata semua mangkar, mungkin sebab dia letak baja to all his six pokok durian kat belakang rumah (used to have 13, tapi 7 dah kena kambus dengan tanah masa projek perumahan kat belakang sedang berjalan).

This year Ayah tak letak baja langsung, dan semua jadi sedaaaaaaaaaaaap banget!!!


I found this email from Ayah in my spam box last night. Gila rawks!!!

You see, this email from Ayah marks the first time ever that he actually wrote an email all by himself. Historical, woh...

Because of that, I decided to put this in in my blog, warts and all... 'coz it's just banging hilarious, too!

Quite mengarut-ngarut sikit, but he's just like that when he's in jovial mood.
Umi and Ayah at Lake District

eloooo..ayah nii...
Monday, June 30, 2008 10:36 PM
From: "Umi Ayah"
To: "Kak Lin non-official"

Assalamualaikum anak den dan menantu den,

Dua minggu telah berlalu, den asyik 'Tekonang tekampong', At the same time I learn a lot on my sight seeing and also on my grown up kids, We slept in one small room, The sound of music was fantastic, Never knew all of them snores, Of course being the leader mine was the best symphony ,

You know eversince your marriage, this is the first time I touched the computer, Browsing all the news at home and abroad, Sorry to hear about Anwar's repeat case of 1999. The BN is desperate. This the work of LooseMah and Najis. The have all the money from Genting and the commissions from the purchase of armaments to play about. With that type of money they can do anything. But by grace of Allah both of them will be thrown in jail or migrate to Israel.

I really enjoy the trip to London and Cornwall, Tapi badan dah tuo, Loteh berjalan especially in London. I wonder whether I can last another 5 years, di London bilik air susah sikit. Banyak kali koncing dalam Bush. Den ingat den sorang yang koncing rupo2 orang putih pun marah. samo Bush. Den tekojut dio lagi tekojut. Duo2 malu tapi kerano tak tahan duo2 lopehkan goram. yang den goli hati pancutan dio macam gajah, Dek kuek belubang tanah and caused severe erosion.

Omak dan adik kau marah. naip terlampau slow. nanti den sambong bilo poi Manchester. Den mulo sampai mandi hari2. Tapi indicator den sekarang cium ketiak. Selagi tak busok den tak mandi. Yang parah belakang den mulo gatar. Den suroh omak kau garu. Mak sodap eh. Lagi pun semonjak datang dio tidor dengan adik2 kau. Lagi betambah sojuk bilo tibo malam. Rugi datang ke England ni.

Lagi satu bilo pogi ke taman bungo air den melilih macam kucing. Apo tak eh.

Burong punai dan itik hutan begitu banyak dan jinak pulak tu. Nasib baik kalian tu di England. Kalau di Bangi penabor den borikan.

OK. cium dan salam manis kpd abang kau, Asrul dan lain.

"Excuse me Sir, do you happen to know where the wading pool for my two chicks here, please?"
"As a matter of fact, I do... you go straight down just a block away, turn right... you can't miss it, it's just by the roadside..."

I read the e-mail to Umi last night, punya la Umi tersengih-sengih kogolian. Heh heh. A lot of good the traveling did to my dad, ey?


Saturday, July 12, 2008

This Is What A Home Is Made Of

Kiri atas, home-made stowbewi jam Umi buat dari lebihan fresh stobewis they picked in Cornwall last month.

Dalam tupperware, lebihan durian Ayah dari pokok durian Ayah tanam kat belakang rumah.

Pagi tadi Ayah pungut lagi 5 biji, sebab malam ni akan ramai anak-anak Umi Ayah mai rumah nak have birthday dinner -- Ayah's and mine. Ada aku Celi Ahy, and anak-anak angkat Said Hasrul Huda. Yang tak da are Udi and Abang.

Oh ya arini birthday Ayah ke-61. Aku tak tahu what to get him, seh.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Artist Zakii in Petronas Gallery

Should you be at KLCC sometime between now til the 24th Aug, do drop by The Gallery to catch Artist Zakii's works.

