Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Brevity of Life

Sekejap aje 2008 akan berakhir.

How I wish there were extra 24 hours for each of the remaining 14 days. Kot la aku boleh sempat expedite lagi the things I've yet to start, or even to accomplish what I've aimed for in 2008.

Truth? I'm not ready to leave the 'half-past 30' mark. I am still in denial that age is catching up real fast and yet I still have a lot to do.

Umi Ayah will be in their 60s next year, and that, too, is too much for me to bear. I want and still need them to be forever young and energetic.

Sigh. I haven't done a lot, you know. I haven't done a lot. At least not for them. Sigh.

And you know how these days life's becoming so... brief. One moment you're well, kicking others at their butts, hurting, forgiving...the next moment you're gone.


Al-Fatihah, to abg Mat Zahari's newly-wed son & daughter-in-law, who succumbed to their Friday's injuries on Monday and Saturday respectively. Abg Mat is Suara Keadilan's News Editor. Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan ke Abg Mat sekeluarga untuk mengharungi saat-saat getir begini...


And Al-Fatihah too to bro Syukree [here and here] who passed away in his sleep this morning around half 9, after a year long battle with a mysterious illness that subsequently changed his character.

Syukree was one of SK's most dedicated staff/journalist before he got sick earlier last year. News about his passing over here. A very nice, kind-hearted, darling young man, who had, to my surprise and sadness, turned into someone bitter and spiteful when I last saw him up and about at the recent Congress.

But, two days ago dia datang ke pejabat Abang, tunggu Abang di pintu untuk minta maaf for his slanderous remarks over SK staffs the past month, particularly to Abang. It was plastered all over his blog which really hurt a lot of people at the SK office (he had closed down the long-running blog since last week, me thinks).

Abang being Abang, forgave him, knowing he's been ill. Some of his ex-colleagues and friends still refused to forgive, though.

And at 10.30 this morning, Abang received a phone call from Syukree's brother regarding the shocking news.

I hope by now people have sincerely forgiven him, and remember his old self rather than the ill, spiteful one.

Coz that's how you want to be remembered, you know. The good, kind and lovely side of you, which I believe was what Syukree was till the end. And Syukree was barely 25, I think.

He could've done more great, great things in life. Tapi Allah lagi sayangkan dia, and saves him from further destruction...

May you finally rest in peace...


Esok pagi is my Paper Umum, taken the 3rd time within a year. Not sure if I'm more prepared this time round. Boy I do need some luck nevertheless. *sakit perut*


Naz said...

RotiBun (!),
Many people don't realise that by forgiving, they are not only doing the other person a favour, they are in fact doing themselves one too.
Letting go is easier said than done but what a liberating feeling it is when you finally managed to do so :)
Life is too short as it is: Live, Love, Laugh!
Take care and good luck (again!).

Jumper said...

Life is short indeed. Just imagine you the 7 years old Madeline-like little girl and now the older and wiser you. Don't you feel like you've grown overnight? Nevertheless I rather be a human with the given lifespan, for it hurts even more if I live like a vampire for over a thousand years and mourning over the losses of the loved ones, one after another.
I wish you a great life ahead in 2009. Savour every second of sweetness with the loved ones when they're still breathing. You're a great daughter simply by admitting that you still haven't done much to your parents.
Good luck for the Paper Umum. I hope the questions are umum enough that you'll crunch 'em like peanuts. Umum question like, Siapakah Perdana Menteri kesayangan anda? And you'll sing along LaLaLaLaLaLaLah while answering it..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

letting go to the fact that my parents are ageing is really really difficult for me, actually... sigh.

but thanks for the wi-iiiish!!! *hugs*

deghiyan meloncat
you are so right, about being a 1000-yr old vampire...hehehe. and mate, you never fail to lift my spirits with your kind words...! *sniff* ruginya negara that you became an engineer instead of a doctor you were supposed to be... :-D

d'Frog Prince said...

life is such. kekadang, you feel, kenapalah nak berebut sangat, nak tamak sangat, in the end, for muslim, you only get to have the white cloth only - tak naklah sebut kat sini, cam tak tactful pulak.

wish the Bee End goons simpan some white cloths untuk menyedarkan diri so that tak alpa lupa kan akhirat dan buat dosa tak habis kan dunia, kan? kan?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

wah you just gave me an idea lah, for kad raya next year nanti tampal secebis kain kapan as reminder to all!

tapi, eh, macam la aku ni jenis hantar kad raya, kan... hmm.

Omecool20 said...

Baca your post ni pun reminds me of the decisions yg I have recently dalam tahun 2008. Tough, but have to let go old hate sbb it is not worth carrying. And, my parents pun dah nak masuk their 60s. Dah beberapa kali tahun ni I thought abt mortality .. peluk depa2 puas tau each dpt peluang ...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

yeah. *sigh*

life passes by damn too quickly, dont it.


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