Wednesday, December 24, 2008

celebration of sorts

i'm feeling rather melancholic this morning. it's a celebration of sorts -- of births, of wedding, of coming of age.

i feel like i'm supposed to have achieved a lot in life, well, i thought i have. maybe i have. but not as much as i'd like it to be.


1 -- 23-dec-2008

welcome to the cruel world, dear beautiful, beautiful baby boy to this couple, who weighs at 3.05 kg, yesterday the 23rd December 2008, at 10.58pm. may the world treat you the kindest in your entire lifetime, and shower you with the best that she can offer in the most gentlest of ways... insyaAllah.

you have indeed been on my mind the entire week, hoping that your birthday would coincide with pakngah's and my wedding anniversary. close enough... your birth would be easily remembered!

your presence in the world has been much awaited, much prayed and much hoped for. love do be!

2 -- 24-dec-2008

it's also our 3rd wedding anniversary today. sekejap aje dah 3 tahun. tak pasti nak buat apa, pergi mana, beli apa for today. his mind is too engrossed with cartoonkini's year end Man of The Year award. not really the kind of mind one would like to celebrate anything with, kan. so... unfocused and all.

3 -- 25-dec-2008

it's my youngest bro's 24th birthday tomorrow. by the way, he's just started work with petronas in sg.udang...Alhamdulillah.

my prayers to you Dik, that your life would be easy on you, hidup Udi akan dirahmati dan dilimpahi berjuta-juta impian, dan semoga Udi dilindungiNya di mana-mana Udi berada atau segala apa yang Udi lakukan.

abgzul and i are most thankful that you're back safely for good in these difficult times in the family. you have grown to be the most kindest, rational, mature, sweetest and thoughtful man. i, as your eldest sister, am so so proud of you, Dik. you're the youngest but yet at times you act like as if you are the eldest -- caring unconditionally, leading where it needs to be led, a balm to torturous souls, a calm in the most troubled seas.

i am glad you are my youngest blood brother, dik, and no one else could be better than you.

we love you very very much, dik. we'll see you tomorrow at my place, mkay???

love, love, love and love.

Udi. taken on 25-dec-2005, his 21st b'day and my wedding do

4 -- 26-dec-2008

it's also my 24th IAmWoman Birthday the day after Udi's. *grins*


so, peeps, forgive me for being rather melancholic.

i feel like i'm supposed to have achieved a lot in life, well, i thought i have. maybe i have. but not as much as i'd like it to be.




d'Frog Prince said...

happy anniversary to you couple. may be bahagia sepanjang umur. lots of love from me and my family.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

abetommy & family
thank you thank you thank you! *group hug*

D said...

my dearest,
i believe you have achieved a lot in your life. perhaps there are more that we want, but that's all His doings. We often get carried away whilst reflecting (Ha, tengok ini 'guru' of all reflections! pause-to-reflect lagihhh!!!!LOL!). Sometimes, we need to take it simple. Reflect, express our appreciation to the Almighty, and step ahead, promising that we'll try to do better.

btw, tetiba teringin lak nak makan bun kacang merah! keh keh keh

d'Frog Prince said...



Jumper said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary. I'd suggest you guys do things like watch 3 movies in a row, make love 3 times, drive around Pahang roundabout 3 times, just to accentuate the feelings of having the 3 good years together...If he's too pre-occupied with his work, then do something doable like... eat 3 bijik durians...

Period / Puberty Day to remember?? That's cool. Pity, mine is undated.

cakapaje said...

Salam Alin,

Peewit! Wah, jeles den tengok couple dalam gambar tu :) Tahniah Alin! My best wishes to all, and my regards to abang.

Mohd Ramzi Ahmad said...

Moga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

dijji dearest.

yup...reflecting back, i may have not achieved things i wanted to achieve, but somehow i have been put through things i never thought or planned i even would.

hmm, that calls for an entry of it's own, ey? sort of, a conclusion of 2008.

thank you for the reflection there, dijjigosh! *hugs!*


aiyoooooh me bad bad fren lahhh!!! *more like, too occupied in head!* hope you & family had a very merry xmas, abg tommy!!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

deghian meloncat
hey hey aren't you supposed to be concentrating on your family these days??? eii bestnya dia dapat melepas rindu dendam... mesti anak-anak makin tinggi!

do things in threes??? hmph. worst anniv. outing ever, not even worth mentioning.

abg shah
tak yah jealous lah aihhh... insyaAllah besar, your time shall come.

"Allah says WAIT, and gives you The Best in His own time!", aaaamiiin. ;-)

adik ramzi
terima kasih for the wish! aaaamiiin.

hafsah amir said...

Salam Puan Lin
Happy 3rd Anniversary and Happy Belated '3rd' Bustday

Naz said...


atiza said...

dear faz..*hugs*

take care darling :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hallo puan hafsah!!!

lamanyaaaaaaaaaaaaa tak dengar suara diaaa! 'bust'day? hari 'tet*k'? haha
anyway, thank you for the wi-iiiish!

tenchu tenchu tenchu!

kak aie
agak perit untuk ditelan, kak... thanks for the hugs *hugs back*

intan said...

hallo hallo puan fazlina

aisey... ada windu sama wa punya sualer ke ?? diam tak diam, 1 year dah last november, kejap jer kan?

hahahhahaha.... pompuan kena ucap bustday... jantan kalu... BIRD-day.

ada paham ka puan?? ;)

anyway, selamat tahun baru puan ;)


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