In my ignorance, aku tak kenal dia. But his acrylic red sofa at the front wall caught my attention.

Suffice to say, walking through his works enlighten me. Since at school I've always been a fan of charcoal and chalk-pastel in figure drawing works, dabbling in the medium myself during my A-Levels.

So, his entire collection of life-size charcoal works are just mesmerizing.

There's the life-size wild-boar and badak.

Life-size of artists Lucien Freud and Andy Warhol.

Life-size studies of figures in silat. The two characters in the studies felt so real, rasa macam at some point the character would jump out of the canvas and menari pencak for you.

There's also one happy quick but detailed strokes of a court jester, clearly capturing the 'jesterness' of the pelawak istana.

A series of brilliant, brilliant figure studies and shapes and shadows of topless men. Mind you, the figures are all not ripping in muscles... Ada yang boroi, old and wrinkled, ada smooth skin, hairy chest, botak, ruffled wiry hair.

But my favourite in the exhibition has to be the Legong Series, studies of life-size Balinese dancers in charcoal. Aiyoh... Rasa macam nak ikut sama segala lentik jari dan badan. If you stand still and long enough, I promise you could almost hear the Balinese music from the pieces.

And one of the non-charcoal painting I love was this acrylic work of a leather sofa. Macam nak duduk atas dia, kau.

And I still feel that the gallery masih ada ruang to improve on the spot-lighting. Still can be a wee bit too glaring for the works lah beb. Potong markah sket tang tu.

All in all, best. Dah lama aku tak enjoy pi gallery like this afternoon.

Ok nak siap-siap balik Bangi. Nak kasi makan the furkids dulu.


After. Taken by Kak Mag my favourite hairstylist in the whole universe.

That, just costs me approx. 17 mths' of Abang's mamak haircut.

Dah, cukup pampering la tu. Nak pi pekena bagels sat. Pastu nak balik tidoq. Dah penin kepala.

Before Half-Past 30 Cut


Pampering Time

Slept at almost 2 last night, finishing off the minor alterations on Abang's jacket.

Abang dah pun tidur by 12 by then.

This morning we got up at 6 and continued with the speech. And then tolong kemas-kemas beg dia. By 9+ we got out, had breakfast, and off to Sentral.

Aku tak sempat nak send him off at the ERL. By the time I got a parking, he's gone down already.

Ni in the Putra to KLCC for some pampering... nyehhehehehhh.

Hey, tenchew vewy vewy mush for all you well wishers! You guys really make my day, lah...

Will update from KLCC.

Dah sampai.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Long Bland Eve

Tis been a veeeery long day at the office today. To add more salt, they made me part of the comittee for an international architectural seminar this coming end of August.

They're expecting some 800 attendance, and I'm in charge of the logistics, study-visit, pamphlets and goody bags (custom-designed bio-degradable bag, while we're at that too. Aaaack.). Asked my Big Boss whether I could have the whole office to help out and make this as part of the office activity. He said, by all means, yes!

Phew!!! Leggggaaa sket akak, dek non oi!

And then, I suspect it's going to be a very late night tonight, too.

No, not night-long birthday-eve malam-Jumaat romp unfortunately. Hmph.

But there's Abang's coat that he's just bought yesterday after work and I haven't finished altering the lengan; there's the translation of his speech in Manila esok that I've to do concurrently while he writes; and a possible simple translation to his exhibition pieces that he just got to know about (having to exhibit works) this evening.

Aiyoh, can't wait for tomorrow noon, lah. Am heading for my 1st haircut/trim in 7-mths right after sending Abang off at Sentral. Pamper thy scalp and relaaaax.

Dan kalau tak letih, will try gagah angkut the boys to Bangi for the night. I know Umi would love it so so much if I could do just that.

Rather bland way to celebrate being half-past 30, ey?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trip to Cardio Clinic

Went to Cardio Clinic at HUKM yesterday morning, which is a shout away from our place. Abang dropped me off at 7.35am, and then went back home to draw.

