Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Night When The Sky Smiled

[updated 3-dec-2008, 5pm:

Last night while driving home from Abang's office, I saw something really strange up in the sky, which was this...

... and almost instantly a text message from Amy came through:

"Kak Lin, cuba tengok bulan skarang, mcm smiley face with two stars mcm mata"

Hehehehehehe, memang tiyut! Aku reply.

Aku sampai aje rumah, Abang pulak call dari office:

"Ni kenapa tah bebudak kat ofis semua pakat turun tengok bulan. Perhaps you wanna check out why, too"

Aku pun beritahu Abang that the moon wants to play clown on us tonight, keluar smiley face hehehehehe

I sms-ed a few people on the smiley moon, unfortunately their sky was cloudy so they couldn't see. So, to those yang tak dapat tengok macam mana rupa smiling night sky malam tadi, macam gambar kat atas tu le rupanya!

Kalau tiap-tiap malam sebelum malam bulan terang langit senyum macam ni kan best. Rasa happy aje.



elisataufik said...

so cute!! tak perasan pulak semalam..

F Manchester said...

Thats so cooool! It was too cold to look outside lastnight- curtains drawn to the max! its snowing in the UK today!

chor said...

I was one of the fortunate ones to be able to see that yesterday. Anak-anak I yang main kat laman rumah yang perasan. Masa tengah tengok bulan tu, I teringat kat this one blogger yg fanatic pasal bulan (that is you). Rupa-rupanya you pun nampak jugak. - I was yr silent reader before.

nuni said...

Those two dots are not stars. They're venus and jupiter, respectively.

On Sunday, I couldn't wait to see it but on that day itself (Monday), I almost forgot about it. But I saw it anyway though unfortunately I was out for dinner and didn't bring my camera with me. :(

Read here: http://www.efluxmedia.com/news_Venus_Jupiter_And_The_Moon_What_A_Trio_30226.html

cakapaje said...

Salam Alin,

Rugilah Alin tak dapat pi hari tu...meriah sekali. Kalau Alin dan abg Zunar ada, pasti lagi kecoh :)

june said...

sis rkm, pau gambar ek. tgk jugak mlm td ade bintang n anak bulan zulhijjah yg bentuk smile tp xpasan they form a smiling face. unfortunate me

Iron Butterfly said...

the brighter one was VENUS. and people in Europe and Africa can't see them. In US it will be a mirror effect, looked like a frown.

masih sedih didnt have my camera with me, but my sister got the pictures from her photographer friend.

google "smiley moon" and you can see loads about this. it will only occur in another 48 years, when I'll be 54!


p/s : it's rama-rama besi :p

Roti Kacang Merah said...

tiyut kan? hey jangan lupa nanti ambil gambar fulmun di makkah!:-D

kak ilush
i read somewhere that from the utmost northern hemisphere, the smiley moon will be a sad face instead. maybe due to the snowing cold, kot? hehe

Roti Kacang Merah said...

tu pun mujur Amy sms I, kalau tak I pandang aje the smiley moon tapi tembus tak nampak (takr egister dalam kepala), haha

now you cannot be too silent anymore aaa. ;-p

i was thinking of you too, but darn i dinch have your number!!! *smacks head*

Roti Kacang Merah said...

bro shah
i saw your pics!!! eiii intimidating giler! they're all (including you) celebrity bloggers!!! *aaack!*

gambar i tak berapa cantik la sis... banyak lagi gambar cantik lain dalam 'net, woh!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

iron b'fly
yeah thanks for your tips, I've certainly found so many other smiley moon pics from around the world!!! tenchu!

wow next clear sighting like this i'd be 79-83 years old! (from nuni's article, it's 44 years) idup lagi ke tak aku masa tu...

[but, from your calculation, are you trying to say that you're now SIX years old, not 26, ey Seterika Kupu-kupu...?? hehe]

Iron Butterfly said...

eh. Lol. silap. APsal i bleh terkire camtu. Adoii!!!! Ak ah.. I'll be 74. Memang cam takde harapan. kalau ader pon dah lupa agaknya. Deng.


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