Friday, December 19, 2008

Kami Tengok Bolt-3D

How was my exam??? Okkkayyyyy lahhhhh. Semua hint keluar, Alhamdulillah. My friends pun sayang I 'coz I shared with them the hints that I got. So, all of us were happy.

But of course, last time aku ambil pun, semua hint keluar sebijik sebijon. Tak jugak dapat 4, kan? Hmph.

Aku dengar by next year, PTK exams maybe akan di-abolished and tukar dengan log books.

Part of me rasa lega... no more exams to sit, yeay!!! Another part rasa sakit hati... kot orang lain senang-senang aje nak fight for naik gaji next year even without sitting for exams like I have. Hmph.

See how, see how.

* Apa itu PTK, oleh Abg Mat Saman Kati.

Lepas exam semalam, Abang suruh datang terus ke ofis dia sebab dia tengah kemaruk nak makan McD (mimpi apa tah. Takkan pregnant, kot?) and boleh terus tengok wayang. Maknanya, nak makan McD kat Midvalley lah tu, since McD kat Midvalley memang sebelah panggung aje.

I wanted to see the much-hyped Twilight. But Abang tak layan pun to my suggestion, and instead sibuk memilih between Beverly Hills Chihuahua or Bolt.

I thought he loved romantic films, but he corrected me. He loves romantic comedies, excuse me. Oooo, baik, lahhhh. I stand corrected.

I sms-ed Abg Tommy and asked his opinion between Twilight, Chihuahua and Bolt.

He said, if suka romantic mushy-mushy, choose Twilight. If suka romantic comedy and witty & funny liners, choose Chihuahua. Unfortunately, he's never seen Bolt.

With the reply, Abang kata maka dengan itu adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk menonton Bolt and review it to Tommy.

And to our surprise, ada Bolt 3D. Fuiyyyooo. Bukan wayang 3D hanya ada di I-Max aje ke? So we bought those tickets instead. RM17/tix. Not too bad actually, as compared to the one at I-Max. Maybe sebab guna technology apa yang ada aje kat Midvalley, kot. Ye la, kat I-Max guna dome-seating and dome-screen. Kat Midvalley takkan nak guna gitu just for Bolt, kot.

Well, what can I say. We just love the movie! We were so surprised to the fact that the movie wasn't at all like the movie posters outside -- so... untempting & uninviting, so to speak. Plus, it wasn't much hyped about here in Malaysia. At least, not like Wall-E, or Cars, or even Twilight, kan. Maybe because it was truly Disney without the help of the usual Pixar. So, people wouldn't think it to be as great as other works by the usual animation giants.

We may be biased about loving the film, since we're both suckers at cute, touching animal movies. At some part, I could even hear Abang sniffing while I was shedding a tear or two. What we both like most about the animals in the movie was that the animals still do act as animals -- they growl, purr, cuckoo, bark, do tricks and all. But when they're among themselves, they talk like us humans.

And the chasing scenes at the beginning of the movie -- best giler! Orang kampung macam aku dengan Abang sampai jerit-jerit sebab seronok dibawa Bolt lari laju-laju menyelit celah-celah kereta kat Hollywood, hahahah! Peghak bebenor.

Dan being orang kampung jugak, we were laughing and screaming our heads off as if kat panggung tu ada kami aje. Lantak la kan. Haha.

Cuma sayangnya the movie looks way darker with 3D glasses. Kalau depa ejaskan sikit brightness/contrast wayang tu, memang lagi best la kan [ingat ni KedaiFoto Adobe ke, nak ejas brightness/contrast eh].

I could also honestly say that Bolt [John Travolta] and "his person", Penny [Miley Cyrus], could not survive the film well if it were not for Mittens the stray cat, Rhino the hamster-in-a-ball and the strings of pigeons that the trio (Bolt, Mittens and Rhino) get to know of along the story.

I went back home after the movie, wanting to make a Bolt out of Labu and Labi.


Eiii, best giler, lahhhh.

Abang of course lah rasa lega sebab Bolt tu best. Ye la, dah le aku study till 2 pagi sebelumnya, kurang tidur, lepas exam pi makan dengan kawan-kawan kat Tony Roma's @ Pavilion (aiyohhhhhhhhhh sedapnyaaaaaaaaa), pastu turun naik public transport, berjalan sana sini lagi semata-mata nak ke ofis Abang b'coz he has cravings over McD and I wouldn't want him to waste time fetching me at home before going for a bite (McD doesn't do deliveries to Bandar Sri Permaisuri. Rugi kan depa???). Letih jugak woh.

Bak kata Abang bila dah sampai rumah malam tadi, "Nasib baiiiiiiiiiik Bolt tu best. Kalau tidak, mesti kena maki punya. hahahaha".

Hehe. Macam laaaaaaaa aku pernah maki dia. Kan dosa besar kalau maki suami, hmph.

Lepas ni nak cari DVD pulak. Better still, if my assistant can download it from the Net. hehehe

* WARNING: movie spoilers in links *


Jumper said...