It was easy finding the clinic -- Bilik Perubatan 1 -- one rather straightforward walk from the main entrance.

In the clinic, there weren't as many people kalau nak banding dengan the general clinic. Ada 4 orang je waiting at the waiting area.

Since that was my 1st time at Cardio Clinic, I went approached the nurse at the counter, and she asked me to sit infront of her while she had a look at my docs.

I saw the clock on the wall, it was 7.40am.

The nurse baca, klebek, catit... and informed me that she'll have to 1st pass the papers for the doc(s) to study, and they'll call me within less than a month 4 an appointment.

"Kalau dah lebih sebulan, akak call kami dan tanya, ya..."

"...dan selama tu kalau akak ada rasa sakit, akak masuk je bahagian kecemasan, nanti kita check akak, lah...", adik misi beritahu.

Oh that was a relief to hear, ey? Kalau aku tau, baik dari awal lagi aku terus pi kecemasan, no?


So, that took only 2,3 mins.

I called up Abang to pick me up...mujur due to the morning heavy shower and rush hour, Abang was still a minute away from home. Terpaksa la Abang buat a U-turn.

By 8.05am aku dah ada kat rumah semula. Terus aku rehat separuh hari til noon sebab memang dada aku sakit balik.

Itu le ceritanya, aku belum dapat checked-up lagi.

Dan Adi pula tak uk-uk proper since Thursday (hari Ahad pagi je keluar seketul besar) tapi kalau dia makan waktu malam cekmain banyak, ke. Makanan dari bowl Labu & Labi habis dia bedal sekali. Pastu lepas makan malam or waktu pagi, mula la dia monyok sebab tak leh yayak.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Long Story About My Short Weekend


  • Dari pagi aku dah ikut Abang ke pejabat, sebab nak memudah-carakan perjalanan hari ni nak ambil Umi Ayah Adik-adik di airport petang karangnya. They were scheduled to land at 5.25pm.

    Patutnya, this is SK's free weekend. Tapi since the Sialful Fuckhari case, SK had to produce special 16-page issue on the matter.

    *hence I CURSE SIALFUL and OTHER CONSPIRATORS TO HELL of the disruption they've caused, not only to families of the victim but also to everybody else yang tersangkut paut (rakyat, lawyers, MPs, Bala & family, etc), including to the SK-Team. Our wish that may you lot rot in both life and death. No, don't you readers tell me this is not the Islamic way to do, coz it obviously isn't. But orang-orang sial macam Sialful & gang are not worth to be well-wished and prayed for*

    In Memory of Cik Ya

    Back in Abang's office, aku menyorok satu corner in their large, comfy and brand-new meeting room. I had to transfer (read: retype one by one) the sms-es in my 750i, later on to be traded-in for the one Abang's buying for me.

    Hey, aku tak mintak new hp ok. Berbulan-bulan dia nak belikan, tapi aku ni jenis yang malaaaaaaaaaasssss nak menukar-nukar hp. Kalau boleh tahan 4,5 tahun lagi, aku akan tahan guna selama tu juga w'pun the hp's phonebook and message-system dah tak leh cope dengan the efficiency of my life just now. Tapi kali ni, he finally managed to, err, co-erced me into letting him buy me a new hp sebab dia rasa guilty that he's flying away somewhere overseas for a conference right on my birthday. Haha! Tu la pasal.


    I came across this sms.

    From Cik Ya.

    Sedih, kan?

    Syahdu, gitu.

    Korang nak tahu, last month Abg Zizi ada cerita, a month before Cik Ya pergi, she was reading this novel called "Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu" ke apa. And the final two weeks she was still alive, she was soooo into Hujan's "Bila Aku Sudah Tiada".

    The night before she went, she sent her kids to bed. And Abg Ami overheard her jokingly told her kids, "Korang ni kalau Ummi mati tak da orang nak jaga korang, tau!"

    Soon after, Abg Zizi called her to discuss about the pending AR Family Day. At the end of the long conversation, Abg Zizi pesan ke dia half-jokingly about her chest-pains, "Maria, nanti you minum lah madu... karang husband you madukan you, baru you tau." And Cik Ya jawab, "Haa ok ok nanti karang sebelum tidur I carik la madu kat dapur I tu, tah mana I letak!".

