Friday, December 05, 2008

Much Awaited Long Break

It's my last day of work today before going off for a week next week! I wouldn't know whether those days would be totally resting days for both Abang and I, or it'd get worse from there. You know la, holidays usually make you more tired than feeling refreshed.

Will be going back to Bangi with the furkids on Sunday morning. Abang pre-warned me that his office will be working really late this Sunday to complete as much pages before the Raya Haji break the next day and deadline on Tuesday.

Fine by me. At least I could help Umi with the rendang-making and what not on Raya Eve. Nak kena masak lebih kali ni, nak bawak balik sikit ke Pendang since we couldn't spare much rendang for Pendang during last Aidilfitri (macam terasa nak buat lagu rap pulak: Rendang for Pendang. hehe).

Abang's plan so far has been as such:
  • Raya Haji Monday: to Pendang after solat Raya in Bangi
  • Tuesday: to Jitra for Family Day with Abang's family. Abang plans to stay over for the night in Jitra while the rest balik on the same day.
  • Wednesday: travelling back down south. Maybe stop half-way at Kangsar (or somewhere else interesting) for a night or two. Wanted to stop at Penang and stay at my organisation's Apartment, but it's all fully booked.
  • Thursday: Kangsar (or somewhere else interesting)
  • Friday: back to KL

For once Abang decided to wriggle his way out of the office and have a break with me, The Wife. I hope his break will not be spoiled with frantic phone calls or emails what so ever from the office or where ever, 'else his break with me, The Wife doesn't serve any purpose does it?

Ye la, akak bengang la jugak. Orang lain dalam ofis dia boleh pula ambil cuti. Pastu laki akak pulak tu yang kena cover keja diorang. Padahal laki akak ni Big Boss. Tak faham akak, kan. I been too patient for far too long, mind you.

As for me, I just need to rest, that much needed rest and get-away, before I go madly insane from all the rat-race, routine, family, the City and bad, unhealthy air. Lagi best kalau dapat berambus pi Pulau Perhentian ka, or Sabah ka.

Come to think of it, we could've (berambus to KK), couldn't we ~ Wednesday pagi pi KK, Jumaat tengahari balik KL. Sheesh. If only Abang's break could be planned way earlier for me to book all sorts.

Ah well. Yang paling penting, we both can go somewhere and rest as much as we can. Better still if we could make as much babies, too.

Oh I'm so gonna miss Labu Labi next week.

Labi Ucuk-ucuk

But before the break, it’s going to be rigorous washing and cleaning for tonight and tomorrow. I wouldn’t like to be coming back after a long break to a dirty and dusty house with mountain-load of laundry. Hilang terus holiday mood aku nanti. Dengan Abang-abang sekali kena tempias. Korang pun gitu jugak kan, tak kaa? Ngeeee

Note to self:
Harus bawa nota PTK kulu-kiler sebab diterima re-sit for Umum Paper on the 18th (my No.3 re-sit, uols! Aaack!)! Boleh ka akewww (belajar)?



Countess Miem said...

Wuuu bestnye Family Day this year. I still remember last year punya Family Day. uh hoo..Mesti sukaneka tahun ni kurang mantap sbb xde org yg se-best Miem utk plan. =P Haha

Kirim salam kt Tok anddddd tangkap gmbr byk2 tauuuu. Hehe XOXO

Anonymous said...

Selamat bercuti Madam RKM.Try that route from Ipoh,Parit,Lambor and stop jap kat Teluk Intan pekena Mee Rebus Mastan Ghani.scenic route tu...

I beraya di Kelantan sebab kena kerja (qurban di sana this year and ado flood response kat sana too)


Jumper said...

Selamat Hari Raya Haji.
Have a great time with the family.
Hopefully you'll have a well deserved great escapade!

There will be no rendang for me this Hari Raya Haji. I'll be working and after work I'll have steak or Lebanese.

d'Frog Prince said...

maknanya, tak der hupdate lah untuk seminggu ni?

anyway, wish you happy holiday and enjoy your trip.

ingatkan nak jemput you datang ke klang, makan steamboat sama blogger friends yang lain, nanti dah balik habaq ye, kita plan a blogger get together, and don't worry bila i jadi host, my wife is vegetarian, semua barang vegetarian style, tak perlu was-was. hahaha.


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