Terserlah keriangan lepas exam...
Mesti rasa lapang and lega macam lepas deposit a big solid waste load and flush it off with big strike.
You can still get 'feeling' and romantically 'cair' by reading Twilight. I saw the book at McGrudy's last week.
Have a good weekend.

d'Frog Prince said...

best review!!! tergerak hati nak tengok bolt laks lepas ni, mungkin this saturday i bring my kids to tonton, tapi 2d ler, kalu 3d x 4 oghang, tak ke koyak??

am glad u made the right choice. neway, pasni, gi tengok twilight ngan chihuahua pulak, i think u would like chihuahua pun sebab banyak yang hairy and cuties gak.

Iron Butterfly said...

laa. i ade je smalam kat pavillion. patut gi tony roma's jah make chocolate avalnche tuh. heaven!

Naz said...

Looking for tickets now. Somehow kat Norway selalu lambat sikit dari Msia.
My kids love to go to the cinema and yes, they sometimes act as if we own the whole complex. Gelak punya lah kuat..haha!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

deghiyan meloncat
too obvious innit [that my keriangan terserlah lepas exam], haha

way too many books queueing beside me bed for me to catch-up!aaack.

as for romanticisms, i prefer the visuals. heh heh

yes yes nak tengok chihuahua jugak pasni!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

aiyoh kaklin dah eyeing dah for the avalanche and siap order masa waiter datang, tapi the waiter asked me to call him bila time dessert -- alas, i was too kenyang in the end [siap tapau lagi main dish sebab tak abis, haha]! nak kena gi sana lagi, nih!

jom kita bina shopping mall kita sendiri jom! haha

drbubbles said...

Dah tengok Los & Faun?Best jugak.Especially during scene Brokeback Mountain...

nuni said...

Correction akak... It's not a truly Disney movie.

Pixar's creative team took over Disney's during the merge a few years ago and Pixar's John Lasseter rewrote the Bolt story. Otherwise it might have turned out as bad a story as Chicken Little.

My brother is of the opinion that Disney sucks at making CGI movies (they've only done two so far; Chicken Little & Meet the Robinsons) and we wouldn't have gone to watch Bolt 2 weeks ago if John Lasseter wasn't part of the team. :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

zunar kata tengok kat TV aje nanti Raya depan. kalau nak tgk kat wayang, dia tak moh bayar. hahahahaha

tapi kak lin ada read somewhere that this is the first time eversince Pixar took over Disney that Disney try buat katun sendiri. i think guna Pixar's technology gak kot (like, technology transfer kindathing?) and then not using the brandname (ie Pixar), coz masa starting of the movie pun tak da Pixar punya advertisement yang mak and anak lampu, tu...

but i may be wrong...

nuni said...

First of all, someone corrected me that John Lasseter was involved in Meet the Robinsons as well; rasanya as the producer or something like that.

Sebelum ni Pixar and Disney were two separate companies... and they made deals. Pixar buat cerita and Disney market them.

In 2006, Disney bought Pixar but in a way, it's Pixar who took over Disney. John Lasseter; a founding member of Pixar became the chief creative officer of both Pixar and Disney animation studios. That's why I say a truly Disney movie is no longer possible sebab bos Disney and bos Pixar orang yang sama.

So... they can promote everything Disney in that movie but we know it's actually a Pixar work. It's the person who did the work that counts. Not the big guy who promotes it. :)

An excerpt from wikipedia on Bolt:

At first, the film was going to be titled "American Dog", and was written and directed by Chris Sanders (director of Lilo & Stitch). Sanders has since been removed from the project and was replaced by Chris Williams and Byron Howard. [3] The film's previous plot told the story of a dog named Henry, a famous TV star, who one day finds himself stranded in the Nevada desert with a testy, one-eyed cat and an oversized, radioactive rabbit who are themselves searching for new homes, all the while believing he is still on television. In 2006, after becoming Chief Creative Officer at Disney, John Lasseter along with other directors from Pixar and Disney viewed a couple of early cuts of the film and gave Chris Sanders notes on how to improve the story. According to Lasseter, Chris Sanders was replaced because Sanders resisted the changes that Lasseter and the other directors had suggested. Lasseter was quoted as saying "Chris Sanders is extremely talented, but he couldn’t take it to the place it had to be."

So... Who is the boss? :)

p/s: lampu tu namanya Luxo.

atiza said...

dehhhh...ada spoiler laaaa..

tapik boleh ker dah donlod from tenet? where? direction please..

Sanity said...

Oooh I want to watch too!! And now I feel like having McD's too! Let's go to Mid together once I go back to Shah Alam. Catch a movie and go shopping maybe? =p Miss you guys lots xoxo

Roti Kacang Merah said...

for some reason kak lin dah boleh teka dah that i'll be expecting a longer replay from you pertaining the history of bolt and disney/pixar, though semua tu kak lin dah baca kat net, heh heh

thanks for sharing with the rest of us, dik! :-D

kak aie
alaaa tengok je la jugak... bukannya spoiler habis-habisan. kelakar, woh.

dlm net lum ada leh dwnload lagi, katanya!

budak giler
bila nak karaoke dengan pak ngah, lah??? hehehe


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