    And the next day at 7 am, she was gone.

    The next 4 days after Cik Ya's passing, Abg Ami and kids tidur mengigau-ngigau malam. Especially the kids, coz tiap-tiap malam Cik Ya would always tuck them in bed.

    I can't imagine their loss. I just can't.


    KaypoKlub Gathering @ Kg.Tunku

    Late noon, we had a light lunch, and then went for Dijji's house for the mini-gathering & pot-luck among the old Edinburghers. We reached Kg.Tunku quite late, around 3.30pm. Dah le kena balik ke Bangi before Family landing kat KLIA.

    Well, actually it was Dijji's batch of so-called The KaypoKlub, tapi ada dua orang non-members terselit sama... aku dengan Baida.

    And Dijji's back for summer hols for, err, 3 bulan ya Dij??? She and anak-anak are going back to U.K on the 1st of September.

    At Dijji's place, ada Salha & Azi the hubby (anak arwah Pak Rustam), Myra, Baida, Fidah, Aida, Mada, Fendi, Has, Wan, Nani and all the anak-anaks.
    Ala kan aku dah kata, nyampah aku tengok dorang, including Dij and Myra. Anak dah 4,5 orang, maintaiiiiin aje jelitanya macam the last I saw them in Edinburgh. Menci menci menciiiii. Hehehe. Tapi seronok la borak-borak-borak-borak... macam zaman pot-luck kat Edinburgh rasanya! It was so so so so good to be meeting them lot again!!!!

    Also, mujur juga ada Azi nak menemankan Abang borak-borak, catching up on both lives.

    Family's Baaaaack!!!

    At 4+, Abang & I made our move to Bangi. We reached Bangi around 5.06pm when Umi msg came in: Alhamdulillah dh landing tapi maseh dlm plane,plane blum brenti.

    Aiiiiyoooooooooooh aku plak baru sampai Bangi, kereta Ayah yang aku nak guna amek dorang pulak penuh dengan banana peels busuk and taik burung yang makan setandan pisang Ayah yang Ayah sengaja gantung kat car-shed, air angsa tak ganti lagi, Jane pulak hilang eventhough I found a goose egg laid among Ayah's herbs.... and Hasrul kata dia dah nak sampai KLIA lagi 8 minit! Aiyooooh gelabah aku, siut!

    Lepas lari-lari-lari-lari dengan dada aku yang tengah sakit, by 5.16pm kami mula perjalanan. I took the wheels to let Abang take a nap. Aku pakat pecut 130kmph dengan mulut terkumat-kamit beristighfar... Alhamdulillah less than stengah jam dah sampai tepi PanPac KLIA.

    The Lot came out at 6+ after solat segala, and aiyoh Umi Ayah cannot stop talking about their stay there!!! I was so very happy! Celi was a wee bit quiet... maybe she was very very tired sebab kena tolong heret beg. Some more depa dok mula perjalanan dari Manchester pukul 5 petang waktu M'sia hari Jumaat, naik bas turun bas naik tube turun tube tukar tube naik plane segala, saaaaaampai 7 petang waktu M'sia hari Sabtu.

    Tapi, Ahy came back dengan muka penuh ceria, penuh dengan cerita. Ish, refreshing tengok dia macam tu. I heard his best mate Dr.Rain datang jenguk kat Bath.

    Umi la yang paling tak boleh berenti cerita... suka, duka, seronok, Umi gelak, Umi menangis, semua ada. Mula aku dengar, pastu bila aku nak settle hal dapur, Abang pulak dengar. Pastu aku dengar balik. Bila aku soh Umi gi freshen up for dinner pun, Umi kata Umi nak mandi kemudian, and then Umi sambung balik cerita cerita cerita.

    Hope Ahy or Celi would one day put everything up on their blogs on their trips, ni!

    Aku rasa macam malam tu ndak aje aku tidur kat Bangi dengan Umi, dengaaaaaaaaaaaar je Umi bercerita. Seronok betul! Especially seronok sebab Umi tengok Celi Ahy Udi so very close kat sana, helping each other out. They searched for boxes to pack Udi's and his housemates' things, jalan-jalan sesama, masak sesama, watch over the family sesama... seronok gila aku dengar! InsyaAllah, aku doakan sangat sangat one day aku dapat sama-sama berholiday overseas macam ni dengan diorang 5 orang sesama...aaaaamiiin.

    [pic courtesy of si bekas pejuang reformasi 98/99 & Ilush the wifey... ke, you masih pejuang reformasi, Din??? hehe]

    Umi juga cerita 3 minggu Umi kat UK, tiap-tiap malam Dak Udi tidur dengan dia.

    Macam masa Udi kecik-kecik jugak. Mesti kena tidur dengan Umi dulu sebelum masuk bilik.

    Sampai dah umur 24 tahun. Ish ish. Comel, ni.

    Aku pasti sangat-sangat malam tu, Umi rindu sangat ke Udi, dan Udi rasa kekosongan kat sana...



  • The Heart's A-Flutter

    Abang kerja lagi. Aku nak kena pinjam kereta, so I sent him to the office and terus pi settle urusan beli barang dapur, ambil kasut at the cobbler, and pi klinik for check-up.

    Ever since late Monday, I been having palpitations. Quite bad. Aku biasa kena palpitation, tapi sehari dua aje. And kejap-kejap. Like, 2,3 jam, sekali kena.

    Pastu berbulan-bulan hilang.

    Last aku kena teruk when I was the Prject Architect for a RM100mil project back in 2002-2003. Aiyoh, that one, even my heartbeat pun skipped beats. Horror.

    Tapi this time, sampai nak seminggu aku kena. On Tuesday when I had to do emceeing job for the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, tengah-tengah bercakap tu jantung aku palpitate, palpitate and palpitate.

    Gila uncomfortable. Rasa macam kejap ada orang godek jantung aku, kejap jentik jantung aku, kejap tekan jantung aku dengan 4 jari, kejap dia flutter flutter macam kupu-kupu terperangkap. Tak sakit, just uncomfortable. Dan bukannya sakit belah kiri, but tengah-tengah dada, area behind tulang sternum gitu.

    Not too sure whether it's about work, or I was anxious about something. Perhaps both.

    Sampai ke malam aku susah nak tidur... kena tidur mengiring, tak leh baring terlentang.

    So, semalam, I went to the private clinic nearby our condo.

    Apart from asking about any heart-related history in my family (like, whether anybody in my family ada yang pernah meninggal b'coz of heart attack... which, Alhamdulillah, tak da. etc etc etc), the lady doc also took my BP (100/78, Alhamdulillah) and ran an ECG on me.

    Tengah-tengah ambil reading, I had 6 'jumps'. Sakit/ Tak selesa jugak rasanya, kan.

    The reading was ok -- no indication of heart attack ke apa (aku pun memang tak expect itu). Cuma dia kata memang ada jump in my reading... called, 'ventricular ectopic'.

    So, the lady doc referred me to the Cardio Dept in HUKM.

    Aku tanya, kot 2,3 hari ni palpitation aku hilang, perlu juga ke aku jumpa cardiologist? Niat aku pi klinik just so I could be given some relief medication je.

    Tapi the lady doc suruh juga aku pi jumpa, leh check darah and stress-test segala. Alaaaaa malllllllas siuttttt... especially stress-testing itewwwwww.

    [siapa-siapa boleh baca tulisan sang doktor, ni? haha]

    Aku tahu aku kena palpitation tu sebab sibuk about life & stress about work & anxious about something on the family front and tak cukup proper sleep. Mujur ada Abang and budak-budak ginger-haired lain nak tolong de-stress aku sikit-sikit. Kalau tidak, mau terkeluar jantung aku kat mulut, kot.

    Ok dah nak pukul 2pm, aku nak pi ambik GL kat Klinik Organisasi. Esok pagi-pagi aku nak tunggu kat Cardio Dept. Abang cuti esok. So hopefully by tengahari aku leh pi keja balik sebab ada meeting penting.



    Sunday, July 06, 2008

    Handfruit from U.K II

    Ini pula buah tangan dari Old Trafford Stadium, home of ManU -- ni Abang yang soh boh -- untuk Abang.

    Sayang betul Umi Ayah Celi Ahy Udi ke Abg Zul diorang. Mula aku pesan kat Umi, asal dapat ambil gambar kat Old Trafford Stadium untuk Abg Zul bila pi Manchester nanti, dah lebih dari cukup.

    So, true to words... at first Umi beri plastic bag Man U je ke Abang.

    "Nah Zul, sorry la, ni je yang Umi dapat grab, Zul...".

    Itupun Abang dah cekmain excited -- siap nak frame plastic bag tu.

    Rupanya di belakang, ada banyak lagi diorang got for Abang -- Man U mini muffler, Man U glass sticker, Man U aerial ball and Man U water bottle.

    And, oh ya, a mug from Cornwall, too.

    Amboi suka sangat sangat le si Abang Zul semalam. Maklum, dia minta buah tangan key-chain je. Tapi dapat bermacam-macam, Alhamdulillaaaah. Tak nyenyabor dia nak exhibit kat ofis dia esok!

    Handfruit from U.K I

    Test, guna new half-past 30 present from Abang.


    Ini some of buah tangan dari Umi and adik-adik - perfume, and leather bookmarks I asked them to get to all the places they went. These bookmarks, according to them, are just some. Ada lagi dok terselit celah bedah dalam beg-beg dorang. Eiiii tak sabar!

    Ni yang aku nak kena korek balik my collection of leather bookmarks dari zaman dolu-dolu. Ada la dalam 11 of them... tah ke mana!

    Anyway, lain-lain 'buah tangan', I asked them to 'convert' jadi birthday pwezen this coming Friday. Aku dah cakap, aku hanya nak car-sticker Scottish emblem dan Scottish flag aje... tapi, itu yang tak da. Ye la, kita dulu kan kampung kat sana, so, idok le kepingin nak apa-apa sangat.

    Tapi, ooooh, I LOVE surprises. Can't wait this coming Friday! Hehe.

    Thursday, July 03, 2008

    Them At Lake District

    Just received this from Umi.

    They've been in Manchester since midnite Tuesday (8am Wednesday in M'sia).

    Today, they rented a car and drove up to Lake District.

    Umi sms-ed saying that Lake District hasn't changed a thing since the last I drove her and Udi down from Edinburgh, EXACTLY a decade ago... July '98.

    I reminded her to get those fries dipped in yummy home-made garlic mayo at the restaurant by the lake where the geese are.

    And Umi terus mms-ed me this photo --
    "Abg Ahy feeding d angsa".

    That was where I was and what I did a decade ago. And today the entire of my family sans me are there... prolly feeding the same ol' geese at the same ol' spot.

    I couldn't help but wishing I was there with them now at Lake District .....

    I hope they managed to drive through the town nama Ayah -- Rosley -- this time with the tuan punya badan posing under the signboard, heh2.

    Umi kata lepas ni they'll drive straight to Kak Fairuz&Shidin's place for dinner. Sian Kak Fairuz, mesti kelam kabut kena masak! But from how Kak Fairuz relates of her life in Manchester, Shidin pandai memasak orangnya. So, I think Shiddin would help her out a lot by the time Kak Fairuz gets home from work. Ye ke Kak Fairuz??? Hehehe. Hey tenchew for layan-layan my family, hor....

    By the way, Kak Fairuz is 18 days YOUNGER than I am. So, why then I call her 'Kak'??

    Panjang ceritanya, cu...and aku SORANG je plak tu antara kalangan kawan-kawan yang panggil dia 'Kak'.

    Anyway, I heard that my bros got me a handbag from London, and Celi got me "The Kite Runner".

    Eiii can't wait!!



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